Under The Influence: Jhené Aiko’s ‘Drinking And Driving’

Jhené Aiko released her Sail Out EP this week to critical acclaim, but that’s not all the R&B singer is up to.

Aiko is already on tour with Drake and she recently collaborated with Solange for the Saint Heron compilation with a song called “Drinking and Driving.”

According to stupiddope.com:

“The incredibly talented, West Coast songstress, Jhene Aiko, is back today with something new and rather smooth for our ears to devour. The track is called ‘Drinking and Driving’ and finds the singer/songwriter giving us something nice and relaxing.

“The cut is driven by an incredibly smooth combination of dope synths, infectious accents, and some nice drum work that makes a nice home for Jhene to do her thing and she definitely doesn’t disappoint. “

Jhené Aiko’s Sail Out EP is projected to sell 35,000 units in its first week, which is a significant amount for a seven-track EP. Hopefully “Drinking and Driving” can help to drive sales of Solange’s Saint Heron as well.

Check out the Jhené Aiko “Drinking and Driving” track below.

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