Music Under The Influence: T.I. ‘Drunk In Love’ Remix


Beyonce’s hit song “Drunk In Love” now has no shortage of versions for fans to consume it. The song has been recently remixed by Future, Kanye West, Diplo and now T.I. is adding his own version of the song. The Atlanta rapper has added new lyrics alongside Queen Bey and Jay Z.  As reported by

“The onslaught of “Drunk In Love” remixes continues. Beyonce‘s all-conquering top 5 hit has been overhauled by Kanye West, Diplo and The Weeknd over the past couple of days. But wait, there’s more! T.I. put his spin on the song today (February 17) and it’s another highly explicit brag about bedroom antics.

“Bey clearly favors Ye’s remix (his is the only official version), which is odd because it’s the least enjoyable. T.I. takes a lighter approach, injecting some humor into the X-rated goings on with lines like ‘she say Champagne ain’t strong enough but she never will say it ain’t long enough” and “don’t take this as misogyny when I say take this mahogany’.”

The T.I. “Drunk In Love” remix is definitely one of the most refreshing of all the versions released not just for Tip’s lyrics, but it also features the best beat. T.I.’s version features a more uptempo track that’s more in line with the EDM/Trap music that is dominating the clubs and radio waves.

Check out the T.I. “Drunk In Love” remix below.

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