Jennifer Hudson Reacts to Critiques About Her Weight

Fresh off of her end of the year press run for Black Nativity and George Tillman’s The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete, Jennifer Hudson sat down to talk about her hefty schedule, Whitney Houston, and her weight change. “Independent films are more about the art,” says the talent whose roles ranged from a drug-addled mother to Winnie Mandela. “That’s what I love about playing Winnie and Gloria in ‘Mister & Pete,’ because they are like real characters; these are roles that I am really passionate about.”

Her passion isn’t just limited to infusing life into different characters. As the spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, Black America has witnessed her evolution from her American Idol days to now. Eager to change the direction of obesity toward a healthy alternative, the Chicago native stresses a great diet to the masses. “I learned that everyone has an addiction to something,” she admits. “I have an addiction to shopping. I just always got to be buying something. Clothes, shoes, I love it.”

Talking directly about her weight loss, Hudson said that she’s not trying to please anyone but herself and her family. “People are never going to be satisfied with you either way. Skinny or heavy, someone is always going to have something to say, so it’s best to be how you want to be.”


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