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Beyonce’s Parents Turning Away From Christian Beliefs?

Tina Knowles turns to Scientology Beyonce’s parents Mathew and Tina Knowles seem to be drifting farther away from their Christian beliefs and it’s reportedly causing quite a rift in the family.

Beyonce has always been open about her religious beliefs and that she is a dedicated Christian. While her parents have the same religious background, it appears all that is starting to change as Tina Knowles is drifting into the world of Scientology and Mathew Knowles is being accused of being a lying crook.

“Thou Shalt Not Steal” is the most well-known of the Ten Commandments that are key to the Christian religion, but rumors are swirling that stealing is all Mathew Knowles does.

Gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson let it all out on Twitter yesterday as she blasted Beyonce’s dad for being anything but a Christian man.

“I have not said nothing for 2yrs now!!!” she tweeted. “Matthew Knowels is a crook!!!! And I want out!!!! Im tired of being bullied !!!!”

Johnson never went into detail about why she was so furious with Beyonce’s father, but since even Beyonce fired him as her manager many people are wondering what’s really going on behind the scenes in Mathew’s company, Music World Entertainment.

Johnson wasn’t the only person on Twitter to let Mathew have it either.

Beyonce arguing with mom of scientology Her manager, Robert Hatcher, also revealed that he’s had many issues with Mr. Knowles in the past.

“Dear Mathew Knowles: You’re crazy!!!  You cussed me out, called the police on me while I was in your office, if I didn’t love Beyonce I would have destroyed that office, but my love for her kept those picks on the wall!!! You’re crazy as hell!!! Coocoo for coocoa puffs!!!!”

Shortly after addressing Mathew, Hatcher continued his Twitter rant about how the industry “is full of liars liars liars!!!”

“Wheww dont get me started,” he finally tweeted as he appeared step away from Twitter for a while to cool down.

According to the industry vet, he has been having problems with Mathew for more than two years and he’s finally had enough.

Meanwhile, Tina Knowles is considering abandoning Christianity all together.

Beyonce's mother getting into scientology After Beyonce’s mother began dating Richard Lawson, he has been convincing her to give Scientology a chance and Beyonce is far from happy about it.

According to TheFIX, “Beyonce is dead set against the religion and is worried her mom is getting sucked in.”

Tina has already attended several Scientology events with the actor and it has reportedly caused several arguments between the mother-daughter duo.

“Beyonce and husband Jay Z are wary of the religion and are trying to get Tina to be a bit more cautious,” one source said. “The relationship is causing big problems between daughter and mother.”

Despite all those far-fetched “Illuminati” rumors, Beyonce and Jay Z are both devoted Christians and Beyonce’s childhood was centered around the church.

It’s easy to see how her mother engaging in a religion that doesn’t even believe in God could cause a bit of friction between the family.

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14 thoughts on “Beyonce’s Parents Turning Away From Christian Beliefs?

  1. How can Beyonce b a christian at all when she believes homosexuality is okay. And Beyonce says she is a devoted christian. Okay then if u r devoted then that means that u know a whole lot n the bible. Well the new testament speaks more than once of how God says that man and man shall not lay down with each other. And he speaks the same about woman. Devoted my foot!

  2. All I know is a Little Female on female is a Good Thang HEHE

  3. Your thoughts are your own and very sad God is love and he loves all. Big ups to Beyoncé tell me if you had a family member who was homosexual would you cut your arm off and throw it away? Nahhhhh. Remember God loves everyone just the same as he loves you. Not to worry even the word of God tells us that we should pray for our enemies amazing he even gets us to do that for those who are against another – I pray for peace to enter your heart this Easter that you will have a real encounter with God and know true love.

  4. She has outwardly said that she becomes a different person on stage. She even has developed a name for her alter ego and has many New Age beliefs. She also has very liberal views that are contrary to Christianity and she is a libertine. Her music, lyrics and gyrating moves do not speak of a Christian woman. Her husband Jay-Z is a foul-mouthed man who is constantly slamming others. How are these good Christians?

  5. She is not a Christian. A Christian is judged by the fruit they produce. Look at her music and behavior. Is that Christian?

  6. She also admits to channeling and being inhabited by a spirit other than her own – and it is not the Holy Spirit. She also has satanic imagery on her albums.

  7. A Christian is known by their choices and lifestyle.

  8. To all these ppl saying just cause others speak against homosexuality r not Christian and we r evil u all need serious prayer. Especially those 2 who left crazy comments n replies to me. If u r a Christian u read n the new testament many times where God says that man and man shall not lay down with each other. same for woman and woman. Beyonce says she is a Christian but believes n homosexuality. That's y i say if she goes against Gods do's and don'ts like believing n homosexuality than how can she believe that what her mother is believing(SCIENTOLOGY)is wrong. Beyonce is a devil worshiper. i will pray for her and all these ppl making fun of God by calling him their God but go against his teachings.

  9. You have to stand for something or you will fall for anything.

  10. KML say Beyonce and Jay Z are christians they can't be meaning the Beyonce that have this demon in her called Sasha Fierce i think it's Jay Z that changed her she WAS a christian until she met Jay Z and now it seems her hold family is falling apart it's just unbelievable

  11. They are in Chicago today for a concert. They act superior to everyone and have a darkness around them.

  12. Tyonna Breon Collins says:

    Im glad to see people paying attention to the fuckery.

  13. EJ James says:

    It also said that men can't have long hair…WHERE IS YOUR JESUS NOW?

  14. EJ James says:

    Brittney Butler You do realize your "God" permitted in the old testament and the new, the enslavement of your ancestors.

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