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Janet Jackson Rumored to be Ready for Children and Adoption

Janet Jackson ready to adopt or have children of her own Rumor has it that Janet Jackson is ready to start a family and while we won’t be looking out for baby bumps, the soulful singer might be adopting children from Syria or Jordan.

According to a family member, Janet is getting really close to opening her home up to two children.

“It’s going to happen, and real soon,” the family member said.

The decision to start a family is coming shortly after Janet, 47, married her billionaire boo, Wissam Al Mana, 37.

While some of Janet’s fans are surprised at her decision to adopt at this stage in her life, younger brother Randy Jackson isn’t caught off guard at all.

Randy has bragged that Janet would be a “perfect”  mom and since she is always concerned about world issues, it seemed only natural that she would want to rescue children from a war-ravaged country.

“Janet has always been concerned about the welfare of the world’s children and it’s important to her that she affords a baby the opportunities that have been afforded her,” another source said.

Janet’s motherly instincts have even been in the media quite a bit lately, as she and sister LaToya seemed to be the main Jackson family members trying to protect and raise their brother Michael’s daughter Paris.

Janet was heavily criticized for not giving Debbie Rowe a chance to be play a role in Paris’ life. But it’s important that the public puts themselves in Janet’s shoes before accusing her of being selfish or not having Paris’ best interest at heart.

It must be pretty hard for an aunt to see a woman who was barely there for her niece to suddenly make an appearance when she decided she was ready to be a mother. It’s even harder when you consider that there is a lot of pressure on Janet to make sure Paris is protected and her well-being secure.

From that point of view, it’s understandable why Janet is being really protective and cautious about Paris’ reunion with her biological mother.

Meanwhile, her decision to adopt children doesn’t mean she isn’t still considering having kids of her own.

Despite being well into her 40s, another source claimed that Janet still hasn’t ruled out pregnancy as an option.

“She’s kept herself in great shape,” the source added.

Essentially if she’s healthy enough, getting pregnant could still be in the cards. Just look at 47-year-old Halle Berry who is pregnant with her second child.

Medical experts revealed earlier this year that the number of women becoming pregnant in their late 40s has been on the rise and while that still poses some health issues, the risk of any  problems is drastically reduced if the woman has maintained a healthy lifestyle.

Needless to say, Janet’s toned tummy and overall physique would suggest that she’s in pretty good shape to give pregnancy a try, but that’s only if she isn’t able to adopt the Syrian or Jordanian children she hoped for.

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3 thoughts on “Janet Jackson Rumored to be Ready for Children and Adoption

  1. Janet jackson does not spend any time with Paris give it a break

  2. M.j. Kroner says:

    Don't take a baby away from home and culture. Plenty of American foster children need to be adopted.

  3. Janet Jackson does not do anything to help with the raising of Paris Jackson.
    It's sad but Janet does not give a damn about Michael Jackson's children.

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