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‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 6, Episode 6: ‘The Old Lady and the Shoe’

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 6, episode 6: “The Old Lady and the Shoe,” airs on Sunday on Bravo.

Coming up next on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Phaedra returns from Alabama still upset about a texting drama. Elsewhere, Kenya realizes she must make difficult choices; NeNe unearths information about Phaedra and Kandi; a stressed Porsha heads to the hospital; Kandi begins planning a dream wedding, but not without drama.

A summary of the show reads:

“The series delves into the lives of six sassy women from Atlanta’s social elite. Juggling families, careers and a packed personal calendar, the Real Housewives live their triumphs and frustrations out loud. Atlanta continues to be a character in itself as one of the hottest entertainment hubs in America. These driven and ambitious women prove that they’re not just Housewives, but entrepreneurs, doting mothers, and feisty Southern women.”

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 6, episode 6, airs Sunday Dec. 8  at 8 p.m. EST, 7 p.m. CST on Bravo.

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8 thoughts on “‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 6, Episode 6: ‘The Old Lady and the Shoe’

  1. Candy,stop letting your mom control your life she is so. Jealous of you that she cannot control herself.marry. that great man you have and let her sulk she's going to anyway.kathy

  2. Kandi, your mother and aunts are bitter women. I am a praying mother and only want the best for my son. I would never disrespect him or his choice in a mate. Your mother is angry and she is clearly the opportunist and wants your life to be as miserable as hers is. Stop being a doormat and be loving but firm . She is ghetto and ignorant and I know now why your fine daddy had to leave her where she continues to be . I pray that God softens her heart and she allows his light to manifest itself on her life. Her behavior and that of your aunts was not Christian nor virtuous. They just follow behind her lead because of your money. Your happiness should come first and she needs to let go and let God. Kandi don't allow her to run your friends and your man away.

  3. Linda Patterson says:

    Kandi, you are confused between loving your mother and submitting to her controlling ways. You seem so afraid to lose her love. Do you believe if you tell her to butt out, she will not longer love you? Listen to what everyone is telling you, you need to make your own mistakes, your mother needs to be there to support you unconditionally. She needs to stop undermining your choices and give you some respect!! She undermines you!!! She will make your life miserable. Tell her you love her but let you be happy and if things don't work out the world is not going to end.

  4. Run Todd Run. Things will not change look at Kandi history she has never been in a long term relationship because of you know who. Her daughter Riley has more since than her. Dont do something you will later regret. This is rigth in your face. Kandi mother have to give respect to get respect and she does not have any respect for your relationship. Kandi will never stand up for her self. She is going to be old a bitter like her mother and aunts. I just hope she do the same to Riley when she stares dating. Misery loves company.

  5. kandi you can always tell your mom how you feel even though the conversation is not going to be peaches and cream all the time, sometime it will be sour juice, but you will feel better about your life, I was always in the middle of my relationship between my mom, and husband, but I told her in love this my husband, and I told him my husband this my mother, you two need to work this out I'm tired of being the middle person now they are mother in law and son in law amen to your name Jesus my father happy to and family. Please do not let your mom control you ?

  6. Robert Elijah Nesbitt says:

    I'm sorry but kandi is stupid as Hell…let me Find OuT she's doing the Kardashian thing for Ratings an todd is the prop…..j/s

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  8. Vernia Rolle says:

    Awesome sentiments exactly!!

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