Fainting Woman Offers President Obama Hands-on Experience During Obamacare Speech


After a woman who stood directly behind him nearly fainted, President Obama had to get personally involved with health care during a speech defending Obamacare at a White House press conference Monday.

Karmel Allison, a pregnant Type 1 diabetic, was invited to attend President Obama’s address regarding the widespread technical problems with Affordable Care Act registration. While the president delivered his speech, she began to wobble and looked ready to faint, but the president quickly turned to help steady her.

“I got you. You’re ok,” Obama told her. As the woman was escorted away for medical assistance,the president quipped, “This is what happens when I talk too long.”

Allison, who has had issues with her own health care plan, is a vigorous defender of Obamacare, even as the rollout has been plagued with difficulties. She’s even more of a fan of the new law now that the President gave her a personal touch of “Obama care.” She later tweeted her thanks to the president. “I’m ok world- just got a little lightheaded. Thanks, @BarackObama for catching me!” she wrote.

Now both sides of the debate have their go-to clips to demonstrate the effects of the new health legislation.


fainting woman obama care

via REUTERS/Jason Reed

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