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It’s a Celebration: Future is ‘Covered N Money’

future-cash-n-moneyFuture’s new album “Honest” is set to drop April 22, and in anticipation of the album, he’s released a new single. The Atlanta rapper released “Covered N Money” which is an upbeat, celebratory number. According to

“The latest track we’re privy to, ‘Covered N Money,’ continues the auto-tuned street hero’s recent run of victorious, stomping anthems — see the sci-fi-sounding, hashtag-friendly title track and the ’80s-nodding, synth-squelching anthem, “Move That Dope.”

“Produced by Sonny Digital (best known for YC’s ‘Racks,’ which introduced Future to rap radio, and Future’s own “Same Damn Time”), ‘Covered N Money’ is all brutal skitter, punctuated by twinkling John Carpenter synthesizers and hard-hitting, kick-you-in-the-gut snares that suggest dubstep-tinged EDM trap as much as they do straightforward trap music.”

Check out Future’s “Covered N Money” track below.

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