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Kordell Stewart Says Porsha was Bad Mom, Too Broke For Divorce

Kordell Stewart addresses rumors that he's gay Kordell Stewart is finally giving up the juicy details about why he and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart divorced, all while he tries to explain away those pesky gay rumors once and for all.

When Kordell Stewart sat down with the “Ryan Cameron Morning Show” in Atlanta, he was prepared to put it all on the airwaves.

Porsha Stewart may have portrayed Kordell as the villain in the divorce, but the former NFL star claims that it was Porsha’s bad parenting, lack of respect, desire to be as successful as Housewives costar NeNe Leakes, and her own financial woes that led to the breakup.

While their divorce still isn’t final, anyone who was hoping to see the pair get back together can throw that dream out the window.

“I love her so much, but where she is, she’s going to stay,” Kordell said. “Not coming back over here. There’s nothing over here she can get or that I want, at all.”

Kordell said that the marriage began falling apart when Porsha became more focused on trying to gain the heady success achieved by NeNe, and stopped focusing on being a good parent to Kordell’s son.

Although she isn’t little Syre’s biological mother, Kordell’s son calls Porsha “mommy” and her absence around the house began to affect him.

“Everybody’s trying to hustle and get their ‘NeNe’ on,” Kordell said. “Everybody wants to be NeNe. I would get home and Porsha’s not there. My son would ask me, ‘Is mommy coming home?  Did she make it home yet?’ I would say, ‘she’s doing her thing.’”

After a while Kordell grew tired of trying to explain to his son why only one parent was around.

Kordell Stewart explains divorce from Porsha “He doesn’t deserve to have to deal with that when there’s two parents in the home,” he said. “If anything, we should be eating dinner together, finding a way to get it done, or making sure that when the kid goes to bed you go in there to check on the kid. Even if it’s 3 in the morning, you kiss him goodnight.”

He also said that he couldn’t deal with Porsha’s disrespect when he had spent so much money on their relationship and made major compromises just to make things work out.

“I went out of my way to make sure we were situated,” he said. “As if I was still playing the game because I was capable of purchasing in cash my house for my family. So when you come out your mouth and show that type of disrespect, you have no idea how much that burned me up inside…. When I allowed Bravo (network) in the house, I went against the grain of what I represent. I’m private. I had to compromise everything about my manhood from the standpoint of – I’m going to let my wife do what she do and that’s it.”

Another big twist in the interview was that Kordell’s  insistence that the divorce was not the big surprise that Porsha said it was. In fact, he said she told him to divorce her because she simply couldn’t afford to file for divorce on her own.

“When your wife looks you in your face and tells you to file for divorce, and the only reason she’s not filing is because she doesn’t have the money and she doesn’t have nothing to lose… Are you kidding me?” Kordell said.

But that wasn’t the moment that pushed him to file for divorce. He said he finally had enough when Porsha told Kordell’s son that he couldn’t have his birthday party at the house because she felt uncomfortable.

Kordell says Porsha wasn't in Syre's life “You tell me you’re uncomfortable, but you got all these Bravo people walking through my house, people I don’t know, makeup artists, all these different type of people,” he said.

That’s when Kordell decided to finally file for divorce and also when Porsha decided to bring his gay rumors to the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

While Porsha claimed she asked Kordell about the rumors, the former NFL player says that isn’t entirely true.

“No, she never asked me about it,” he said. “When we were dating maybe 2-3 weeks into our relationship. We were at her condo and I asked to talk to her about something since we’re about to move forward in this relationship. I said, ‘I just want you to know there were rumors way back then.’ I brought it up. She said she had heard something about it.”

Gay rumors followed him during his final years in the NFL, but he wants people to know the rumors are false.

“I promise you… on my life… everything I’m a part of, including my son, and on my father who’s no longer here, that nothing will ever come up with no dude and me and nothing,” he said. “People can say what they want to say.”

He also claimed that he’s “not on the down-low” because he’s “100 percent man.”

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29 thoughts on “Kordell Stewart Says Porsha was Bad Mom, Too Broke For Divorce

  1. He sounds like a good dude and loving father that's was married to a woman who didn't share his family oriented priorities to me. I'm not going to say that she's a "bad woman," because many men are like that. They give ambition priority over, in my opinion, what should be our priority – raising the next generation.

    When we get married, and children are involved, our own ambitions have to take a back seat. I think Porsha is going to see that in the end. While I don't know anything about this situation beyond what I've just read, it sounds like Porsha has just blown a relationship with a good man, and they're becoming increasingly rare these days.

  2. Magda Sanon says:

    I love Kordell he dont let nobody walk over him.she act up.nene got it.together

  3. Kordell is an idiot, there is such a thing as working out your problems in marriage. If he understood his vows, For better or Worst!!! He would agree to go to counselling and resolve the issues with his wife, not throw the dummy out of the pram! This is real life, and his behaviour is so immature, he does not set a good example for his precious son who now has to endure the lost of his step mother because of Daddy's mood swing. Why did he not visit Porsha more than once when she was in hospital???? In my opinion it was a marriage of convenience.

  4. Joseph Bailey says:

    Shirley Arthurs you sound like a bumbling fool!

  5. Not worth divorcing over… He sounds stupid. He is boldfully expressing that he is the bread winner. She can sue him. All over a birthday party

  6. Kordell ur gay just admit it its ok dog. Wanted a divorce because Bravo network was getting too close to ur real sexuality.

  7. Cathleen Clagett Webster says:

    Lol.. You got that right! Love it!

  8. Um hello he needs to stay home and take care of HIS kid.

  9. Lord ell is an ASS! Why would he expect Porscha to raise his stepson when, she asked him is he going to help if she has a baby , he told hef he is not helping her! Gay blade!

  10. What about Schenley park in Pittsburgh? Ur not on the down low! yea right. That's not what the police said when they caught him!

  11. everyone in pittsburgh knows he is gay. So just be true to yourself Kordell! not ours to judge,get over it……nothing new with the NFL lol!

  12. Michelle Wise says:

    He married her to pawn HIS kid off on her. Where's the baby mama?

  13. Miriam Rockwell says:

    All bull, you won't let her have a baby, but you expect her to take care of yours??? hello?

  14. Shoulder Shrug says:

    Kordell, you're crazy. She would've had at least 4 kids by now. At least if I would've been in your shoes. Everyday would be a sexcapade

  15. Bon Isabella Bon says:

    he's such a dropped-ear mess of a man. something tells me Kordell is bitter when it comes to women. I wonder what his relationship is like with his mother. maybe because he isn't so easy on the eyes, girls rejected him a lot, UNTIL….you know, until the contracts made him look a little better. lol so maybe his insecure subconscious self never believed that Portia (or any woman) could really love him. I sense a lot of resentment in his tone about a woman's role, in general. or maybe he's just gay, like everyone thinks. lol

  16. As far as i'm concerned, Kordell Stewart was in no position to expect Porshia to raise his son that he fathered out of wedlock with a woman that he had no intention of marrying, for him to paint himself as avictim is stupid at best and he comes off being the pompous ass that

  17. P.S. How classy of Kordell to be invovled with Towanda Braxton who is
    married , what a dumb ass.

  18. I am glad that everyone here see that this man is in deny

  19. Portia was caring for Kordell's son, and he didn't want her to have one of her own. That's pretty selfish of him. It makes him seem that he was in the marriage for himself, and not because he loved her.

  20. Portia was caring for Kordell's son, and he didn't want her to have one of her own. That's pretty selfish of him. It makes him seem that he was in the marriage for himself, and not because he loved her.

  21. spoken like a male, how do you know that he was telling the truth, he is just trying to make himself look good to the public and make her look bad, he is a controlling, deceitful man, who won't be truthful about him being gay, I know someone personally that said one of his teammates stated that he was gay, it will come out, that you can't hide for so long, not that I am against gay people because I am not, but he is not a truthful person. Porsha is a airhead, I agree but he knew that when he married her, that is what controlling men do marry women that they can dominate and intimidate and when that plays out, they get rid of them and find someone else they can do the same to.

  22. Shao Lynn la Chaux says:

    His sexuality doesn't matter. His divorce doesn't matter. Y all of you think making derogatory statements on here matter is beyond me. Grown ass people sounding like uneducated children. He did an interview have his perspective if your team piranha go be team porsha. I don't think it matters no one is getting. Trophy.

  23. Renee Hicks says:

    That child he made whi Dr another parson is not of her responsibility is yours what you're asking for is a damn made up mommy which she is not that young . lady should beable to haver her dream,s like any one elsa in life NE NE HAS TWO SON,S and they,r her,s and still handle her baby son crying too but that didn't make sense thatyou just ask something that money couldn't by and got mad as hell so be itshe has a right to wantand not that hard core crack your shoveling out enslavement lockdown imprisonmentthats not love the way you from what you just said there was never no love there you didn't love herseems to me like you're the one who won the house why so you made a wife just so you can get on now you're on and you can't let go but yet you try and push it off on herwhen in reality is youhardcore dominating assits funny how when she took you to a therapist right after that voice came about and shows up on Facebook and you tell her then she will never win the next move was on you creep

  24. Hector Vega says:

    shes all about the money !!

  25. Donwea Van says:

    He's gay..the stuff he's saying doesn't make sense..why would she ask him to divorce her..she was in love..he married her to cover up the fact that people were calling him gay..when she wanted a baby..he hs d to get rid of her

  26. Denise Ann says:

    I believed her devoted wife facade. Since the divorce, she is dating a married sugar daddy old man. She also assaulted Kenya and had her little mental breakdown laying on the floor in a dissociative state. You think Kordell is the bad guy here, thats a joke. Her family routinely invaded the house and trashed it and the gold digger didnt clean the mess. Her mom is a kook. Her grandfather was Hosea Williams and Porsche knew nothing of the underground railroad. I was relieved for Kordell to ditch her. He needs a woman with a career of her own and hopefully he has learned gold diggers always bite the hand that feeds them. I say goodbye to bad rubbish.

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