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The Biggest Boss: Rick Ross Goes ‘Royal’


Rick Ross might be hip-hop’s self proclaimed biggest boss, but that doesn’t mean he’ll shy away from other genres. Rozay recently added his flavor to Drake’s R&B “Hold On We’re Going Home” and today he goes pop, remixing Lorde’s hit song, “Royal.” As reported by

“‘Royals,’ Lorde’s No. 1 anthem that disavows the perceived happiness of fame and fortune, has received a materialism-toting remix from none other than the MMG don himself, Rick Ross. Cue a ‘We’re driving Maybachs in our dreams'”

“Over Joel Little’s familiarly minimal production, Rozay offers a few signature grunts as Lorde spins her enchanting personal tale in the opening verse before he barges toward center stage. “She wanna watch ‘Scandal,’ I wanna count a handful/Dead presidents sleep in the attic of the mansion,” Ross spits nonchalantly before Lorde returns and concludes that she, unlike Ross, will never be royal.”

“Royal” has been a pop hit, logging its third week in a row at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This makes Rick Ross’ remix an ever-so-smart business decision, giving him exposure to a fan base that he maybe wouldn’t normally attract. This is even more important since Ross will be dropping a new album in December.

Check out the Rick Ross and Lorde “Royal” remix below.

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