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Chris Brown Lashes Out at Wendy Williams, Perez Hilton

Let the Twitter war begin!

Rapper Chris Brown lashed out at Wendy Williams and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton via Twitter after both of the gossip-lovers made Breezy the topic of discussion recently on the Wendy Williams Show.

It all started when Perez appeared as a special guest on Wendy’s morning talk show and they began dishing about Brown. Mind you, their comments weren’t nearly as rude as Wendy’s first rant about Breezy.

Perez kicked off the talk by saying Chris shouldn’t have revealed to the world that he lost his virginity at age 8 and then brag about it making him a “beast” in the bedroom.

“Chris Brown has a disease,” Perez said. “His disease is he has half a brain. I really think he has half a brain, it’s not working properly.”

Wendy actually defended the young star by saying, “He might be a beast in the bedroom, we don’t know!”

She even went on to call Chris talented in spite of behavior that is drastically hindering his career and causing his fan base to dwindle down to only the most-obsessed teenage girls.

The chit-chat certainly wasn’t the worst he has heard from the media lately, especially after The Guardian published a full-on Chris Brown bashing.

Either way, it was enough to get under his skin and his angry thumbs restlessly tweeted away as he tried to get the best out of that pesky 140-character limit.

“Thanks for the publicity,” he tweeted. “Your insecurities are manifested by your hatred. Princess Perez and wicked witch Wendy. Flunkies!”

Chris Brown attacks Perez Hilton on Twitter The next tweet read: “Can’t take advice from 2 buff chicks when one can’t stand to look at herself without plastic surgery and the other is forever on his period!”

Then came yet another tweet that Brown eventually deleted (surprise, surprise).

“Who cares,” he tweeted. “It’s old… your old.. I’m not going anywhere… Face it and live with yourself.”

Obviously Breezy hasn’t figured out how to deal with the media. A public figure is the target of criticism, controversy, love, hate and everything in between. Trying to start a Twitter war every time someone says anything other than “I love Chris Brown” isn’t going to help his career nor mend his relationship with the media.

Meanwhile, Perez Hilton wasn’t afraid to bark back at the famous Twitter thug.

“That’s Queen Perez! #BowDown,” he tweeted in response to Brown’s comment.

He then delivered the fatal Twitter blow of the night –  he used a Drake quote to put Chris back in his place.

“Breezy baby! You’re a good girl and you know it! You act so different around me! You’re a good girl and you know it I know,” Perez tweeted.

Neither of the men were in the right for sparking a childish Twitter war, but there is one key difference between the two.

While Perez has expanded his business through his social media presence, Brown has only hindered his career with his.


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