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Not Stopping The Music: Justin Bieber’s ‘PYD’ Feat. R. Kelly

Pop star Justin Bieber has been in the news recently for misbehavior during his South American tour, but he hasn’t let getting in trouble for disrespecting flags, painting graffiti and visiting brothels hinder his promise to release new music to his fans every Monday. Justin released the new track “PYD,” an acronym for “Put You Down” that features R&B singer R.Kelly.

According to

“Justin Bieber takes it from the dining room table, up the stairs and into the bedroom on his new track ‘PYD.’ He’d also do it on ‘a plane, a train, an automobile — doesn’t matter,’ but the Biebs did leave out the possibility of doing it in a Brazilian brothel on his new sultry track.

“For this bedroom-burner, the Biebs gets some assistance from R. Kelly, who knows a thing or two about taking things to the bedroom. ‘PYD,’ short for ‘Put You Down’ as in ‘put you down on the dining room table,’ is the seventh single from Bieber’s weekly Music Monday series.”

“PYD” falls in line with the rest of Justin’s “#MusicMondays” as it is another slow jam. But this time,  Justin isn’t singing about heartbreak as he does on his other songs.

Check out the Justin Bieber “PYD” featuring R. Kelly above.

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