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Mariah Carey Reflects on ‘Toughest Experience’ in Her Life

mariah carey arm braceMariah Carey has overcome a shoulder injury to finish working on her latest album.

Three months ago, the Grammy-award winning singer was shooting a video for the remix of her single #Beautiful when she fell and dislocated her shoulder.

Carey penned a letter on Friday sharing the impact of the painful journey with her fans on Facebook.

“The last three months of my life have not been easy,” she wrote. “Getting through this injury has been the toughest experience in my life … thank God I was able to recover and get my arm back.”

“It’s a huge deal, it should have taken eight months and even my doctors can’t believe it,” she continued. “It’s been a long journey, the physical therapists have been incredible and I am very grateful to all of them for helping me.”

The 43-year-old performer moved on from her recovery to gushing about the importance of her latest project, “The Art of Letting Go.”

“This is, to me, one of the most important albums I’ve ever made in my life. If you’re a lamb, a fan, or just a human being that needs to feel good, happy, sad, miserable, joyous … ‘I gotcha’ (said like Roc – you haven’t heard how he says it yet but you will soon, it’s a complete+total classic!)”

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