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29 thoughts on “9 Black Celebrities Who Dared to Reveal Their ‘Natural’ Hair: Choose Their Best Look

  1. Kevin Smith says:

    they look way better without the weave.

  2. Every black woman looks better with their own hair

  3. I guess it's a start… eventually they can "EMBRACE" the "Naturally Tight Coiled Curls" that grows from Nagar-u (Negroids) heads Naturally. : ) #THISISTHEINFORMATIONAGESOINFORMYOURSELVES

  4. Bwire Vincent says:

    They are not Black!

  5. Bwire Vincent says:

    Crystal Tooschoolforcool Curry
    I dare you to ask them that question and see if they will dare to reveal it.

  6. @crystaltooschoolforcoolcurry NEGROIDS(WE PEOPLE) aren't "Black". have you ever encountered Negroids with the exact same Skin Hue as your favorite Black Jacket? favorite brush? or even your Hair color(if the color is 'Black').

  7. The natural always looks better. Enough of the dead woman hair on their heads. Even if they want to flat iron their hair and wear it straight, more of us need to rock what we have and be more proud of what we naturally have

  8. Sundiata Keita says:

    they just doing it as a fad. whatever the white girls come up with next, they gone do it. tell me if im wrong.

  9. Maybe I have a different definition for the word "natural", I didn't think perms, dyes, and heat treatments were natural but maybe I'm mistaken.

  10. Sandra Sahara says:

    Being natural is not altering the hair follicle, example…making it straight via a chemical process. Dying hair does not change the natural state of the kinky curly hair but if you run into a Natural Hair "Nazi" they would think otherwise I don't pay them any mind about their thoughts. If I want to color my hair I will and yes, I'm still considered "Natural

  11. It sounds like you have your own definition for the words "natural" and "Nazi".

  12. Woman should embrace there hair instead of hiding it.

  13. Prince Todd Eric Williamson says:

    Brandy the only one who went truly NATURAL!

  14. Prince Todd Eric Williamson says:

    Well her Raven and Viola!

  15. Sandra Sahara says:

    @ Angelo Martinez you have no Idea about black women's hair

  16. Sandra Sahara says:

    @ Angelo hence the term "Nazi" lol

  17. Sandra Sahara yes because obviously my mother is Caucasian and I am apparently bald in my photo…so you are correct, I don't know a thing about women, hair or the definition of the word "natural". Thank you for exposing me for the fraud that I am.

  18. Sandra Sahara says:

    I'm just saying if coloring hair is not considered being natural then I feel that adding products to get a defined braid out or twist out or adding gel, edge control to "Alter" the hair is not natural either, I'm just saying

  19. What is this garbage?! They need to rename this to "9 Black Celebrities Who Dared to Reveal Their UNKEMPT Hair". Only 3 of these pictures were actually natural. Selfies between 'dos at the beauty salon… No thanks.

  20. Jasmin Darshana Dickerson says:

    try to tell my german friends every day when i dare calling myself black although i am mixed i get : but youre not black your barely darker than me

  21. Jasmin Darshana Dickerson says:

    Sandra Sahara true! noone asks white poeple if they color their hair, so why should it matter when we do?

  22. Geoff Cad says:

    Jasmin Darshana Dickerson All you have to do is look at how others that "looked" like you were treated in German history. Like the old folks say "What has not met you, has not passed you" (actually its more poetic than that)

  23. Jasmin Darshana Dickerson says:

    Geoff Cad i know, but i grew up in germany you know it just sucks living in acountry that doesn't consider blackface offensive.

  24. Knickie Glorious-bastard D says:

    We spend so much time criticizing black women for their choice of hair styles and aesthetics, why does it matter? Why can't you just appreciate a person. And its usually black men who have the negative comments to make. I have locs and I don't think that makes me better than a woman with a perm. I have know people with unprocessed hair with processed minds and vice versa. We need not have these derailing conversations on black hair in order to talk about self hate, because 9/10 there are people who strongly prefer a natural hair that looks like the woman is mixed, yet we won't talk about that. Why aren't people excited about the "natural" hair that is short and super kinky, and dark. That's good hair, and for the record, good hair is the hair on you head. You folks worried about the wrong thing.

  25. Mickey MenKauren says:

    I gives a DAMN! A sista with an AFRO looks sexy as hell, & not just Pam Grier.

  26. Nathan Thompson says:

    Tyra banks that forhead omg.

  27. Abbas Ali says:

    All of them clearly look better on Natural Hair. But in Hollywood you must look Diffrent.

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