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RHOA Porsha Williams Faces Major Loss In Divorce Settlement

It’s only been a few months since Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart finalized their divorce, and as it turns out, Porsha walked away from the marriage with almost nothing to show for it.

When the divorce was finalized back in December, Porsha decided to restore her maiden name, but it seems as if Kordell’s last name was the only thing the reality star even had a chance at keeping.

The former NFL star definitely came out on the winning end of the deal, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star will get no alimony, neither of Kordell’s homes, no health insurance, no NFL retirement money, nor will she snag even one of the two cars.

It’s a major loss for the petite star, who claims she gave up her own business ventures to be with Kordell before the marriage began falling apart.

She isn’t walking away completely empty-handed, however.

Porsha will get to keep the engagement ring, roughly $19K for attorney’s fees, other legal costs and personal items such as clothes and jewelry.

Kordell, on the other hand, is walking away with his 2013 Mercedes, a 2010 Porsche, full NFL retirement benefits, two lavish homes, two undeveloped plots of land, all of the interest in his companies, and the comfort of no longer sharing his last name with the woman he locked out of his Atlanta mansion.

He is even off the hook for any purchases Porsha made on his credit card.

Porsha Williams gets nothing in Kordell divorce

Former NFL Star Kordell Stewart.
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According to legal documents, Porsha even has to completely pay off her own credit card balances.

Unfortunately for Porsha, the bad news doesn’t end there. Recent reports suggest that she might not be returning to the Real Housewives for the next season.

Considering the lack of drama circulating around Porsha and her divorce finally being settled, it wouldn’t be shocking if producers decided to replace her with someone who will bring a lot more baggage to the show.

In hindsight, looks like buying that extravagant home in NeNe’s neighborhood may not have been the best move for Porsha.

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7 thoughts on “RHOA Porsha Williams Faces Major Loss In Divorce Settlement

  1. She is one DUMB broad! Just stuuupid!

  2. Timeswimmers says:

    Who was her lawyer? Want to know so I don't EVER hire them! And who was his lawyer? (;-)

  3. Dumb broad. Thats the reason women get pregnant quickly.

  4. Why in the hell she used nene lawyer Never just Nene leaks Lawyer how in the hell u don't get nothing from a millionaire. Everytory I have read this is the frist one you got played she should got a Beverly hillbbervery lawyer

  5. Valerie Rhames Mathis says:

    What are you trying to say? Worst typing ever!!

  6. she was gold digger that got played come on. she only married the man for his money but I do like her on the show even though she is a idiot, why would she go and rent a house that she cant afford and now thank she is on the same level as a eddie levert give me a break and whom ever is giving her financial advice should be fire.

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