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Tameka Raymond Snaps on Wendy After Getting Flack For Usher Compliment

Tameka Foster vs Wendy Williams over Usher compliment Tameka Raymond received quite a bit of backlash after she decided to repost a picture of her ex Usher shirtless, giving the R&B star a compliment on his toned physique. After Wendy Williams had something to say about it, Tameka wasn’t afraid to snap back at the outspoken talk show host.

Whether Tameka is taking Usher to court or just trying to say something nice for a change, it seems she can never get a break.

Usher posed shirtless for the cover of the Men’s Health Magazine’s 25th anniversary issue and it’s safe to say that any woman who laid eyes on the cover felt some type of way about Usher’s rock-hard abs – and apparently that even included Tameka.

Although she is in the midst of yet another custody battle over their two sons, Tameka reposted the picture of Usher along with the caption “… Well dizzzzzam @Usher.”

Many people have been encouraging the pair to be much nicer to each other, especially for the sake of their kids, but some observers felt that compliments on Usher’s body went a bit too far for an ex-wife.

This is where Wendy Williams comes in.

Fresh off her rant about rapper Chris Brown, Williams hopped right into her next rant, making Tameka the topic of discussion.

“Here’s the thing Tameka,” Williams began. “Which way is it gonna be? Are we hiring a lawyer and going after him to fight for our kids? Or do we wanna jump back in bed with him? See that’s why they said you need an evaluation. I’m just saying.”

She even questioned Tameka’s mothering skills, saying a real mom wouldn’t play about getting custody of her kids back.

“You don’t play,” she added. “Mothers know. Women know. You don’t play when it comes to your kids. You’re not going to talk about him looking scrump. What you need to be doing is, you need to be hunting down a team of lawyers, at least two, a private eye… Tameka, just focus on what’s important.”

But Usher’s ex-wife didn’t feel that her comment was out of line at all and felt that Wendy was blowing the issue out of proportion.

“Man @WendyWilliams you’re making my real boos mad at me over a simple compliment. Sheesh,” she tweeted.

While her first remark seemed relatively playful, her next tweet was clearly meant to be more insulting, although the corny context of it may have taken away from the sting it was meant to deliver.

“Go to bed @WendyWilliams …. Let it burn. LOL… Its never that deep. Promise,” she tweeted a few seconds later.

It wasn’t long before some of Tameka’s fans, because apparently she does have some, chimed in on her defense.

One twitter user pointed out that Wendy had changed up Tameka’s words and Tameka responded by also saying Wendy was inaccurate by saying she had no custody of her two sons.

Either way, the real issue is much deeper than Tameka commenting on Usher’s body.

Usher and Tameka have been in and out of court for more years than their marriage even lasted and eventually the court battles are going to take a toll on their sons – Usher V and Naviyd – if they haven’t done so already.


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