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Halle Berry Names Her ‘Gift of God’ Maceo Robert Martinez

Halle Berry and husband Olivier Martinez welcomed their first child together last weekend. According to reports the couple named their baby boy Maceo Robert Martinez.

The Daily Mail writes:

“They reportedly selected for a middle name Robert, after the French actor’s Spanish father. The last name is Martinez.

” (The name) Maceo originally comes from Spain and was popular from the ninth to 14th centuries. It morphed into Matteo then Matthew over time.

“The name translates to Gift Of God. It’s easy to figure out how Halle landed on that name because she several times said her pregnancy was a ‘miracle.'”

Berry had more, exciting news when reports surfaced that she will make her debut on network television with the project directed by Steven Spielberg.

According to iVillage:

“The actress has also signed on to star in a CBS primetime drama, produced by Steven Spielberg, next summer.

“In the series, titled Extant, she’ll play an astronaut who returns from a year-long mission in space and struggles to get reacquainted with her husband and son.”

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