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Forty Water Sprinkles ‘Em: E-40 Creates an ‘Episode’ Feat. Chris Brown, T.I.


The West Coast may be completely infatuated with its current ambassador, Kendrick Lamar, but rapper E-40 is one of the original rappers to hold it down for the left coast with his flamboyant slanguage. The Bay Area rapper brings fans a new song, “Episode,” featuring Chris Brown and T.I. According

“The track doesn’t feature any L.A. natives, but it does sport Chris Brown singing, ‘All the little bad b*tches in here / If you came to get ratchet say yeah.’ The beat meanwhile is slippery and slithering not unlike Sage the Gemini’s ‘Red Nose’ and sports a third verse from a particularly smooth-sounding T.I. But most importantly, this is about the platonic ideal of a Chris Brown feature in 2013 — a fine melody and unobtrusive vocals.”

The song is produced by DJ Mustard who, although is often associated with dirty south music, is from California area as well. As also reported by

“Ratchet‘ is how Los Angeles producer DJ Mustard decided to tag the minimal, often lewd rap music he’s helped to create. Take Tyga’s ‘Rack City,’ or his own Ketchup mix tape, for example. The sound usually comprises simple keyboard melodies grounded by heavy bass and muffled chants, and has roots in Atlanta’s strip club culture and L.A.’s own G-funk. But another influence looms large: Bay Area hyphy, the kingdom of E-40 for multiple decades running.”

Check out E-40’s “Episode” featuring Chris Brown and T.I. below.

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