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Method to The Madness: Method Man to Drop ‘The Meth Lab’ Mixtape In March

Rap group Wu Tang celebrated its 20th anniversary a few months ago and now one of its most popular members, Method Man, is ready to give fans some new music as well. Method Man says he will be dropping a new mixtape called “The Meth Lab” in March.  As reported by;

“When he’s not toking 24-carat smokeable gold blunts, Tical is working on new music. The man born Clifford Smith revealed he’d be dropping two projects in 2014 on social media. ‘The Meth Lab mixtape MARCH 2014,” Method Man shared on Facebook, with a promo shot for the project.’

“The mixtape will precede his long-awaited solo studio album ‘Crystal Mef’ that he says he will be dropping this summer, finally. Method Man’s last solo album was 2006’s 4:21…The Day After. He’s, since, been heavily featured on tracks and release several projects with his blunt buddy Redman.”

Meth fans have been eager to hear a new project from the New York rapper. Method Man was once one of the biggest stars in rap music, however his acting career may have taken away from his focus on music at one point. Now, time will tell if Meth can regain his musical prominence with his two new projects.

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