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Inside Look: Jeezy Takes You ‘In My Head’

The artist formerly known as “Young Jeezy” dropped a new song this week. Jeezy released the new record “In My Head,” giving fans a look into the mind of the former “trap star” and now rapper.

According to

“Trap all day, trap all night. Young Jeezy, who just goes by Jeezy these days, stays trappin’ on his latest release “In My Head.” The Atlanta rapper can’t eat or sleep without getting his hustle on.

“’I can’t even eat/ I got trap shit in my head/ When I be in the club/ I got trap shit in my head,’ he raps on the Don Cannon production.”

It’s been a busy week musically for the Atlanta rapper. Jeezy is also featured on Rich Homie Quan’s “Some Type Of Way” (Remix).

Check out Jeezy’s “In My Head” above, and the “Some Type Of Way” (Remix) below.

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