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Rihanna and Chris Brown Reunited at Rehab Clinic?

Rihanna visits Chris Brown in anger management Rumors are flying that Rihanna visited her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown at his anger management rehab clinic on Dec. 8 and was even snapped by cameras as she tried to flee the scene. It’s been quite some time since we have heard reports of Rihanna and Chris Brown drama, but it seems like the on-again, off-again couple may be on again.

According to MediaTakeOut, Rihanna went to visit her ex during a trip to  LA. Rihanna was indeed in LA over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean that she went to spend time with the “Love More” crooner. While MediaTakeOut may not always be the most credible source, the story picked up even more steam when HollywoodLife also reported that their source knew of the rehab visit. Their source also claimed that Rihanna stopped by to see Brown, but they also mentioned that it was a friendly visit—rather than an opportunity to reconcile.

“[Rihanna] hopes nothing but the best for him,” the source also posted a photo of a girl with a black pixie haircut allegedly rushing out of the rehab center after she spotted the cameras.

The blurry image resembles Rihanna, but the quality isn’t good enough to confirm that it’s the Bajan beauty herself.

The only confirmed visitors that Brown has had during his stay in rehab have been his mother and current girlfriend-ish friend, Karrueche Tran. Karrueche even brought the R&B star a home-cooked meal on Thanksgiving to make him feel more at home.

So how would Karrueche feel about RiRi paying Chris a visit? The aspiring model has not said anything publicly about the rumored rendezvous nor has she tweeted a shady retort. The good news is that according to HollywoodLife’s sources, Karrueche actually doesn’t have anything to worry about. The source said that Chris is focusing on distancing himself from Rihanna right now because of the negative impact she’s had on his life. “[Chris] doesn’t think or even talk about Rihanna because she’s one of the negatives in his life,” the source added. “She as a person is not negative, but the events and situations that happened when they were together were extremely negative and stressful on Chris.”

No one has confirmed the alleged rehab visit. One can only hope that the crazy love triangle scenario that in some ways helped land Chris in anger management in the first place, isn’t about to start all over again.












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