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Rewatch The Throne: Jay Z And Kanye Take Over SXSW

Kanye West, Jay Z

Jay Z And Kanye West took to SXSW in Austin, Texas, for Samsung’s exclusive concert series last night. The elite rap duo were  the talk of the town’s highly anticipated music and tech festival. As reported by

“Unsurprisingly for the veteran duo, they proceeded to basically make it pop, over the course of a two-hour-plus take-no-prisoners show that astonishingly didn’t once mention sponsors Samsung, who ostensibly footed the bill to promote their new music service, Milk.

“Instead, Jigga and Yeezus blasted through the night almost without stop, emerging atop two towering mini-stages (as they did on their “Watch The Throne” tour), playing both together and in separate standalone sets (as they did on their “Watch the Throne” tour), all the while backed by a crack three piece band.”

The Jay Z and Kanye South by Southwest show not only conjured up memories of the past, but also helped to fuel the rumors that they will be working on a “Watch The Throne” part two. As also reported by

“There’ve been rumors about a sequel to the wholly collaborative “Watch The Throne” album, and judging from the clear camaraderie between the twosome, it seems like the bromance is full-force enough that it could happen, egos be damned. In fact, those egos seemed to be at least slightly restrained on this night: both West and Jay Z were mostly in shadows, lighting wise, bathed in lasers and ambient light but no spotlights, even during the home stretch, wherein the duo tore into hit after hit.”

Check out the Jay Z and Kanye SXSW performance below.

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