Debbie Rowe To Become Paris Jackson’s Legal Guardian After Suicide Attempt?

Paris Jackson’s attempted suicide has sparked a string of events that has the Jackson family up in arms and may lead to Debbie Rowe becoming the legal guardian of Michael Jackson’s children. Meanwhile, godmother Diana Ross is speaking out to express her concern for her goddaughter.

The Jackson family is enraged at the idea that Debbie Rowe might gain legal guardianship of Michael’s teenage daughter Paris, but as time moves on it seems more and more likely that that will be the case.

While the family may be furious with Rowe, the truth of the matter is that she hasn’t made any advancement at trying to become Paris’s guardian – she merely expressed that she would be willing to step up to the plate if she needed to.

Reports suggest that Paris hasn’t been able to connect with her grandmother and current legal guardian Katherine Jackson the way a teenage girl needs to connect to a mother figure. All the while, her other legal guardian, TJ, lives about two hours away and doesn’t really pay much of a role in her life on a daily basis.

While no decision has been made final, Paris’s constant defending of her relationship with Debbie suggests that she would prefer her to be her legal guardian and if that’s the case the courts will be forced to largely consider that option.

So why are the Jacksons so upset about Debbie taking over as legal guardian? Apparently they feel as if she merely wants to step into the spotlight and gain fame by taking care of Paris.

Needless to say, this thesis seems a bit hypocritical considering the fact that Michael Jackson’s family launched their own reality show in 2010 after the King of Pop passed away and LaToya has branched off with her own reality program that is still on air.

It’s clear that somebody is using M.J.’s legacy for a quick and easy way to fame, but may not be Debbie.

In fact, it is believed that much of Debbie’s appeal to Paris is the fact that she gets to be a “normal” teenager when she is with her biological mother. Rather than spending time with security guards around her and constant media attention she has simple trips out to eat with Debbie and spends time on her private ranch.

Debbie Rowe gains legal guardianshin of Paris Jackson

Meanwhile, Paris is still recovering from her suicide attempt where she slashed her wrist with a meat cleaver and is expected not attend her cousin’s wedding.

Tito Jackson’s son, Taj, is tying the knot this weekend and the 15-year-old starlet won’t be there to see the ceremony unfold.

While she’s doing “much better” according to sources, she’s simply not doing well enough to attend the wedding.

“She and Tito’s children are very close, so I am sure it will be difficult for her not to attend,” one source close to the family said. “But her health is the top priority for everyone at the moment.”

It certainly has become Diana Ross’s top priority.

Paris’s iconic godmother expressed that she is “extremely concerned about Paris” and she wants to meet up with her goddaughter outside of the media spotlight.

“She was stunned that Paris attempted suicide and has vowed to make sure she gets the help she needs,” a source close to Diana told RadarOnline. “Diana is planning on visiting Paris after she is released from the hospital – and it will be out of the glare of the media.”

She also revealed that although she won’t be making any attempts to become the legal guardian of Paris and her brothers, she is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they are happy and healthy.

“She only wants the best for them,” the insider continued. “Diana has tremendous respect for Katherine and all that she has done for the children and told her, last week when they spoke, that if she needed anything, she stands ready to help in any way.”


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