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Kandi Burruss Gets Emotional Defending Her Mother on Bravo TV

Kandi breaks down during watch what happens live

 Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star Kandi Burruss broke down during the latest episode of Bravo TV’s “Watch What Happens Live.” Burruss  was defending her mother after an episode where Mama Joyce threatened to beat down Kandi’s friend and assistant Carmen during her wedding dress fitting.

RHOA Fans, Bravo host Andy Cohen, and even Kandi’s fiance Todd say don’t understand why she is allowing her mother to run her life. But Kandi says she’s perfectly OK with their relationship.

When the subject of Mama Joyce came up for discussion on Andy’s show, Kandi found it difficult to keep her composure. After answering just a few questions, tears flowed down her cheeks as she did her best to defend her mother.

“I don’t care what y’all have to say,” she said. “That’s my mama! I’m going to make sure my mama’s good.”

Then she called out fans on Twitter who had been dissing her mom throughout the episode, which featured Mama Joyce threatening to throw a shoe at Carmen after accusing her of sleeping with Todd.

“She don’t have to talk to me,” Kandi continued. “She don’t have to say nothing to me. That’s my mama and y’all can Tweet ’til you get blue in the face, I don’t care! She can have whatever she wants ‘cause that’s my mama!”

Apparently Kandi is even in big trouble for the things that Andy said about Mama Joyce on previous shows.

“She’s not speaking to me right now because you and Sandra [Bernhardt] and Cynthia [Bailey] – she didn’t like the fact that you guys were saying that she needed me [financially], whatever,” Kandi said prior to breaking down during the interview. “She can be fine without my help, let me just say that. But I feel like as her daughter, it’s my job that she’s good. She made sure I was good growing up; I’m going to make sure she’s good. I don’t care if she doesn’t like my relationship, that’s my mom.”

Singer Fantasia Barrino, who joined Kandi on the show, managed to calm her friend down so she could continue the interview. Kandi admitted that she doesn’t always agree with her mom’s antics.


“Obviously we disagree on a lot of things, but it’s just the fact that I’m going to be respectful in the way that I tell her,” she said. “No, she’s not respectful in the way she tells me how she feels, but people are like, ‘you’re making money,’ this and that. So what? When I became the person who made more money, it didn’t make me her mama. She’s still my mama.”

Kandi went on to say that she would rather just let her mom cool off before dealing with their issues, but she never really addressed the way her mother is trashing her marriage.

During the same RHOA episode Mama Joyce told her friend and Carmen that it didn’t matter which dress Kandi selected because she wasn’t going to wear it anyway, suggesting that the wedding to Todd would never happen.

When Carmen defended Kandi’s wedding, things started to boil over and Mama Joyce had just about enough of someone showing Kandi respect and encouraging a little positivity.

Toward the end of the episode, Kandi was presented with an ultimatum by Carmen who suggested that  she is going to have to choose between her friends and fiance, and having the backbone to stand up to her mother.

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36 thoughts on “Kandi Burruss Gets Emotional Defending Her Mother on Bravo TV

  1. This message is for Todd. Run dont walk Run to the nearest exit. Kandi will not stand up for you when it comes to her mom. You seem to be a good guy find someone who will give you the respect you deserve. Kandi needs to call Iyanla and get some help.

  2. Donna Taylor says:

    I was raised old scool where you always respect you Mother but thrre comes a time when you have to tell your mom, respectfully, thst it's your choice, be it right or wrong. But the bible days when you marry you leave your family andcleave to your husband. And the two shall become one.Kandi's mom had a problem with Kandi's other fiancé. Kandi must put her foot down. I've been thete and I had to choose and my mom had to accept it. And now we have been married 42 yrs. I pray Kandi can get married and be happy but she's got to step up. Donna T.

  3. Moms are suppose to set the examples..and clearly mama joyce wants respect but doesn't know how to give it….Kandi is affirming it and will do the same to her daughter. Wat message is she sending her daughter. ..

  4. There should always be respect for mama. But if it was up to Mama Joyce, Kandi would be alone for the rest of her life. All she talks about is somebody wanting what Kandi has or taking what Kandi got. It's really sad that she can't just be happy for her daughter. Kandi states she just ignores her, but if she continues to ignore her, she will think that what she does is right. Nothing wrong with having an adult convo with mama and letting her know how it's going to be without disrespecting her. I'm just gone put it out there, Mama Joyce manipulates Kandi into doing what she wants by making Kandi feel guilty. SMH!! Not good. Time to put your big girl panties on and be happy with or without mama.

  5. Danielle Johnson says:

    I'm all about respecting your parents, but Mama Joyce Kandi is a grown beautiful women. Please let her be that person you raised to be. Kandi love who you choose. Good luck kandi

  6. It's a different looking out for your mom making sure she straight that's find you suppose to but her controlling your life no

  7. Anonymous says:

    While I agree that you should respect your Mom, there comes a time when Mom needs to let her child make own decisions, or choices. If you are dating, engaged to someone a parent does not like, it really comes down to respect. Each side can agree, to disagree. If no truce, then unfortunately it will come down to taking sides. I hope Kandi, and Mama Joyce can make things work. In the past, I always thought Mama Joyce was quite level headed, but in this matter…..She is way out there…..No disrespect to Mama Joyce. Mama Joyce your daughter is an adult, she needs to make adult decisions…….

  8. I think it's sad that her mother is putting her through this guilt trip. I would love to know if her mother and aunts have men or husbands? Kandi is going to be a lonely woman for the rest of her life. Her mother is running a guilt trip on her. Probably using her brothers death. But Kandi is a grown woman, time to cut the apron strings. If you stop giving your mother so much control over your life then she will sit back. Todd is going to step. I wish it was Peter she was marrying cause he would've put all those birds in place.

  9. Alden Austin says:

    Lisa Hurst Mama sees whats going on now and she will approve when the right people come along in Kandi life. There or so many snakes out there it only take on mistake that can ruin and destroy all u have built.

  10. Momma Joyce and her posse was a hot mess..Kandi needs to growup and momma Joyce need to let her. In the end Kandi will do what she wants. But Kandi is correct she doesn't have to disrespect her mom…and its nice that she will make sure her mom is taken care of.

  11. It does appear that everybody but her daughter is worried about how they will continue to eat….that is so wrong.

  12. Your doing the right thing respect and take care of your mother and pray on the rest then let it go and let God handle the rest I wish you all the best with your husband and your mother keep your head up and always pray God bless you and your Family!!!!

  13. Tony Ross says:

    Kandi's mother needs help,SORRY lol,from what i see on the show,all she do is KEEP UP MESS,Kandi can't even have a girl friend,DAMMMMMM

  14. Mama Joyce in a Mother and so am I but it's enough of this ladie Acting like a fool on TV .may I as

  15. I feel bad for Khandi, she finally has another man in her life that she loves and her mother is driving a wedge between her and that relationship. Khandi if you don't ever standup for what you want your mother will never respect you as a capable and competent young woman. Her behavior demonstrates to everyone watching that she thinks you're incapable of picking worthy people to be around you. Maybe she fears losing you altogether. Maybe you need to reassure her that while you are starting a new life with Todd that she's still very much important to her and that you will always have time for her.

  16. Millette Chapman says:

    First of all Kandi, I have been in your shoes but in the long run you are the one that has to be happy. You can take care of your mother but she also needs to respect you and your mate. Your mother has cross the lines several times and made you look silly. We as women have to respect each other no matter what, you might need to talk with your mother off camera and with respect lay it on the line. I love this man, he makes me happy and I'm not going to allow you to mess this up because you are bitter…..Kandi, your mom is bitter and lonely…sorry that's just my opinion but she's afraid to let you go and be happy and that really sucks.

  17. Blu Grant says:

    I feel sorry for Kandi. The person she really has to look out for is her mother. Her mother is concerned with continuing to have the life that she is accustomed to. She is not concerned with Kandi's feelings. As far as respect for a parent, it depends on your parent. Kandi's mother is disrespectful …to everyone. She is alone and miserable and that is how she wants Kandi to be. I can't understand how Kandi can't see this. She needs to stand up and have a backbone. Tell her mother that she needs to step aside. Tell her that she is getting married o Todd and that is that. She needs to tell her that if she can't respect him then she can't come over. Kandi can go visit her but she can't come over. She is worried about saving her mother's feeling and meanwhile her man feelings is being ignored. I am sure he is feeling away. Everyone should not have to be disrespected at Kandi's mother expense. Todd will soon grow tired and leave. Kandi will be left alone again, she will be sad and her mother will be happy. Thank goodness Kandi is in the business she is in. At the end of the day she is going to need to rely on having those toys not having a man in her life.

  18. Delanie McNair says:

    Say that Miranda. There is nothing wrong with hearing Mama Joyce's opinion, but if Kandi, tries to find out, and really listens to the bottom line, it sounds like she is just worried about losing her daughter. Kandi says that her mom can make it fine without her help. I believe she would, but she would not be happy because it seems like she is only happy when she is pushing anyone that gets close to her daughter, away. She is even causing a problem between Kandi and her daughter. Not good Mama Joyce. Let your daughter have a life of her own, where she doesn't have to have your approval on everything that she does, cause we all know she isn't going to like anything that Kandi does on her own.

  19. Betty Wyman says:

    kandi we all know that's ur mama ,and no one want's u to disrespect her ,but she need to repect u also ,and telling lies on ur daughter about Todd I think it's a wrong step in the wrong direction to teach a child , If u want's to do what ur mama say then u shouldn't have taken the ring or put out there to Todd u wanted that ring ,If I was Todd I would step off like ur mama wants because ur mama will be running that married and any married if there will be one . no one wants a busy body mother inlaw , even if u meet someone that has money like u that don't mean he will love u forever or share his money or buy u all the things u want ,ur mother needs a person in her life to make her happy and be happy for u ,when she die she can't take u with her or maybe she will . What's going to happen to ur daughter when she wants a relationship will ur mama run that too ,because if she does I can see ur daughter given u a lot of trouble in life ,ur mama can't tell u or anyone who to love or fall in love with & u shouldn't have her disrespecting other people ,Carmon is ur friend why do she have to be disrespect and lie on by ur mother ,and be threaten being hit with a shoe ur mama even got her sisters telling lies even ur aunts are wrong going against Carmon for no reason ,If u don't care what people say or want to hear anything about ur mama then tell her to act better on the show or get off , We know mama Joyce has money ,I don't think she's working the show for FREE………….

  20. leave MOMMA Joyce alone. I wish I had listen to my MOMMA, and had her here. When everyone finishes talkn about Momma Joyce, Candi is still going to love her and be on her side. 🙂

  21. I love me some MOMMA JOYCE 🙂

  22. Mama don't always know best, get you some business and some d..k mama Joyce…kandi woman up and check her, and her sisters…damn

  23. Mama needs to sit the hell down.

  24. Kandi Kandi Kandi…you are a very special person with a sweet kind heart and I don't like to see your heart broken and you always in tears. Now to get to the point, I agree with others when they say that there is no need to disrespect your mom but your mom should respect you as a grown woman in what seems to be a loving and committed relationship with Todd. I was disappointed in her actions on the last episode. Being a single parent of a 26 year old daughter it is hard to see our children with guys that we may think is not the best choice for them. But all we can do as parents is respect their decision and pray that they make the right decision and use the common sense that we have instilled in them. Please for your own piece of mind and in a respectful way sit down with your mom and have that much needed conversation with her before it is too late and Todd walks out of your life. At some point you will have the same conversation with your own daughter and with her seeing what she sees on the RHOA that will not go over well for you because she my not respect you because of your relationship with your mm. Also, I saw next weeks sneak preview. I know that you don't much care for Kenya but the way that you stood up to her it might be a good idea to redirect some of your passion towards the person who really needs addressing Mom.Best of luck to you and I will continue to watch RHOA to see if you are taking any of the advise of your fans to heart. Take of your biggest Fans! [email protected]

  25. Has anyone googled Todd? This man has money. Mama Joyce I think that you are crazy, This man makes your daughter happy, be blessed. He has not abused her in any way. He was very recepectful to you, You are going to loose your daughter. Someone will let her know or see what is happening.

  26. Shelley Pope-Keitt says:

    I totally agree with you! You should never ever disprespect your moms…but your moms cannot disrespect you either. I understand that Mama Joyce wants to protect Kandi from leaches…but I wonder who the leach really is…her friends, or Mama Joyce. Sorry Kandi…love you girl but your Mom is dead wrong!

  27. Andrea Behrmann says:

    Kandi's mother is disrespectful and overbearing. She needs to get a life and stop living off her daughter like a leach.

  28. Wilma Heggie says:

    I am a mother, so by all means respect your mom but at the end of the day you are an adult. Regardless of who you get your mom is not going to like them nor will she want you to marry them.. Respect is also due your fiance and he is not getting it. There is a time that you have to speak up and make you happy. Now is the time for you to be a big girl and talk to mama.

  29. Debra Lee-Dawson says:

    I feel so sorry for Kandi. I believe her mother love's her, but has gotten to love Kandi's money a little too much. Her daughter's happiness isn't more important than her daughter's money.

  30. Debra Lee-Dawson says:

    Todd needs to move on. Kandi's mother will never respect him or any man Kandi tries to have a life with. Her mother acted a mess on TV. Too old to be that ghetto!

  31. Betty Rivers says:

    I understand how Kandi feel about her mother but she will have to talk to her mother and let her mother know that it doesn't matter what happen she will be there for her but she have to make her own choice and have to have a life outside of her and I do agree with Carmen she is right kandi must tell her mother that she do love Todd and will married him with her or with out her bless but she will like and love for her to be there for her and maybe if kandi find her mother someone to date maybe her mother will back off and stay out of her business I do understand because I was like that with my mother but I had to realize that I have to have a life and also be happy so I talked to my mother and let her know that I wasn't going to ever leave her and I will always treat her the same.

  32. Mama Joyce is looking out for her own "pocket book".To refer to her own daughter as :SHORT W/ A BIG HEAD.She is Jealous of Candies friends "relationships.Putting her grandaughter in the middle and "not " being honest.There is "cruel ,,motives and intentions…coming from Ms.Joyce and her relatives.They are threatened to stand to "loose" in finances.This is NOT ,,how,,humans should act.Especially family!!!Sorry to say MaMa looking mighty angry these days .History repeating itself.Candy ,,,is an incredible young ,,independant,good hearted,,,,and wonderful ,,successful Mom.Where is the VALUE????Candy ..needs to show ,Mama what ……….cut of is!!!!!No more $$$$….

  33. true enough always respect ur mom but ur mom should also respect her daughter its like she feels that she go miss out on something.or get less of whatever kandi is giving her.! mayb and yes im go through this out there mom needs to go get some and mayb that I got to run my daughters whole thing will calm down! cuz this is getting a little crazy! wit her! for real! or she should go and do some volunteer work some where to keep her self occupied !she is takin it to far! for real ! kandi will never b happy wit a man at the rate her mom is actin. they will b like the two little old women on the waltons! im just sayin mom back down!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this man doesn't leave her or start cheatin on her. !!!!!!!!!!

  34. Whatever Kandi… Why don't you marry your mother and sleep with her in the same bad for the rest of your life? Your mother clearly does not want you to have a man in your life.

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