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10 Actors Who Openly Called Out Hollywood’s Racism

Janet Hubert

Janet Hubert

Actress Janet Hubert, the original Aunt Viv of the television series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” held no punches when she talked to theGriot about how Black women are portrayed on TV. In a Jan. 29 interview with the media outlet she said:

“I see every network’s got some big, fat, sort-of slightly chunky Black girl. We’ve got Wendy [Williams] out there who’s wearing giant ta-tas…and we’ve got Sheryl Underwood who’s sitting on the toilet on the set. We’ve got buffoons, we’ve got coons, we’ve got jigaboos, we’ve got the new mammy. And I’m disgusted. I think the viewers are disgusted, too. I think we definitely need some representation of who we are. There’s no one who represents me that I see — and it’s disheartening.”

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50 thoughts on “10 Actors Who Openly Called Out Hollywood’s Racism

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    jews aint having it. theyre like leeches. they leech themselves to the primary group wherever they go and control the money and media. they been using media to glorify white people so they could make money and cover their ass at the same time for 100 years.
    look up the documentary "how the jews created hollywood"

  2. Fuck Terrenece Howard with his cracker ass

  3. I saw the documentary twice, it's a must see for real.

  4. Sundiata Keita says:

    Darnell Jones {wipes fohead] whewww.. glad to see i aint the only one. keep up the good work on your search for knowledge brutha

  5. I cannot believe we as blacks cannot go to folks like Oprah, Tyler and/or any other rich blacks like even foreign blacks in Africa who are billionaires and let them finance these movies. We need to show competitiveness and that we can get the money elsewhere.

  6. You have the right idea….Black people all over the world see the same reality…..Do something about it…..Shout, maybe you will be heard.

  7. Besides acting and being a great actress, I now like you even more!

  8. It is all the Zionist funded, CIA/MI6/MOSSAD backed & Gay Agenda 21 loving UnHolywood propaganda machine with their MSM Weapons of Mass Distraction at work. Isn't it long past time that black people turn of the telly, tune out the radio and read revolutionary books? Furthermore, with all the various social media out there, can't we find some other enlightening ways for us to 'entertain' ourselves. Last I looked there is a war for our very hearts, minds & souls going on out here in the rest of the world. Black people, especially in the UK, US, Canada & the Caribbean need to stop being so myopic & think global. NWO=OWN.

  9. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Umm… no rich black is going to fund anything substantial. Danny Glover been trying to get funding to do a film on the Haitian Revolution since '06. Need I say more?

  10. Sundiata Keita says:

    OPRAH AND TYLER PERRY DONT CARE NOTHIN ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE brutha. white folks only give that much financial backing to blacks they can control.

  11. Jaleel Kairi says:

    Here's an idea that's not novel, build your own Hollywood.

  12. Sundiata Keita …….and Kevin "We can't disappoint the fans in Florida" does………REALLY, Go ahead and blame Jews!

  13. Rey Loo says:

    They're scared of their keepers and all the perks and open doors that will close if they touched something like this…you won't see Oprah or Tyler Perry fork over money for a project like this until they are on their death beds. And if you know Danny Glover…he will demand this story is told right…no water downed, sugar coated rendition; which is the common approach when dealing with sensitive/touchy historical stories of this nature.

  14. Sundiata Keita, I'm beginning to wake up and believe more of what you say that both of them involve themselves in projects that white folks give green lights to which enable them to make more money from blacks folks from the backdoor under the misnomer that "It's a black thang".

  15. Stephanie C. Stephanie says:

    What would work is being truly self-supporting, and sufficient; i.e., funding our own movies, books, magazines, empires, etc. Buying/renting our art direct from the creators through various media outlets, and celebrating our culture, really celebrating. But, since we have no real knowledge of ourselves culturally (wherever we reside), it's not going to happen, and I'm an optimistic person. While, in general we're strong, we put up with a lot of shit, and that is a weakness that we have not owned up to. We don't realize that the power is within, not in the sky to be accessed when we are no longer flesh and blood. There are two or three cultural groups that would never put up with what we put up with.

  16. Stephanie C. Stephanie says:

    If we ignore certain groups of people (in terms of seeking approval, and validation of our worth from others), and focus on us (wherever we reside), in a few decades, we would be magnificent once again or at least on our way.

  17. Kimberly Kenya Kimbrough says:

    I am amazed at how she can blame somebody else for what comes out of our own mind and mouth! She is the one who used the word jigaboo, for example. Why is there something not of value of seeing a chunky black woman on a TV set? I think black people need to stop finding something wrong in every single freaking thing. She just insulted many employed sistas. Perhaps it's her attitude!

  18. The funny thing is hollywood isn't really racist… the target audience is… hollywood, comercial value wise, has no problem with black actors or actresses… and since it's, in escence, a company after all there are no moral issues involved. Hollywood will give the audience what it wants and sadly the audience is promiently and, in some cases, subconsciously racist.

  19. No, Hollywood *believes* the audience is racist.

  20. Laura Maxwell The audience is in fact racist even if they don't conciously realize it, there's a racist premise and backround that we drag from past generations though we try hard to overcome it. Sadly we've all grown up around a "white priveledge" culture… people relate "white" to positive stereotypes and "black" to negative ones on a subconcious level with out noticing it and, obviously, hollywood takes advantage of that. It's sad, it's wrong but it's the truth.

  21. Sheila Anderson says:

    Hollywood is extremely racist; not just the studios, but in every nook and cranny. When I lived there, RACISM smacked me right in my face. But Hollywood is representative of the whole of America!

  22. It a new Day since the internet, new DMCA laws. Hollywood dont like when there material is open seen to the public online, we was tried to get a distribution deal for urban movies, Hey these movie companies just laugh and the price to lease was far to high for indie. OKKK So any urban movie we find online are free to watch for everyone, we didnt want to do this due to the fact celebrities would get caught in the middle, but thats WAR and if it means getting across to the Hollywood.That the net is not TV, we mean business!!!! WELCOME TO RIGHTONTV.COM

  23. Asians do business with Asians. Well, whites, they'll have no problem doing business with their own. Meaning, we need to focus on self-preservation. We need to circulate our funds amongst ourselves, our people in Africa. We need to economize amongst ourselves. Build and nationalize. But we are quick to put the money back into white America as soon as we get paid.

  24. Jay Glover says:

    Regina King deserved a lead actress node for her role in the cop drama Southland

  25. Roquefort Merlot says:

    That sounds great but, and this is just my opinion, the movie business is a risky business. If you have billions you don't become Father Christmas to each and every black person with a great idea. You,ll end up broke quicker than a midget in the NBA!

  26. Roquefort Merlot says:

    I will mention, where you! Yes you can as an individual help fund some of these movies

  27. Roquefort Merlot says:

    Not sure about that! I think if you don't see mangoes you eat oranges, but when those mangoes appear you can't get enough! It's just

  28. Good idea, and then PRAY that it does not share the same fate as our own Wall Street.

  29. Hollis Bush says:

    Interesting post, my opinion is that these people are rich enough to come together and hold there own little revolution. Why is nothing happening? Mexicans go through the same thing, no one speaking up. I don't blame the directors, producers, or writers, light crew, makeup, ect. I blame the people who won't make a stand.

  30. Milan Macek says:

    Wow who you calling a cracker racist bitch

  31. Doug Cash says:

    Black actor Oscar Micheaux wrote, directed ,produced and distributed his own films and died broke nearly 100 years ago. Make small indie films. If you have to nickle and dime it then so be it.Spike Lee maxed out all of his credit, begged, and barrowed to make She's Gotta Have It.I run an indie label and believe me, nobody is getting rich. But I own it. Can't Danny Glover get a loan from Mel Gibson ?

  32. I am so glad this was published! People actually believe racism is a non issue and that Blacks cry wolf! over it. Thank you for all those who are exposing the truth!

  33. So what do we do,y'all? Keep on bitchin' or get something done. Redford started Sundance… all BLack directors writers producers actors and supporters can't come up with….an answer?…wow.

  34. If we want to a positive impression….WE HAVE TO EMBARK ON A POLITICAL ENDEAVOR……. ALL BLACK AND BROWN …people must make comments about the political wickedness …..led by O RIELLY, OR RUSH LIMBAUGH TADPOLE CRUZ…etc………We should NOT allow President Obama…or Michelle….or Joe Biden….. To take up, all by THEMSELVES , the mantle of anti bigotry ….that emanate from these white folks mouth……… any form…..HOLLYWOOD or the ENTERTAINMENT world …..must not let them rest THE MINIMUM WAGE, WILL HELP ALL IN AMERICA……..

    The jobs bill will enrich ALL OF AMERICA……. Supporting ALL the Democratic Candidates …including the PROGRESSIVES such as ,HILLARY AND ELIZABETH WARREN…….Is the most positive way of undermining all the racists existing among the THRONGS OF WHITE FOLKS…. in all communities……REMEMBER ALL THINGS ARE CONNECTED …. tackle ONE and you get access to the other things that are affecting our country….TALK UP……. SAY SOMETHING…. Show we are not afraid …of the RACISTS that are affecting ….and are the REAL HUMBUGS ….in America……. REMEMBER WE WILL HELP .AND SUPPORT …… ALL FOLKS THAT ARE AGAINST RACISM…..BY RAISING YOUR HANDS …… AND SAYING NO!!….to Backward thinking…… LOVE TO US ALL….!

  35. Farntella Graham says:

    Anthony Jones if the cap fits, wear it.

  36. Farntella Graham says:

    Roquefort Merlot BS. most of the films they finance, fail. they would rather fail then to allow Black people to be depicted in any other narratives

  37. Qdown Dale says:

    if we just put the jordan money up we will be good. what we need to stop doing is putting the responsibilty on whites and coons. Oprah and friends have been bought out so stop asking smh

  38. Qdown Dale says:

    Stephanie C. Stephanie preach sista

  39. Qdown Dale says:

    I dont know the situation but I would like to hear why you feel that way lol

  40. Qdown Dale says:

    hollywood is racist, it is owned by racist just like ya boy donald. you non black people need to come up with some better exscuses and arguments in the 2014.

  41. I only have some questions here for all Africa Americas, why don't you want to come to Africa and inverts what you have and Education your brother Sisters? You see people coming all over the world today to Africa and take what all us have together to their countries don’t see? If yes then why?
    Our Continent is the most poorest in world with all riches we have.
    But I don’t know why you don’t want to come and develop you home, is just because all what you see and hear on TV, Internet about Africa is all about poor, sick etc………
    But as the same time I believe if Africa was America today we should have see most you coming to Africa yes is right.
    Come to Africa we need you; I don’t mean to come and stay and not to return again no, I just mean to make Africa as your best place to invest.

  42. Roquefort Merlot says:

    Farntella Graham 'they' would rather fail? Than to 'allow' ?now that's BS.

  43. Very informative hopefully this would encourage black people to be producers and look to our own people.

  44. Gabriel Guzman says:

    Yeah the comment on here about Mexicans/Hispanics needing to stand up as well…That's not gonna happen thanks to George Lopez, Danny Trejo and Charlie Sheen. They also could give two shits about their own people!

  45. Bob Evans says:

    Isn't white supremacy a myth they say? Isn't racism dead they say? Hmm…I suppose not!

  46. awesome blog all about this I found called

  47. I do agree that more people of color should be in Hollywood and that Hollywood is racist till no end. The thing is, it's not just black people who should be treated fairly and respected. It's all people of color, Indians, Hispanics, Asians etc. All races should have equal right and opportunities to achieve greatness with hard work. It's sad because most people of color already do work hard only to receive a fraction of what white actors/actresses receive in Hollywood.

  48. If blacks aren't acting like buffoons they don't want to give them a part in the movies, just like Norman Lear do sterotype blacks for years like Jimmy Walker JJ running around acting like a clown all the time or George Jefferson yelling all day, they never want to give us a part with us having class or being educated they want us to be talking jive talk all the time, its sad how we are treated in the business.

  49. Fuck these black racist hollywood actors and a lot of lieral white assholes. Maybe the blacks didn't deserve an award. They hate whites, but live in a country where they make millions with fame and the white liberal schmucks kiss theit asses. I hope it backfires on the hollywood shit and the blacks fuck them in the ass. literally.

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