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Jennifer Hudson Posts Pic, Gets Backlash From Fans For Being Too Skinny

Over the last few years, we’ve seen Jennifer Hudson drop major pounds as the spokesperson for Weight Watchers, and judging from a few new photos, she’s at her smallest size ever.  This week, photos emerged of the actress in a bra and jeans combo and reactions from her fans varied, with some expressing thoughts that she’s too thin. Earlier in her career, she was told she was too big, so it seems as though she can’t catch a break!

It’s true that Jennifer looks even slimmer than usual, but it’s because she had to lose weight for a new movie titled “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete”, where she plays a heroin addict named Gloria. In October she told Huffington Post:

“They did request that I lose about 10 pounds for [the movie.] I don’t know that I did. [Laughs] But for ‘Winnie,’ I did. But for this one, it was just like, “Oh, if you could lose a little more weight.” But I did learn eventually that with heroin addicts, in doing our research, that it’s not necessarily like a physical thing where you’re too thin or too heavy.  [Director George Tillman Jr.] had this thing where Gloria was so into her drugs that she sacrificed the food, like, “I don’t want to eat, I just want to get high.”

Hudson isn’t the only star to receive a negative response after weight loss. Rapper/actor 50 cent met the same fate while filming the movie “Things Fall Apart”. Fans weren’t at all happy with his drop in weight, and some even said his image had been Photoshopped.

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