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Beyonce Apologizes to Families of NASA Challenger Astronauts

beyonce-xoBeyonce Knowles has been criticized for sampling audio from the 1986 space shuttle Challenger disaster as part of a new love song, titled “XO” on her newly released album “Beyonce”. A few members of the NASA family have deemed the singer “insensitive” for alluding to the tragedy in which seven astronauts lost their lives when the Challenger exploded 73 seconds after liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center.

At the beginning of the song, one hears the voice of NASA mission commentator Steven Nesbitt describing the tragedy as it unfolded that morning. “Flight controllers here looking very carefully at the situation. Obviously a major malfunction.”  The clip lasts about six seconds.

In an exclusive statement to ABC News this morning, Knowles said, “My heart goes out to the families of those lost in the Challenger disaster. The song ‘XO’ was recorded with the sincerest intention to help heal those who have lost loved ones and to remind us that unexpected things happen, so love and appreciate every minute that you have with those who mean the most to you.

According to Yahoo News, the Challenger crew and family members of the deceased remain unimpressed, however. “We were disappointed to learn that an audio clip from the day we lost our heroic Challenger crew was used in the song ‘XO,’” June Scobee Rodgers, the widow of STS-51L commander Richard “Dick” Scobee and founding chair of the Challenger Center for Space Science Education, wrote in a statement released Monday. “The moment included in this song is an emotionally difficult one for the Challenger families, colleagues and friends.”

Knowles maintains that “[t]he songwriters included the audio in tribute to the unselfish work of the Challenger crew with hope that they will never be forgotten.”


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8 thoughts on “Beyonce Apologizes to Families of NASA Challenger Astronauts

  1. Mansa Musa says:

    the cd came out weeks ago, so somebody should ask the question as to why this is a news story now and who was the first one to push the story. its on the eve of the new year so i'd assume its just to keep white people lookin at blacks f'ed up all the way into the new year

  2. Vasel Glass says:


  3. Malynda Palmer says:

    I agree, Vasel. She obviously think she has become a higher power and thinks the public owes her something. Calling herself Beysus, then the photo of her in the center of the last supper and now this?! Oh and her song now down.when people begin to think this way they start to spiral down to a quick and tragic end to their career. I stopped being a supporter of her music a while ago. She's become a disgrace. Always naked anyway lol I wouldn't let my daughter watch her videos if I had one.

  4. Yeah its really sad to see this happen because I had grown to be a huge fan of Beyonce. She has good musice but I guess she is just an ugly person. She really needs to calm down before she loses all he fans.

  5. because Beyonce makes her own beats and instrumentals right -_-

  6. Rachelle Natacha says:

    I doubt it was done with bad intentions, it's not like that clip was needed in the song… I believe her. That beyzuz last supper shit is retarded tho.

  7. Mr. Glass, why is she an idiot?
    Do I detect jealousy… from an online Christian? NUFF Said!

  8. Ms. Palmer, you are displaying quite a bit of cleavage there… Does that makes you a disgrace? Just thinkin'. NUFF Said!!!

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