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DMX Threats Highlight George Zimmerman’s Ability to Profit From Fame

DMX, The Game, Michael Lohan want to box George Zimmerman DMX is the latest celebrity to step up and claim he would love the chance to get in a boxing ring with George Zimmerman; however, it seems like DMX and other celebs are only helping Zimmerman continue to make a profit off his newfound fame.

DMX admitted that if he got the chance to enter the ring with Zimmerman, who beat a murder charge in the death of Trayvon Martin, he immediately would toss all the rules of boxing out the window.

“I am going to beat the living f**k out him,” DMX said. “I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f**k him right up.”

DMX went on to threaten to urinate on Zimmerman during the match in a string of vulgarities that will more than likely get his request to box Zimmerman denied.

Other celebrities have also stepped up for the chance to box with Zimmerman, including Lindsey Lohan’s father, Michael, and rapper The Game.

While The Game made statements that he hopes to teach Zimmerman a lesson in the ring, the real problem lies in the fact that regardless of the outcome of a boxing match there is one thing will still remain true — Zimmerman has created a lavish career out of becoming a celebrity killer.

Controversy has been swirling around Zimmerman even after the trial when he decided to start selling paintings for several thousand dollars.

A celebrity boxing match seems to be just his latest ploy to get money when Zimmerman isn’t necessarily a golden candidate for any real job.

Hiring Zimmerman would be nothing short of a public relations nightmare for any major company, but “celebrity” schemes have been Zimmerman’s way around financial troubles after his trial.

George Zimmerman agrees to celebrity boxing match The celebrity boxing match will air on Pay Per View and although nobody has publicly released any information regarding whether or not Zimmerman is getting paid for the gig, it’s generally believed that Zimmerman isn’t stepping into the ring for free especially once Pay Per View becomes involved.

There is also the very likely chance that Zimmerman won’t even fall victim to any of his opponents.

Zimmerman has been boxing for several years and even took to his Twitter to remind his followers, “Boxing isn’t new to me.”

Meanwhile, his celebrity continues to grow and he continues to bring in major profits. His latest painting was recently sold for $10,000.

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