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DMX Threats Highlight George Zimmerman’s Ability to Profit From Fame

DMX, The Game, Michael Lohan want to box George Zimmerman DMX is the latest celebrity to step up and claim he would love the chance to get in a boxing ring with George Zimmerman; however, it seems like DMX and other celebs are only helping Zimmerman continue to make a profit off his newfound fame.

DMX admitted that if he got the chance to enter the ring with Zimmerman, who beat a murder charge in the death of Trayvon Martin, he immediately would toss all the rules of boxing out the window.

“I am going to beat the living f**k out him,” DMX said. “I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f**k him right up.”

DMX went on to threaten to urinate on Zimmerman during the match in a string of vulgarities that will more than likely get his request to box Zimmerman denied.

Other celebrities have also stepped up for the chance to box with Zimmerman, including Lindsey Lohan’s father, Michael, and rapper The Game.

While The Game made statements that he hopes to teach Zimmerman a lesson in the ring, the real problem lies in the fact that regardless of the outcome of a boxing match there is one thing will still remain true — Zimmerman has created a lavish career out of becoming a celebrity killer.

Controversy has been swirling around Zimmerman even after the trial when he decided to start selling paintings for several thousand dollars.

A celebrity boxing match seems to be just his latest ploy to get money when Zimmerman isn’t necessarily a golden candidate for any real job.

Hiring Zimmerman would be nothing short of a public relations nightmare for any major company, but “celebrity” schemes have been Zimmerman’s way around financial troubles after his trial.

George Zimmerman agrees to celebrity boxing match The celebrity boxing match will air on Pay Per View and although nobody has publicly released any information regarding whether or not Zimmerman is getting paid for the gig, it’s generally believed that Zimmerman isn’t stepping into the ring for free especially once Pay Per View becomes involved.

There is also the very likely chance that Zimmerman won’t even fall victim to any of his opponents.

Zimmerman has been boxing for several years and even took to his Twitter to remind his followers, “Boxing isn’t new to me.”

Meanwhile, his celebrity continues to grow and he continues to bring in major profits. His latest painting was recently sold for $10,000.

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27 thoughts on “DMX Threats Highlight George Zimmerman’s Ability to Profit From Fame

  1. Grady Nelson says:

    Don't give him the time of day, so he can profit! They wouldn't let O.J. profit…He's no different! Trying to be slick and make some money…Fuck Zimmerman!

  2. I am tired of seeing his face. Gets away with murder and now is getting paid for anything and everything because the media is sticking and moving along with him. This would not have happened if that fuck had been black and that is what bothers me.

  3. Terry DeCarlo says:

    When do Trayvon's folks book(s) come out? Soon I believe.

  4. Rob LeBlanc says:

    George Zimmerman will be worth at least 100 million dollars, just not from this. He's not gonna make a profit….. that's the whole contingency. All the money from Zimmerman's side goes to charity. And it'll probably be a black charity. This is public relations people.

    I don't know if it's the smartest or worst move ever to do this boxing match but that's why he did it. Zimmerman never needs to earn another dollar. NBC is going to pay him up to a Billion for starting a racial dialogue by editing the 911 calls and making him the most hated man in America. They fired half their producers for editing the tapes to make him sound more racist, and because it became a story they made enormous amounts money off their news coverage for over a year. If he were found guilty Zimmerman wouldn't have a leg to stand on legally, but since he wasn't their gonna pay through the nose.

    But he can't just win a settlement that big by appearing to some for killing a child. Their will be outrage even worse than the verdict. That's what I think this is really about. He'll lose the fight to a 240 pound 6'4" athletic prodigy, but at least he doesn't come off as a coward who needs to pull a gun on somebody unless his life is threatened which in a boxing match it shouldn't be. PUBLIC RELATIONS. He will lose this battle if he fights Game, but he'll win the war, and ironically win or lose stand his ground.

  5. Zimmerman's mother is Afro-Peruvian. His grandfather is 100% black

  6. Grady Nelson says:

    Robin Tedlock:Makes no difference what his race is…He is still a murderer. Afro is nothing but a "politically correct" label that is used as a way of knowing who appears black. Well, "blacks" started civilization and you most likely have "black" in you also…

  7. Grady Nelson says:

    Robin Tedlock:Makes no difference what his race is…He is still a murderer. Afro is nothing but a "politically correct" label that is used as a way of knowing who appears black. Well, "blacks" started civilization and you most likely have "black" in you also…

  8. Grady Nelson says:


  9. @ Robin Tedlock> Who the hell cares.The Zimmerman part is the racist killer part. He has his mother's blood, but his father's spirit. The point is he should not be allowed to profit from anything. He should have been home painting that night that Trayvon lost his life. And you are trying to vindicate him by saying he's part black. Not buying it. He was a wannabe cop who got away with murder. If he is so good at boxing, why didn't he use his skills to subdue Trrayvon that night? Smh

  10. Rob, I like the way you broke it down. The only piece of the puzzle you didn't include are those stupid "paintings" he is putting on EBAY. If he is getting all this money that you say he is from the stand off with NBC, then why bother putting that crap out? It's not like anybody (including him) thinks he is the next DaVinci or anything. Then, I would anticipate you saying "keeping his name out there." But that seems more embarrassing than anything. And is it really good PR to plagarize, given that all the paintings were originally pictures downloaded from the AP website?

  11. I'm glad the media learned from the TM incident and are not even hyping up the latest round of other people accused of similar murders. No need to make a star out of people like this when they have nothing to offer, hence why they got themselves into the messes they are in.

  12. Steve Welch says:

    Robin Tedlock "His grandfather is 100% black", that's one of the most ridiculous and untrue comments I've read in a while.

  13. Steve Welch says:

    Zimmerman already had a long racial profiling.His own lawyer even admitted that. So to say "NBC made Zimmerman look racist" doesn't hold up.

  14. Steve Welch says:

    Robin Tedlock Im not black,so maybe Im no expert.The man in the picture does not look anything like a black person, he looks like a South American Indigenous. If Zimmerman has absolutely any trace of black in him it's very very distant. And even if he does have any degree of it,it sure did not prevent him from profiling every young black male he saw in the neighborhood.

  15. Steve Welch says:

    Remember, Zimmerman said before he shot Trayvon, he grabbed Trayvon's arm with one hand and pinned it to Trayvon's chest,restraining him (which,even though that is just as preposterous as the rest of Zimmerman's story,it would not be "self defense" if you are restraining someone then shooting them. The lame prosecution did not make a point of that to the jury) then shooting him. Zimmerman's supporters don't tell the story exactly as Zimmerman said,nor did Zimmerman's defense team tell Zimmerman's story to the jury the way Zimmerman told,they changed aspects of Zimmerman' s story. Look at 0:19 of this clip for one example, whereas Zimmerman said Trayvon grabbed his head and "repeatedly slammed it on concrete", Mark Omara recognized that would not be as simple to do and there would not be much range of motion, so he grabbed the mannequin by its shoulders and body slammed it while sitting on its thighs.

  16. Steve Welch WTF? No, there is no question that George Zimmerman is part black. His mother is Afro-Peruvian, that would be part African and part Peruvian, that is her ethnic heritage… did you miss that? There has been a large African population in south America for centuries from slavery, same as the US. Quit trying to dodge this.

  17. Steve Welch says:

    Robin Tedlock A large African population in Peru that absorbed into the general mixed white and Indigenous society? I'm not so sure how many typical Peruvians would tell you they are part black.

  18. Steve Welch says:

    Robin Tedlock Regardless, the man in that picture looks absolutely nothing like a black man, he looks like he is Indigenous, and if you saw him in color you would think he was mexican (indigenous).

  19. Steve Welch says:

    Robin Tedlock Again,even if Zimmerman does have absolutely a drip of black in him, it didn't keep him from profiling just about every young black male he saw in the neighborhood. Even his own attorney Mark Omara admitted he profiled.

  20. Steve Welch says:

    Robin Tedlock Maybe someone should get Zimmerman DNA tested,lol

  21. Steve Welch Keep desperately flailing! I'm done!

  22. Steve Welch says:

    Robin Tedlock That is the one thing you said that is true, you are desperately failing.

  23. Racism is prejudice + power… since George Zimmerman is a black Hispanic he can't be racist. YOU LOSE. GOOD DAY SIR.

  24. Steve Welch says:

    Robin Tedlock So Charlie Sheen must be one too?

  25. Steve Welch says:

    Robin Tedlock Sure,Zimmerman may not be a racist (he is a profiler though), the same can not be said of anyone who ever supported him.

  26. Steve Welch says:

    Robin Tedlock One more thing , here are some Afro-Peruvians that don't look anything like Zimmerman's great-grandfather. Zimmerman's parents and brother came up with that lie to try to make it seem like Zimmerman can't profile any black kids. I'll bet you if you asked Zimmerman's cousin,the one he molested, about the man in the picture,she might say the man is indigenous and is in no way a black man.

  27. Robin Tedlock >Whatever. I don't argue with stupidity

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