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Jennifer Hudson Denies Secret Wedding, Dishes on Twitter Beefs

jennifer hudson interviewJennifer Hudson continues to hit the promotion trail for her latest film, “Black Nativity.” Earlier this week, the Oscar-winning actress stopped in to visit Angie Martinez of New York’s Hot 97. Check out snippets of the interview below:

On rumors she’s secretly married:

“No, no. That’s a secret I don’t know nothing about. But the funny thing is, people are like, ‘When are you getting married?’ Then the next day, ‘You are married.’ And then, ‘How’s your husband?’ Y’all done married us off anyway so.”

On why her fiance David Otunga was wearing a ring at the ceremony where she was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

“David is a little different. Let me explain. He wanted to have an engagement ring, too. So, for his birthday or something, I don’t remember, I got him a ring for his birthday gift. David is the more sentimental one. Like he remembers every date, down to the time. ‘This is exactly such and such, such and such when we did…’ Valentine’s Day, you can’t even get through the house because he’s got all type of decorations, so he wanted to have his own ring. [He was like,] ‘Everyone knows you’re taken, but no one knows I’m taken,’ and so that’s where his ring came from.”

On getting David out of a Twitter beef with rapper Wale:

“‘David get off of Twitter. What are you doing? I have to work with these people. Get off of Twitter.’ That’s what I said. What else can I say? Sometimes when you call people, they answer. What more can I tell you?[…]I don’t know what to say but ‘David, get off of Twitter. Leave folks alone, okay?’ I don’t think he really thought they were paying attention to him. [He said] ‘But I didn’t mean that!’ It’s like, ‘David, get off Twitter. Leave it alone. Knock it off.’ Yes, he’s still on Twitter, but he thinks he’s his WWE character. He’s a superhero, you better check it. He thinks he’s the Incredible Hulk.”

On getting an Oscar and her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

“To me it’s kind of the same feeling. Both of them [are] something you don’t really think about, dream about. It doesn’t happen to you. You don’t imagine it. When they called me to tell me they were giving me a star I was like, ‘What? What kind of star? What star are you talking about? Me?’ It’s crazy.”

Watch more of the interview below:

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