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Future, Ciara Attend Holiday Charity Event as Pregnancy Rumors Persist

Ciara attends charity event in Atlanta Rapper Future and his fiancee Ciara attended the Astronaut Kids Holiday Charity Event in Atlanta on Sunday where Ciara rocked an unusually baggy sweatshirt that seemed to be hiding a growing baby bump.

Future and Ciara were clearly in the holiday spirit as they attended the event at Bessie Branham Park, which provided games, food and music for Atlanta families.

The famous couple decided to make a generous donation of coats and other Christmas gifts for all the kids at the event, and even posed for as many pictures as the families wanted.

The kind gesture was sweet on Ciara and Future’s behalf, but there was still one elephant in the room – or should we say baby bump?

Ciara’s baggy sweatshirt seemed like a strategic move to hide her belly in the midst of swirling pregnancy rumors.

The R&B star’s usually slender face seemed a little plumper than usual, as well.

The cherry on top, however, was when Ciara insisted on posing with the children in front of her in every shot. When the cameras were aimed at the “Body Party” singer, she crouched down behind the youngsters before the picture was snapped.

The 28-year-old songstress managed to fight off pregnancy rumors last month when she posted a picture of herself with a glass of champagne. What the Instagram post didn’t show, however, was Ciara drinking any of the alcoholic beverage.

Either way, a slightly chubby face and baggy shirt are not enough to confirm a pregnancy, so only time will tell whether t Ciara is expecting a baby Ciara Pregnancy rumorsby her fiance.

So far, neither of the stars’ reps have come forward to confirm or deny the rumors.

Last month, however, Ciara was spotted out and about spending a little quality time with Future’s exes and the mothers of his children. Future later gave an interview where he praised Ciara for being so kind to the women, but that doesn’t mean all his exes are willing to play nice.

One of Future’s exes, Brittni Mealy, is now coming forward and predicting that the relationship won’t last because Ciara doesn’t know the side of Future that she knows.

“I know the real him, the part [Ciara] doesn’t know,” Mealy told Madame Noire. “They are just honeymooning right now. Everything always seems perfect in the beginning.”

Mealy went on to say that Future doesn’t show the same love and affection once a child comes in the picture.

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4 thoughts on “Future, Ciara Attend Holiday Charity Event as Pregnancy Rumors Persist

  1. Jacqueline Holland says:

    He did put acring on it. none of the others made that claim. don't hate because you're not the one and cici will learn hrr own lessons.

  2. MsJessie Rene says:

    That bitch is clearly jealous! Just because you are not in the picture. If it turns out they are not together in the end, that is no ones concern but theirs. I dated a guy who treated me like shit, he moved on with someone else. I could care less. Let him be the new woman's problem now!

  3. Stephen Ford says:

    Just gotta support ppl

  4. Watevr floats her boat. The man has 3 kids 3momma's too go with clearly he doen't knw wat he wants he confused damage its to early . U can have a baby with neone. Not with n a year and ur like 5 6mnth prego his baby jus turned 1yr so der u have ot he jus left BM alone duh!! Let's see after cece baby come. Birthcontrol

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