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5 Black Gods Whitewashed in Recent History


african krishna

The Brahma Samhita is a Sanskrit Pancaratra text composed of verses of prayer spoken by Brahma glorifying the supreme Lord Krishna or Govinda at the beginning of creation.

The lyrics, chapter 5 verse 38 reads: “I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, who plays on His transcendental flute. His eyes are like lotus flowers, He is decorated with peacock plumes, and His bodily color resembles the color of a fresh black cloud, although His bodily features are more beautiful than millions of Cupids.”

Chapter 6, verses 1-2 reads: “The Lord was dressed in yellow garments and had a blackish complexion.”

The Sanskrit word “Krishna” has the literal meaning “black,”  “dark” or  “dark-blue.” Krishna is also called “Śyāma,” the blackish one, or the beautiful dark boy with a blackish color.


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166 thoughts on “5 Black Gods Whitewashed in Recent History

  1. Incredible how far they will go to disprove Ancient Kemet roots! educate yourselves brother and sisters.

  2. Forest Brown says:

    He who Controls Language and Thought, can even make Paintings and Scupltures Lie.!!

  3. Jaf Finche says:

    even today it preferred to have light coloured bride ,in india ,we are all guilty of this ,many black also prefer light coloured women , and some white men prefer darker women ,human nature we not change ,all cultures destroy other cultures be they black or white ,its history it in the genes ,

  4. Deborah Williams says:

    WE can be mad at BEINGS for capitalizing on our IGNORANCE to be a SLAVE in THEIR society and not EDUCATE our own children

  5. the Shameful truth

  6. Valarie C. Clark says:

    What's ridiculous Gillian?

  7. Tabitha Elkins says:

    Most of this is right, but Jesus is not Horus!!! Just because many religions have similar stories does not mean they are the same…. we all have the same cosmic archetypes because THE PROPHECIES were told to our ancestors (who were African)! Yeshua was not European, he was middle Easter- Jewish. Take a look at Middle Eastern Jews (like Yemenites, Sephardic Jews), they are BROWN SKINNED!

  8. Damn, such a simple logic.. this folks already know what you believe. Stole it, or paid the highest prize to get it, take it out of africa then white wash it, good presentations with a twist in story… few generations when people that would fight against the image change, they bring it back and re introduce what people already know with a better presentation. epic win lol.. smart ass

  9. (when the people that will fight against the died out)*

  10. Billy Riff says:

    African, Asian, and European tribes have migrated to the Middle East and intermarried in ancient times. They have one of the oldest civilations in the world.

  11. Brittany Ashlee says:

    Andd where does the brown skin come from? :]

  12. ehh.. I have to disagree.. the culture of white men "preferring" black women as if in an innate manner I would have to argue. There is a long history of the white, Euro cultured male seeking to explore and satisfy their misinformed of the black(including indian and the like) body as hypersexualized, overly sexualized, archetypal Venus, if you will…and that is even more heightened in the fact that at a primal level the black woman is phenotypically different from himself and from his women (mother, sister etc) It is a long history of the exotic becoming the erotic and we have MANY examples to draw from. I would same more than any other "race" The Caucazoid( Caucasian, Eurocentric etc) has gone above and beyond to eradicate, undermine, destroy and/or dilute peoples of color and their histories.

  13. This disease that is racism is only further proof that we are a powerful people and they fear us because they do not understand the full extent of our majesty(neither do some of us) I mean you look at all of the innumerable accounts of attempt to erase us physically as well as erase or mutilate, steal etc our histories.. Whew, we MUST be something eternal and other wordly to still endure and still thrive despite all of the attacks on our spirits, bodies, minds… think about it..

  14. Hahahaha ! Krishna and Buddha are Africans ! Priceless

  15. Charles Hill says:

    Sharlia Jones-Lebreton Gulley Truth Sister

  16. Charles Hill says:

    What must we have been like when we were rulers of the world. why has it been intrenched into their psyche to hate us and keep us down. Africa is a continent and there is very little if any manufacturing done there, while Japan is a Island and they made all types of goods. THINK.

  17. Charles Hill , Let's change everything! We have always had the power!

  18. Amazingly sad… we've got to do better when it comes to our history. I know many African Americans who don't want to know our history. Sad.

  19. God is a Spirit or an Energy that no man can see.He is everywhere present and is part of us and we must demonstrate Him.And between God and Humanity is the Krishna,Buddha and the Christ.And these vessel were BLACK by incarnation.

  20. What you are uninformed of is the fact that the Christ/Jesus is modeled after EGYPTIAN GODS—-the stories are copied and recreated/restructured for white Christian cultures—–FACT—-if you are able to locate an early bible, you will find the first descriptions of Jesus; describe him as having dark skin and wooly hair. Unfortunately via the continuation of “whitewashing”, that description no longer exists in contemporary bibles, hence we have the white Christ, the white savior, the white bawanna—–furthermore, if ever the Vatican archives aare opened, the truth will come forth but alas, they have buried it for fear of what blacks as a whole will do upon discovering their true history and that it has been hidden for so long…..

  21. Lee Howard says:

    Tabitha Elkins hear please. Jesus is a story told. Learn, take time and search for the meaning of the name Jesus. You will find that it means, "I AM". This is the meaning of the name Krishna, Buddha, Yahweh and God. "I AM". In your search you will find that there is only one "I AM" and this "I AM" has no name. Walk into your bathroom and look in the mirror and speak, not with words but with consciousness. I AM the light truth and the way. I Am that I AM. Who? "I". Without "I" there is no thing. If search through all religion you will find that each points to making the reader understand that it is Him that gives each word meaning. It is the reader that gives God meaning. A woman say "I AM" who is she speaking of?

  22. wHAT MANY OF YOU ARE not realizzng is that: if we all came out of Africia, apparently Africa was where all religon also began—bring their beielfs with them—-YET!!!! THAT FACT IS WHITE WASHED—-Hell—they have white washed all of Egyptian history under the guis of restoration by painting over the black, brown faces and making them white in the process—-ask yourself why—-ask yourself how are they allowed to do this—ask your self why do they teach Eygphtian culture started with the Ptyolmeic regeim which overthrew the orgianl Egyptian—-(EXCUSE MY TYPOS BUT I AM TYPING FAST AND AM FEELING SOME KIND OF WAY)—-OH—furthermore why did people from all over the world come to study in africa and in the eend made sure they burned down the library in alexandra which held all wisdom and the history of the entire world….


  24. Darryl Rush says:

    the lie is dressed up but the truth is but naked

  25. Rowena Luis says:

    It only makes sense that African explorers who traversed the earthly plane far and wide became the deities and gods of those indigenous people who occupied the land at the time. Duh. The world must begin to use it's common sense because racism is sickening.

  26. megan kelly at fox said santa claus and jesus are white, “they just are”…i wonder what she has to say about this and whitewashing

  27. Martonyo Caddiell says:

    You must be Black person who hates himself…..wasn't it Alexander the Great who said once he reached Egypt: We at last reached the lands where the Greek God began, Apollo and Zeus. So my question to you where did they get their concepts of a deity? Isis and Horus is not Jesus and Mary? The Isis cult in rome was not later added to the Christian doctrine?

  28. There's nothing new under the sun Ecc 1:9
    Everything we've ever had we've lost and had it re-written and whitewashed and because we don't know who we are now..this is the reason so many of us accept all the Gentiles/Heathens customs and identity. The Bible is a Black History book! We need to wake up and research as well as READ!!! We are the REAL ISRAELITES! Not christians,muslims,kemets or any other garbage religion! WAKE UP MY PPL

  29. Sri Krishna is the colour of a dark cloud, he also appeared has Golden, as Sri Chaintanya, as Sri Rama he was with a Greenish Balarama he was white. As for us, whatever colour we are, we must realise we are not this body… we have this body for 70 years maybe or less, and after finished move on to our body according to our desires. Hare Krishna..

  30. So much Photoshop…lololol

  31. Stop worriyng ABOUT what we are or not>>>>>>Just raise your densities of love & commpasion…Or you will be LEFT behind literally!

  32. Ascencion Gomez says:

    Charles Hill we were the same way they are…they are read out of the same play book…

  33. Ascencion Gomez says:


  34. B-z OnPoint says:

    we ?? bitch u half white… how u gonna disrespect 1 of ur parent's like that… smarten up

  35. It is not pagan it is the respect of nature and all of its forms as taught to children….

  36. It is not pagan it is the respect of nature and all of its forms as taught to children…. Pagan is like Obia or voodoo which is the work of the devil…

  37. Cherri Anne says:

    I believe there is a reason the article is entitled 5 Black Gods, not 5 African Gods. Black is a broad term…but seeing as how evidence points to human origins in Africa, it all comes full circle in the end. lol, I mean so who is really guilty of "taking the credit", here?? The writers of the article or the systems that gradually Anglocize dark deities?

  38. This #coon said half white…smh sorry moron BOTH parents are BLACK 🙂

  39. I know persuasion and propaganda very well that's what the so called white man has been doing. how is it far fetched for them to be black or African even your scholars say the first human was african so basically everybody is a decendant.

  40. Roderick T Curd says:

    Actually I read that the painting of the black Madonna in fact is a woman African decent !!!!!!!

  41. Charles Marshall says:

    It's also a stretch to say the Budda's spirals on his head are snails and not just Curly hair. Their is a lot of whitewashing going on . Come on you mean to tell me that Jesus who was from the so called Middle East was fair skinned and had red hair, think about that a moment. Their are many esteemed European historians that realize a lot of the Ancient God's were Afro- Asiatic let's say. We started in Africa but we did not stay there and our ancestors traveled and migrated all over the world.

  42. Ascencion Gomez says:

    Charles Marshall A side note regarding the depiction of Jesus…those are drawings of some poor ignorant slob in medieval Europe, drawing pictures of what he was exposed to and taught to believe. The bottom line is the bulk of the Old Testament Bible took place in present day Ethiopia…better yet a large portion of biblical major events took place in present day Ethiopia. King David, for example, had the Arch Of the Covenant stored there….I believe Black folks world wide have been complicit to the hijacking of black history. A byproduct of this are fillers…this article MAY point to fillers…

  43. Ascencion Gomez says:

    Alicia Bhat Ysrayl what does it matter…one drop of black blood you're black….

  44. Mark Hudson says:

    Ascencion Gomez No, the majority of the old testament Bible either did not take place or took place in the Middle East. Cush is frequently mentioned in the Torah, but I wouldn't say much of the events described occur in Ethopia. I assume you bring it up due to Beta Israel? Don't get me wrong, they are real Jews, but they aren't genetically Jewish.

  45. Mark Hudson says:

    Ascencion Gomez By that criteria more than half of the United States population is black… including many people you would perhaps identify as being white.

  46. Mark Hudson says:

    Yes, that is clearly the most probable explanation…

  47. Ascencion Gomez says:

    Mark Hudson You hit the nail on the head besides black people where the first people so world history is really black history. Most of the major inventions were first created by black folks… the first major library etc….

  48. Mark Hudson says:

    Ascencion Gomez I agree that the origin of humanity is African. Your assertion that the majority of inventions were first created black people needs some objective evidence to support it, as it seems like an extreme claim.

  49. Ascencion Gomez says:

    Mark Hudson If you are the first major population/civilizaton then statistically you have to have had several of the firsts and/or major inventions. You won't find very much evidence backing up the claim because of how history has been bastardized and the fact that many inventions weren't patented.

  50. Mark Hudson says:

    Ascencion Gomez OK… but the most important inventions have been scientific. There would be some evidence that African cultures had made developments in chemistry, physics, engineering, and medicine. For example, x culture makes y medical discovery, x skeletal remains indicate so in the presence or absence of skeletal symptoms indicating level of health and manor of death. Had they made significant engineering discoveries, they would have had a significant advantage militarily speaking, to the point that they could have conquered the entire world… there would be evidence of this. There is none I am aware of.

  51. Ascencion Gomez says:

    Mark Hudson Yes, and who really knows what is generally Jewish or Hebrew. Hebrew genetic markers have been found in the genes of Native American not to mention Artifact written by Hebrew…They were found in the burial mounds in Ohio or that area

  52. Mark Hudson says:

    That said, you don't have to make up or co opt the achievements of the rest of the world to highlight important contributions of Africans. Further, you don't have to make up conspiracies against Africans, plenty of real ones exist. The Congo has 23 trillion dollars in mineral resources, and yet it has one of the lowest GDP's in the world. Every circuit in the world uses minerals stolen from the Congo. It is one of the countries in the world in which strait up slavery still exists (the Bantus force the Bambenga, AKA pygmy people, to work the mines and pay them in blankets).

  53. Ascencion Gomez says:

    Mark Hudson I agree but you are taking a contemporary view of an era that is really foreign to us and making assumption that they were interested in conquering the world. Makes you wonder if Atlantis really did exist and who lived in Atlantis. However, I will say (and this isn't my area of study; military history and leadership is…) history tells us that barbarians have been the major conquerors while the civilized have been the ones conquered.

  54. Mark Hudson says:

    Ascencion Gomez Yes, but the study indicates that the tribe in Colorado were descended from Shephardic Jews expelled from Spain, not that they just independently displayed BRCA1. They have found similar evidence in Southwestern Latinos.

  55. Mark Hudson says:

    That means that those groups have Jewish ancestors, not that Semitic Jews aren't "the real" Jews.

  56. Mark Hudson says:

    Who give a shit what she has to say, Jesus was Semitic and Santa was from what is modern day Turkey.

  57. Ascencion Gomez says:

    Mark Hudson yes, but the carbon dating dates some of the artifacts as far as 600 BC. Very interesting…

  58. Lucas Fahey says:

    Cherri Anne "but as seeing as how evidence points to human origins in Africa, it all comes full circle."

    Not as slick as you'd like it to sound, while I agree on the origins thing. Just because Humanity started there does not mean other characteristics are immediately ammenable to being created by African peoples. I, still am an African primate, but because so, I don't believe I am allowed to take credit for the first written language, which as far as we know, is a Sumerian invention by other African descended primates. I do believe Black Madonna is fascinating but to call it a god all its own, that Whites copied? A lie and misrepresentation, not even historically supported.

  59. Lucas Fahey says:

    Michael Steele when you put it like that Michael, I kinda agree. I mean WHites are guilty of in the last 1000 years ESPECIALLY cherry-picking history, re-fabricating it and lying to oppress peoples… so this article, is it really that offensive to me in lieu of all that? Well, no. But, I was educated to always evaluate my sources and saying that Buddah is African is a truely controversial viewpoint that I don't think the author does any justice in not mentioning just how unsupported the hypothesis is. Take for example Christianity. The Roman empire took the writing of Jews who followed a mystic named Jesus and constructed an entire religion based around it. Also, just because all humans come from AFrica does not mean that every human accomplishment is trackable back to Africa. A lot of things have been invented outside of Africa too.

  60. lucas this is true they should have said it was a theory,but there are a plethora of events in history that are not taught in our history class and you have to bring up the question why? Oh yeah thank you for a sensible answer back.We should also know their is only one race human. Once we really come to grips with that there is nothing we cant accomplish, overcome,or do

  61. Mark Hudson says:

    Michael Steele ^ As a science student, I would just like to say word. Race is not a scientifically valid concept. Ethnicity may be, but the race a person is identified with is not correlated with how genetically similar a person is to or different from another person.

  62. so black Egyptians enslaved black Israelites, so it goes to show that slavery isn't or wasn't just a white on black thing, that every race has done it to one another and each other since the beginning of time

  63. Ascencion Gomez says:

    If you consider it was a white thing in the 18th and 19th Century.

  64. Mark Hudson says:

    Phillip Reynolds Israelites were not black.

  65. Ricky Negus says:

    Lucas Fahey This article says exactly what it intends to. The Gods of these people were depicted as Black because it was black people who came up with these concepts. Non-blacks invaded and stole the culture of these people and tried to erase their influence on the culture away completely. This is white washing!!! Its not a matter of who uses what color as you said and its not a matter of hybrid creation. It is a matter of cultural and religious theft. These Gods were well established in their blackness long before white skinned people were even seen on Earth. These invading non-blacks did not want to put their own spin on an already existing religion. They wanted to take it over and make it seem as if it were their spirituality. They were not creating hybrids, they were stealing African knowledge and passing it off as their own. If they were just changing complexions to identify and creating hybrids as you say. Then why didn't they give credit to the originators? Why was every black population which they stole from oppressed by these invaders? Why do these invaders still insist that they are the originators of these spiritual concepts and that their depictions of these deities are the only accurate ones? I will tell you why. They are invading thieves trying to pass their selves off as the original inhabitants of the lands and the inventors of these spiritual concepts. If they were not, then why didn't they invent their own spirituality? Why re-create something in your image that is not yours? These are the trademarks of invading colonizers. If you are a true scholarly man like you say, you should be able to recognize this. These invaders are exactly what I said they are, cultural and religious thieves. With this comment you made I highly doubt you are a scholarly man. You may think you know a little something, but obviously you know nothing of the history of the people and the places from whence these Gods originate. It is you who should not have made a fool of yourself speaking on that which you don't understand.

  66. Ricky Negus says:

    Lucas Fahey Im taking it you know nothing of Biology, Human evolution, and African Man's early migrations out of Africa. What do you define black as? Black skin, Big nose, Wide lips, lol. If so you are more lost than I thought you were, There are multiple phenotypes belonging to the African race. Look at the aboriginals of Australia, The San people of south Africa, Melanesians, and many more. The ancestors of these people left Africa many many years ago. European science is just confirming what so-called Afro-centrics have been saying for years. That Man originated in Africa. The original inhabitants of India are the black Dravidians and Andaman Islanders. These people left Africa thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years ago. You do know Buddha was an Indian man right? Ok The earliest depictions of him show what you would call black features. Wide nose, Big lips, etc.. Also you try to discredit the works of Sir Godfrey Higgins and Gerald Massey. These are your scholars!!! How much research have u done? How man books have you written on the subject? lol I laugh at people like u. Also as far as dark relating to black. Yes dark skinned people are black. I refer to black as meaning having African Ancestry. In order to produce that much melanin in the skin to get a dark complexion you must have African ancestry because melanin rich people are descendants of Early Homo-Sapiens who adapted to produce melanin for survival in Africa. An abundance of melanin in the skin leads to dark complexion, and is an indicator of African ancestry. Any person with an abundance of melanin that leads to dark skin has genes coming from Africa. If you think im wrong feel free to do your research.

  67. Ricky Negus says:

    Lucas Fahey Im taking it you know nothing of Biology, Human evolution, and African Man's early migrations out of Africa. What do you define black as? Black skin, Big nose, Wide lips, lol. If so you are more lost than I thought you were, There are multiple phenotypes belonging to the African race. Look at the aboriginals of Australia, The San people of south Africa, Melanesians, and many more. The ancestors of these people left Africa many many years ago. European science is just confirming what so-called Afro-centrics have been saying for years. That Man originated in Africa. The original inhabitants of India are the black Dravidians and Andaman Islanders. These people left Africa thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years ago. You do know Buddha was an Indian man right? Ok The earliest depictions of him show what you would call black features. Wide nose, Big lips, etc.. Also you try to discredit the works of Sir Godfrey Higgins and Gerald Massey. These are your scholars!!! How much research have u done? How man books have you written on the subject? lol I laugh at people like u. Also as far as dark relating to black. Yes dark skinned people are black. I refer to black as meaning having African Ancestry. In order to produce that much melanin in the skin to get a dark complexion you must have African ancestry because melanin rich people are descendants of Early Homo-Sapiens who adapted to produce melanin for survival in Africa. An abundance of melanin in the skin leads to dark complexion, and is an indicator of African ancestry. Any person with an abundance of melanin that leads to dark skin has genes coming from Africa. If you think im wrong feel free to do your research.

  68. Lucas Fahey says:

    Ricky Negus I won't read the whole thing. You show your not on my level in the second sentence. But I gotchu: you said, "the gods of these people were depicted as black because it was black people who came up with these concepts." If you can show me that Africans invented the concept of the Virgin mary, which is what the Black Madonna is depicting, you sir, will have proved everything I read wrong. No, unfortunately for you it was Italians who created that particular diety. If anything, she was middle eastern.

    Next time, save yourself the time saying thigns like "You may think you know a little something>" The world is waiting for you to catch up and stop regurgitating fatuous things you read bcuz you clicked on it on FB.

  69. Lucas Fahey says:

    Jl Djr unfortunately the burden of proof is not on my side, it's on a side that seeks to suggest in lieu of the lineage of historical text has linkage to Africa, which, take it from someone who has taken a few classes on world religion, I've never head before.

    This article advances the notion that the Black Madonna somehow supports the idea that Christianity was stolen from Africa. No way could Christianity been stolen from Black/ AFrican culture based on the Black MAdonna because that statue is from 1300 years after Christianity was basically established.

    The article does what Fox news does. It dangles presumptions. That's it. Is it really so surprising sicne all humans came from Africa, that ancient humans tended to look…. more AFrican? I mention this in relation to the irresponsible claim that ancient statues ***look**** AFricanish by their features therefore IT'S ALL ARFRICANS WHO CREATED IT! lol. Still go to India to this day, you can find someone with Black features. Still go to Europe to this day, you can find someone (with white skin) who has African features. Sorry, in the real world, it's not enough to say "because statues in South America had big lips and squat heads then it was africans who created these" when the DNA never even popped up once when doing studies of the people in this area. (Not to mention tons of other supproting evidence that the Olmec heads are uniquely South American."

  70. Lucas Fahey says:

    Michael Steele I hear you, friend. I think there's a ton of stuff not taught in history class, like for example all the connections between ancient Egypt and other parts of the ancient world. There's a lot overlooked and people think Africa contributed NOTHING to the more famous ancient world like Greece, Middle East, Rome… I think a lot of folks are pissed off about it, and I am too. I think we ought to identify as one race, but also, we need to give African histories their due attention and credit! However, it's complicated because of Colonialism as well as the lesser developed nature of AFrica, it's economic lack of prosperity in history relative to European ones, that we DON'T know more about ancient AFrica. I just can't stand it when people go off and try to make controversial statements, with poor evidence support, because they feel their history isn't as visible. That ain't science.

  71. Lucas Fahey says:

    Ricky Negus okay, this post of yours I can deal with because you're asserting something I beleive to be wrong, but I don't completely disagree with your reasoning. So you think because Indians are "Black" (which I can kind of agree with according to your rationale) therefore it's right to say Budda was originally"Black". Let's forget though the language differences. Let's forget culture. Let's forget the thousnads (10's of thousands) of years that it took for Humans to go from Africa to India in history. So, if you're going to lump all accomplishments of "Black" people in as being one culture, one monolithic people (isn't that a slave master's myth?) then, all "Black" culture can be considered one. There are no distinctions between East and West, Christian and Islamic, SubSaharan and Sahel or Magrhib? You're basically telling me that because a certain group of people have more meleanated skin, they're "Black" and any accompliushments by those people somehow reflect some other unity other than the simple virtue of their skin's melanation? AS if I said that developments of tribes in ancient England and the far East near mongolia are the same. Same culture. They are White.

    How does your reductionism help anything beyond your ego? How is it supported scientifically? It's not because White people in England owe very little of their culture to Whites in East Asia or in the mediterranian. They're different. People change up, despite their skin color because of time, place and situation. Especially in the time scale we're talking about with Budda which was basically 2000 years ago. 2000 years ago Indian culture was definitely very much unique and distinct from "African" or some "Black" culture you're saying exists.

    I got no qualms with humans originating in AFrica. I just wanted to show you how absurd it is trying to dwindle down one culture's achievement to being either "Black" or "White" achievements based on how far north or south someone lives from the equator. Because in the grand measure of human time, that's the ONLY reason some of us are Black and some are white. It only results from where your ancestors lived and is something beyond any of our control. In fact, the two most distantly related genomes in the world exists within africa, among Africans. That means that there are many more Whites who are more genetically similar to Africans than OTHER AFricans. So how is categorizing people into black/ white category working for you?

    I would only agree to what I criticize here if you said that AL culture on earth is "Black" because humans all came from Africa and in small many ways, Africans did it first and allowed all other humans to stand on their accomplishments. For example, inevitably clothes or garments originated first in Africa. So, all clothes in a way can thank ancient africa. You'll notice my way doesn't rely one iota on skin color because it's something that can change generation to generation and isn't a reliable way to measure where we are from compared to DNA.

  72. Jl Djr says:

    Lucas Fahey i am simply suggesting you do more research. i've studied these matters since my undergrad days 35 years ago. i've actually sat at the feet of the scholars who have made much of this information available. first, one would have to have a greater understanding of how ancient cultures functioned. then you can progress to reading the scholars of those times like Herodotus. Then you can move along further and attempt to uncover the arguments presented by those like: Mary Lefkowitz. This is not about 'burden of proof?' Lucas, what 'proof' do you possess? HIS-STORY as it has been called? Arnold Toynbee once said that "Africa never created any worthwhile civilization' (paraphrasing) Basil Davidson proved him wrong. If you won't 'read' more or 'study' more, you may continue upon your journey, for it is your own. My studies and experience has proven to me, especially along the lines of religion the African origins of these religions. Unfortunately, you tend to view Africans as a certain type on the phylogenetic tree. Perhaps you should investigate DM Murdock also know as Acharya S. No disrespect, but you comment about africans and the creation of christianity is abominably ignorant. You obviously have no knowledge of Terullian and the early Christian fathers and how they appeared versus how history has 'whitewashed them. I am SURE you know the story of Angelo and the painting of the Sistine Chapel. I gather you would NEVER seek to watch the movie "Hidden Colors.", but if the spirit moves you, please watch. I gather that you are not very privy to the actual reasoning and minutes of the Council of Nicea Meeting in 325 and of course early Gnosticism. History my friend is recycled knowledge that existed far before Christianity and the existence of what we would call 'EUROPEONS.' The story of Mary and Jesus is adapted from the Story of Auset and Heru. Hell man, do you realize that Easter is based on the sun passing over the celestial equator and knowledge of such and the celebration of spring is based upon ancient science that comes out of Africa? It is sad to me that prior to 1492, much of this was not an issue, not even in Europe. It was after the death of the last Moorish King that Europe begins to ascend! Again Lucas, history invites your study, there is a great deal to learn. Also consider reading a book called 'Forgery in Christianity' Healthresearchbooks used to carry it, along with some other books by folks like Albert Churchward and Gerald Massey that you might want to read. Lucas, i am a 'nice' student of history, i hope you don't encounter one who becomes annoyed at your presentations and takes you to task in a harsh manner and literally destroys EVERYTHING you've said. Be well and at the very least you should familiarize yourself with more of the arguments you are trying to dismantle, otherwise you're going to get seriously embarrassed much more than you have already done so on this site!

  73. Jl Djr says:

    note: lefkowitz,and numerous others who have attempted to 'disprove' the scholarship of Diop, Obenga and others have failed miserably, you shall, as well because it is factual history. moreover, how can depictions that took place before the advent of Christianity be anything but a copy? not auset with heru in her arms. the EXACT figurine of the madonna and child jesus. Yes, europeons europeonized the figures, but from where did the concept arise? yes, all the great science of Europe, WHERE DID IT COME FROM, who were THEIR TEACHERS?????????? Ancient cultures had oral traditions, it was not until Judaism do we begin to see the 'codification' of things. much of what happened in Egypt (Kemet) prior to 4000 BCE we find 'oral' history supported by hard evidence, but i'm getting a little off track here. I think what you've been trying to say is that cultures adapt and then put their spin on it. I DO NOT DISAGREE WITH YOU ON THAT POINT! However, i believe the point of this an other articles like it are to point out that the original teachings et al that inspired what we know of today as……..came out of africa. i.e. the Kabbalah is NOT JEWISH, even Kabbalistic scholars would tell you that. Originally it is Canaanitic. To some that may not matter, but to those who provide deeper scrutiny, it was realized that in ancient times certain WORDS did not or could not translate from one language to the other, thus DEEPER MEANINGS were lost, like the 3rd sphere on the Kabbalistic tree of life. If you are so inclined you can look that up for yourself. George GM James makes it clear in "Stolen Legacy" Also, if you look below this post to the post of Bill Bootlegg. His comments speak to 'densities and love.' of course if one is familiar with any type of 'esoteric' teachings they frequently move into this realm, as do the matrix series by Val Valerian. I point this out because perhaps Lucas what you may want to do is look at the religions comparatively and note things more occult or esoteric like the usage of the numbers 3, 9 and of course 7. How many times in history have these types of things been referenced? a 'trinity of dieties' etc… There is a MUCH greater connection than you may choose to see or believe. YES there is a GREAT deal of pride taken by those who resemble the original inhabitants of this planet, as we know it, for much of that information was purposefully hidden, especially in places like the Vatican. Some folks go overboard and make unprovable assertions, but the scholarship of folks like Van Sertima, Runoko Raishidi, ASA G Hillard, Doc Ben, Chancellor Williams, Tony Martin and others should be the place where you begin your studies. Don't simply take an article that has elements of this information as the pinnacle of the information. When i was a student both undergrad and graduate i was told to only do PRIMARY SOURCE RESEARCH WHENEVER POSSIBLE. I've done that, and in many instances what we have reported today substantially differs from what the Prussian public school system indoctrinates us to believe, thus believing that since we heard or learned it in 'school' it's correct. Wonder what John Taylor Gatto would have to say about the John Dewey type system? It appears obvious to me that you have done 'some' study Lucas and by your 'opening'( 'also, i love ya'll…..') you are attempting to set the record straight and 'stop any unnecessary 'african-centered' madness, and that is admirable, because we don't want folks spouting off about things they really don't understand and exaggerating claims. This is why again, I IMPLORE you to go to the SCHOLARS and launch your campaign and debate. Also Lucas, you mentioned you've taken a few classes on religion, well ME TOO. (lol) I believe you've NEVER heard some of this stuff before, YOU WOULDN'T! (lol) Here is something that if you don't know you might enjoy uncovering. What is an egyptologist and WHERE does the concept come from and WHY??????? Hint: check the VATICAN! I gather you are also not aware that Diop did an ethyl benzene test on the mummies that USED to sit out in the British museum. This test determined the level of melanin contained by the person, it could tell if you were BLUE BLACK, BLACK BLACK etc…. as his tests continued he found that ALL the predynastic rulers were BLACK BLACK. Also you mentioned cultures and skin color depictions. Man, please there are SO many studies on this. The Late Dr. Van Sertima dismissed that train of thought YEARS AGO, but how would you know unless you are in the academy or close to it! ever read christianity before christ? 16 crucified saviors? anything by john jackson? Are you familiar with the book of coming forth by day and going forth by night? you know, the book of knowing the manifestations of RA? I could go on for decades. I think it is more important to understand what was done and why and why it continues to be maintained in the manner it is. Part conspiracy, part legitimate confusion based on years of misinformation and disinformation. If you are truly a TRUTHSEEKER, you won't be afraid to have been taught challenged by doing more research. I'm a therapist nowadays and i understand the pain involved with cognitive dissonance, but i also understand the liberation of knowledge! be well.

  74. Jl Djr says:

    African Influence on Christianity

    There was a considerable amount of African derived symbols and stories which found their way into the Hebrew religious system. An offshoot of Judaism, Christianity naturally adopted many of these beliefs itself. There would be even more African belief systems to enter the new religion. Developing in Rome, one of Christianity's main rivals were the numerous Egyptian derived Temples of Isis (Auset). To survive and flourish, the religion borrowed heavily from this African derived spiritual system. It was in this manner that the Hebrew idea of a savior was born.
    Egypt AusarAusar's wife

    In Egypt Ausar was the man-god who was killed and brought back to life thus giving the world the first notion of "the Resurrection." Ausar then became the great Judge of the deceased. Auset, Ausar's wife, was said to have become impregnated by her husband's spirit while he was dead. She gave birth to a child named Heru in the world's first "Immaculate Conception." At his birth a host of deities and wisemen were said to have honored him. Some believe the birth of Heru was commemorated on December 25th when the sun was in the zodiacal sign of Capricorn. Capricorn was also known as the Stable of Augeas; so the infant Heru (Sun/Son) was said to have been born in stable. Thus Ausar, Auset and Heru made for the world's first Holy Trinity.

    The story of the resurrected God-King can be found among the Khoi and San peoples of southern Africa as early as 2,000BC. It is only in Africa that the story is this old. Often called, "the mouthpiece of Africa," Egypt's location gave it contact with the Near East. Not surprisingly, years later the story of the God-King and his divine son appear in many other cultures. This includes Krishna of India (1200BC), Tammuz of Syria (1160BC), Iao of Nepal (622BC), Quetzalcoatl of Mexico (587BC), Mithra of Persia (600BC) and others. Jesus the Christ of Hebraic folklore would be the most recent addition to this pantheon. Pictured above are Ausar, Auset and the infant Heru. This version of Auset and Heru would become the model for Mary and Jesus throughout the Christian world. (Photo and Information courtesy of Man, God and Civilization and Egyptian Mythology)
    Black Madonna

    The African concept of Auset and Heru remained in early depictions of Mary and Jesus. Black Madonna and child reigned throughout Europe for centuries. The Church of Notre Dame at Paris is said to have been built originally on a Temple of Isis (Auset). On one of its walls the sign of the zodiac, Virgo (Auset), is now said to be replaced with the figure of the ChristianMadonna and Child. Today these Black paintings, statues, and symbols are most worshipped in Central and Eastern Europe as Mary and Jesus. Pictured here is a painting from 18th Century Russia. (Photo and Information courtesy of Texas Cultural Institute, African Origins of Western Religions by Dr. Yosef-ben Jochannan, and Man, God and Civilization by John G. Jackson)

    With its African derived mythology and rituals, it is not surprising that Christianity finds easy converts along the Nile and Eastern Africa. There were many Christian sects in the early years of the religion not all of which were the same. Probably the most famous of these sects were the Gnostics. The early Christians were called Gnostics from the Greek word "gnosis" meaning "knowledge". It is uncertain if they were a new Jewish sect or whether they had existed prior to Christianity. Building upon the many Mysteries (Temple of Isis, Mithraic, etc.) which permeated Rome and the trade routes of the Eastern world, the Gnostics emphasized a search for knowledge which was regarded as the key to spiritual salvation.

    It is not surprising they found converts in such places as Egypt where the beliefs must have seemed quite similar to the native inhabitants. Not surprising then that the most famous Gnostic doctrines are found in Egypt. The Nag Hammadi as they were called were found in Upper Egypt and date to about the 4th Century AD. At any rate, Gnostic doctrines are supplanted by other Christian sects and literally die out. Egypt remains Christian, forming what is known as the Coptic branch of the religion. Ethiopia, and for a short time Nubia, soon follow.
    Coptic Christian priest

    By the 4th Century AD the religious system of Christian Rome had conquered Egypt and Syria. During this period a Syrian Christian philosopher and his two sons arrived at port in Askum. Rome and Askum were engaged in a battle over the supremacy of the sea trade routes at the time. Upon reaching port the ship is seized and the philosopher and crew are killed. The two Syrian youngsters are spared and became servants of the royal family during the reign of King Ella Amida. Though it is uncertain how, they succeed in converting the royal family to Christianity.

    It was through one of these Syrian servants, Frumentius, that Christianity came to be Ethiopia's state religion. Frumentius later becomes in Alexandria, the first Bishop of Askum. Amida's successor Ezana also converts to Christianity and Ethiopia becomes known as one of the strongest Christian empires of the Middle Ages. Ezana is responsible for the conquest of Nubia (Meroitic Kush). But Nubia does not convert to Christianity upon Ezana's conquest. Rather Nubia's conversion begins in 542AD when two missionary groups set out to gain converts to their cause. One group was the Monophysites, under the patronage of Emperor Justinian, and the other was the Melkites, under the patronage of the Empress Theodora. Through some crafty political maneuvering, the Monphysites manage to reach the Nubian kingdoms and by 580AD they had accepted Coptic (Egyptian) Christianity. Christianity flourished in the Nubian kingdoms mostly among the royalty and the monks; it is unknown whether the general populace fully embraced the religion. Under pressure from their northern Muslim neighbors, the Nubian Christian kingdoms fall one by one to Islam—the last in 1504. This is significant as for centuries to come the greatest threat to Ethiopia shall be their Muslim neighbors to the north. Pictured above is a Coptic Christian priest. (Photo and Information courtesy of The African Ark and Africa in History by Basil Davidson)
    Lalibela Church

    Pictured above is Lalibela Church or Beit Giorgis (House of George). According to local tradition, God instructed King Lalibela to build 11 churches the like of which the world had never seen, and dispatched a team of angels to help him complete the monumental task. The king is said to have constructed the 11th-century church, Beit Giorgis (House of George), after a fully armored Saint George appeared on horseback and admonished him for not having consecrated a shrine to him. Christian monks still show visitors the legendary "hoof marks" of Saint George's steed. Lalibela's masterwork is now often cited as the "eighth" man-made wonder of the world. (Photo and Information courtesy of The African Ark)
    Homepage / Historical Views

  75. Jl Djr says:

    @ Lucas. Define 'Black?' what is it? where did it come from and why? Correct me if i am wrong here, but i've read all of your posts on this thread. You seem to have a problem with folks claiming everything is BLACK! (lol) I'm laughing because i remember when i first started studying these things formally, i had family members make jokes like when i mentioned the book 'monuments on mars' and the discovery of what appeared to be pyramids. by extension the ancient kemetic people were black in color and they built the pyramids, so i had relatives say, 'are you trying to tell me there are 'n******' on Mars? (lol, black families) Of course, i laughed and said, 'you know that Zulu warriors claim they came from Mars, right? and you know that soon they'll discover elements of life there.' That was quite a long time back, but hmmm? NOT EVERYTHING IS HAS A BLACK ORIGIN, we know this. However, i think it is very important to understand in light of the 'whitewashing' of everything, the INFLUENCE Cultures out of Africa had on civilization. The ancient culture of Kemet, Kush, what is now Ghana and others would not even UNDERSTAND this new fangled concept of race and BLACKNESS, i think we know this, but we find many connections between the cultures of old, those in what we call America and those in what we call Africia. We know there was travel and exploration LONG before Marco Polo, Columbus, Magellan et al, but that is removed from standard history. Nowadays, there is a strong push for a mutlicultural origin of humanity. The Chinese are strong in this area, yet they to have scholars who support not only the african origin of civilization, but even their own culture. I think the problem folks have today is again, what constitutes blackness, for there is NO WAY those nappy headed sub saharan folk could have given anything to the civilized world we live in, right? SMH! Iman isn't really BLACK, black folks have that KINKY hair right? or do they all? I think you'll agree that we are all human and through adaptation to climate et al we've developed different cultures insights etc… However, as Williams points out in the destruction of african civilizations: great knowledge was moved all over the planet in hopes of survival from warring factions. much esoteric information moved from africa to india, to china etc…Buddha's hair wasn't snails it was braids. was he an 'african?' No, but could his features and skin color in today's world make him one? of course, he could be taken for a number of groups within the 'people of color' category. I think the REAL problem here and in SO CALLED SCHOLARSHIP is that it is difficult to destroy a worldview that is contingent upon and supported by the belief that dark skinned people are inferior! From a psychological standpoint, what would this mean? you have encouraged people on this thread to 'not get caught up' in this or any type of article. I have challenged YOU to go to the scholars, contact them, but you seem to refuse because it is not incumbent upon you? Lucas, need i remind you that YOU ARE THE ONE, who challenged the article, it is by all means incumbent upon you to disprove or correct anything you take issue with and do it in a scholarly fashion. I've been there and done that, i've met many with the same arguments you employ. If one had been convincing or had any information to support their claims, i'd defend your position, but i cannot. I have NO problem with you imploring individuals to do more study and not simply parrot ONE article, as that is not scholarship, just someone coming upon some information and regurgitating it, but that is also what you are doing, but you attempt to do so under the guise of academic study. i think you may know as well as i do the inherent sophistry in that position. Join the DISCUSSION my friend, it is a lively one. Again, ASCAC! Most of the scholars that put forth this information have transcended. Doc Ben has been in and out of Nursing home here in NYC, but those behind the movie 'hidden colors' would LOVE to hear from you, talk to you, even if you think you're up for it, DEBATE YOU! the choice is yours. again, be well.

  76. Jl Djr says:

    Lucas Fahey as for the Olmecs. SMDH. Lucas, I am NOT the one where you can simply pass off 'commentary' as scholarship and get away with it. ANYTHING YOU SAY re: this topic I can easily challenge and provide much documentation to dismiss. Learn history my friend. Your comments on the Olmecs is just sad! big lips and squat heads! (lmao) get it together my friend, the EVIDENCE and INFORMATION far exceeds some 'cranial' info! (lol)
    This is why i IMPLORE you to do some study outside of what you've done! You're good for the AVERAGE person who can make arguments and others won't challenge them. However, I'm pretty steeped in this and other material, I hold several advanced degrees from some fairly prestigious universities, if i do say so myself (lol) and AGAIN, i studied with Doc Ben, Van Sertima, Hillard, Welsing and Dr. John Henrik Clarke. I AM NOT THE ONE FOR NON SCHOLARLY discussion. This isn't about the chicanery the media outlets like Fox news or MSNBC, CNN or any other CONTROLLED entity puts out. This is not about creating bogus arguments without info to back them up. Lucas, no disrespect, but i can tell you are YOUNGER in age because your arguments are part of the new fangled crap that started emerging right about the time that Cornel West, Skip Gates and Houston Baker, Princeton, Harvard and Penn profs got their elevation in the FACE of Dr. Clarke, Doc Ben, Dr. Van Sertima and others advancing the africentric position. YES, it was believed that they could be marginalized by views posited by other black scholars at the more elite universities. The FEAR i witnessed coming from the bill bennett's and pat buchanan's of the world when faced with information they could NOT refute. so they turned to calling it 'fantasy' history, yet in EVERY debate that took place those that opposed the african-centered view got their butts handed to them. Mind you, there was NEVER a denigration of anyone else's culture, just an awakening to our own! When you do more study and find out about how these cultures of color were trading and traveling LONG before europe enters the picture it will make more sense. You know Columbus didn't even know how to get here, right? I have to admit, when i meet folks that posit your position I usually just let them be because i have BEEN THERE, i've forgotten more history than most of them have read. it's merely ignorance and ego that won't allow them to view the information with objective eyes. Read Bradley's 'the iceman inheritance' then if you can stomach it and not lose your mind, read: Yurugu by Marimba Ani and the Isis Papers by Dr. Welsing. Then perhaps we can discuss the PSYCHOLOGICAL issues at play here. Be well.

  77. Ricky Negus says:

    Lucas the virgin mary is a plagiarized version of the Egyptian Story of Heru. The first Christians were the romans who learned from the greeks. The Greeks were students of the ancient Egyptians. The greeks learned about the concept of an immaculate conception from these Nile valley Afrakans. Look into the story of Heru and you will find everything in it u see in Christianity. As far as me regurgitating things from facebook, you must think my research is akin to yours lol. Here's a few books you should read. "The World's sixteen crucified saviors" by Kersey Graves and "The African Origins of Christianity" by Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan. But I know you won't read it you were too lazy to even read the whole comment. I guess you were scared of the knowledge I dropped. Typical!!! The only thing the world is waiting for is for Europeans to stop stealing Knowledge from other races and passing it off as their own. You have no data, no facts, no nothing supporting your claim. My claim can be supported by historical records. The ancient Egyptians had the whole concept that u know as Christianity in their spiritual system loooong before any Greek, Roman, or Italian was even thought about. Just research man. Stop believing what the church and your own ignorance suggests to you. You keep talking about you are a scholarly man but yet you haven't presented not one fact to me. Only beliefs and assumptions. Please don't respond back because I will ignore you. But seriously read a book and stop letting your ignorance reign supreme. Peace.

  78. Jl Djr says:

    And one final thing: i think this article makes it clear by the photos. what is being said here is simple: the deities, gods or whatever had their ORIGINAL LIKENESS changed by the conquering culture. Please don't let me have to get into the Aryan invasion of India. The knowledge actually resided with the Dravidians, modern day dalits or dalit class of India. And one thing i can say for certain and have no disagreement, these folks surely were not WHITE as classified in today's world or the one that Blumebach put together at Gottigen! (lol) Get over it, BLACK people put forward civilization. NOW LET ME HELP YOU HERE: not the black folk on the street corner, not the black folk that FOX NEWS constantly is trying to make you afraid of. Of course we've mixed and changed since those days, but what is being put forth here is that HISTORY has been rewritten to represent the victor in battles and MUCH of what we see today is from the influence of AFRICAN CULTURES! I guess the washington monument isn't a tekenu, but since the greeks called it an Obelisk, and blacks obviously have no say, it's an Obelisk and the ancient black kemetic people didn't even know what they had until the greeks told them! (right) History is very BIG! (lol) however, unless we understand it, we'll just take things like Antonio the African or anthony johnson was the first slave owner and he was BLACK. THAT IS TRUE, but the INSTITUTION of CHATTEL SLAVERY as founded was the MOST VICIOUS form of slavery ever known to man and to just take that a black man was the first to own slaves based on his lawsuit on 3 indentures servants slyly implies that HEY black people, your OWN PEOPLE did this to you. they sold you, then it was one of your own that started this. BULLCRAP! Johnson didn't mistreat his slaves in the manner that permeated the south. Just like Lincoln freeing the slaves. OH YEAH, Right. Look at history. he only had control of the NORTH, south said kiss my ass we will SECEDE. Meanwhile slave uprisings and rebellions were so prevalent Lincoln had to make a decision to SAVE the union that was in the face of losing out terribly on an economic scale. His 1858 debate with Douglass made his position quite clear! My point is that history is LITTERED with little tidbits like this, but they are often overlooked on purposed because a deeper investigation would put forward the truth and everything wouldn't fit so conveniently in our little textbooks and myopic mindsets! we even have information now on how the first EUROPEONS appeared!

    Yet it seems that it is forgotten that africans possess a genetic recessive gene and can create whiter lighter skin ….albinos. When AFRICANS left africa and traveled up into the far reaches of france then froze to death they traveled with genetic recessive albinos. HUMAN beings leaving their native land both DARK and WHITE in complexion. it is over the many years that the melanin shield begins to drop, the nasal passage way narrows, hair color changes, via nature's adaptation. It also creates a different type of MENTALITY derived from living in difficult conditions. The story of the Human is vast and to believe others, especially those into the Sumerian tablets, it did not start here. That is actually beyond my level of expertise, but something i find fascinating. I just find it SADDENING that folks are still SO CAUGHT up in this that they cannot accept that AFRICANS or Alkebulans set the GROUND WORK FOR THE WORLD IN WHICH WE LIVE! it's not fantasy, it is FACT. From there ALL other cultures got their beginnings. This is NOT TO SAY they did not innovate on the original ideas, of course this happened, but if we are giving credit to where credit is due, let's be fair. While the greeks got their ideas and understandings from the Alkebulans, they added their own spin and much of the Art you see has that flavor. Just as if you taught me the foundations of Blues with 1/4/5 progressions and pentatonics and i add my personal cultural influences and other knowledge and play neoclassical shred! The HISTORY OF THE WORLD IS A HUMAN STORY, STARTING WITH THE DARK SKINNED BLACK ALKEBULANS, and if one cannot see that the CURRENT ACADEMY is all about keeping the STATUS QUO via tax exempt foundation money to bolster THE CURRENT ELITE'S system, then we are done. we've become non-thinking automatons. Check out the movie documentary STATE OF MIND, The PSYCHOLOGY OF CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Jl Djr says:

    Ricky Negus makes me feel REALLY GOOD to see a young man like yourself AWARE and UNAFRAID to state his position, with confidence and clarity! Never stop learning, studying and growing! be well !!!!!!!!!

  80. Ricky Negus says:

    Thanks Jl Djr. I will definitely continue to grow for as long as im able to. I find out more and more each day, and the more I find out the more I realize that their is a lot that I don't know. And that is fine with me. In fact it excites me. It lets me know that there is a vast world of knowledge out there waiting for me to explore it. As for you my friend, you are exceedingly knowledgeable on the topics I love to study. People like you are my inspiration. Im 20 years old and there is a lot of traps set up for me by society. I try to stay out of trouble and the only way to the freedom I desire is through education. Im not one for clubbing and all the other things my generation does. I am for restoring my story and exposing the fabrications in his-story. Again thanks for the encouragement man. Also can you give me some good books to read and other things that can further my knowledge. Help a young brotha out.

  81. Rhonda Henderson says:

    Ricky Negus , Yes my beautiful brother. A young soldier UNAFRAID! Love it.

  82. Jl Djr says:

    Ricky Negus be happy to

  83. Jl Djr says:

    won't let me post all in one setting so may have to do this in several

  84. Jl Djr says:

    Ricky Negus that is good to hear and of course i can give you some good things to read and watch. first let me give links to hidden colors parts 1 and 2.

    books for immediate reading? well you know about graves and doc ben so:

    any and all books by ivan van sertima

    Yurugu by Dr. Marimba Ani

    Isis Paper Dr. Frances Cress welsing

    From the browder file tony browder

    destruction of black civilization chancellor williams

    Stolen Legacy George GM James

    The miseducation of the negro Carter G. Charles Woodson

    Chains and images of psychological slavery Na'im Akbar

    Black Athena by Martin Alyssa Bernal
    History of Africa by Basil Davidson

    Capitalism and slavery by Eric Willaims

    How europe underdeveloped africa by Walter Rodney

    How capitalism underdeveloped black america by Manning Marable

    economics of racism by victor perlo

    Dr. Bobby Wright: The Psychopathic Racial personality

    the conspiracy to destroy black boys vol 1-3 by Dr. Juwanza Kunjufu

    any and all thing by Dr. Amos Wilson

    The Occult technology of Power (anonymous)

    Behold a pale horse by william cooper

    the underground history of american education by John taylor Gatto

    Man, God and Civilization by John G. Jackson. (all of jackson's stuff on religion is good, he was an atheist, but he applied serious scholarship to his studies)

    Forgery In Christianity by Joseph Wheless

    Anacalypsis by Godfrey Higgins

    signs and symbols of the primodial man by Albert Churchward

    The african origins of biological psychiatry by Dr. Richard king

    Ancient egypt light of the world by Gerald Massey

    The wretched of the earth by Franz Fanon

    Black skins white masks by Franz Fanon

    Any and all books by Dr. Tony Martin former professor at Wellesley

    African origins of civilization by Cheik Anta Diop

    Civilization or barbarism by Diop

    Tragedy and Hope by Professor Carrol Quigley

    NOT OUT OF AFRICA by Prof. Mary Lefokowitz. (must familiarize one's self with the opposing arguments)

    Dictionary of Cultural Literacy by E.D. Hirsch (important to know what the system thinks is most important)

    Of course, the Bible, The Koran, The Torah and the Bhagavad Gita, as well as, the Lotus Sutra

    The Prince by Machavelli

    The art of war by Sun Tzu

    I can go on for days in all different areas. There are still hundreds if not thousands of books i haven't mentioned. The key here is to always keep an open mind and realize 'the world is as it should be, each person's path is as it should be, the TRUE TEST lies within!' You're gonna come across a lot of information, opinions and ideas and sometimes it will be difficult to sort everything out however when we come to realize that we all have our own unique individual experiences and we cannot disrespect another just because they come from a differing set of experiences that has shaped how they see the world. 'TO EACH THEIR OWN JOURNEY!' and most importantly, if i could say ANYTHING helpful, it would be:

    'To know is to understand that you do NOT know!' Study what you will study, believe what you will believe, journey to where you will journey, better yourself daily, do not impose you life on others, and to each their own journey!!!!!!

    These are a few things to get you started. When i return to my office on Wednesday, if you'd like I have a LONG listing of books and movies that i can post for you. be well and enjoy your journey!

  85. Jl Djr says:

    Ricky Negus also i tried to give the links to the movie Hidden Colors part 1 and 2, but it would not let me post it, so i you'd like google the movie 'Hidden Colors' free online. Both the 2011 documentary and the most recent follow up should appear. Be well.

  86. Jl Djr says:

    search for the following:
    Hidden Colors series Film series
    Hidden Colors is the name of an ongoing documentary series directed by Tariq Nasheed and produced through King Flex Entertainment.

    Director: Tariq Nasheed

    Movies: Hidden Colors, Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin, Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism

  87. David Jonathan Cross says:

    Buddha was not a God, and specifically told his followers to not consider him to be a God

  88. I'm glad someone noted that down!

  89. Ricky Negus says:

    Rhonda Henderson Thank you my divine Sista.

  90. Ricky Negus says:

    Jl Djr I have seen Hidden colors 1 and 2. The third installment is next on my list when I get the funds to purchase the DVD. The books you posted I've heard of a few and some I am just hearing about. I will make sure when I come across the necessary funds I will purchase these books and soak up all the knowledge I can. Thank u for the words of wisdom also. A lot of the things you said are the same things my father tells me. I guess it is really true that great minds do think alike. Also I would love for you to post that list of movies and books. Thanx again for taking the time out to drop some knowledge my way. Peace King.

  91. Ricky Negus says:

    Lucas Fahey Man you done veered off now. I don't even think you overstand what im trying to say here. Melanin codes for different complexions ranging from light, red, brown, black, and probably a thousand colors in between. all humanity owes it's origins to Africa. What im saying is that melanated people or African, or Black people have more direct ancestry to Africa. Non melanated people also have ancestry to Africa because we all come from Africa. But the people today known as Black have a more direct ancestry to Africa. You talk about living close to the equator and being distant from the equator as if different groups of people around the earth popped up and formed humanity. Modern science already confirms that humanity originated in Africa. These Africans were black complexioned. They had melanin to survive in the hot, sunny environment of Africa. If they didn't then they would have died out. So they were black. So that means that the first hue-man was black. This is not a black supremacist assertion it is a documented fact. Now how the original black man lost his melanin and pale skinned melanin deficient people aka white people appeared on earth. I have no idea. Also Melanin codes for many complexions. From light yellow to red to light brown to dark brown to jet black and a thousand colors in between. I never intended to say that lighter skinned Africans are more African than Jet Black Africans. Once again the San People of South Africa have the oldest genetic structure and their skin is golden brown and their eyes are slant like east Asians. This goes to show that all Phenotypes lie with in the African gene pool. Your comment is full of things I find wrong. But im just gonna end with this because I feel it is something you should know. The term Sub Saharan African is a fictitious term created to divide Africans below the Sahara from Africans above the Sahara and make it seem as if Africans never moved around Africa. Any body with a little knowledge knows that is a lie. There are a lot of things I just think you willingly refuse to accept but if that is so that is your business not mine. You positioned your comment on Culture, when the issue I bought up was one about genetics. I never said all cultures are the same. What you can't get around is the fact that there are different phenotypes of Africans with their ancestors coming from Africa. There are multiple types of Africans who left Africa with melanated skin and settled other lands. India is one of these lands. Do you know about the group of Africans known as Negritos who live in Asia? Who have melanated skin, slant, eyes, and nappy hair. Im not only saying that these people look like what we know black to be. Im saying that their ancestors migrated to various places from Africa, during the out of Africa migrations. The negrito Tribe of Malaysia is one of these groups. The indigenous Hawaiians, The Aboriginal Australians, The people of Melanesia.(which means the black islands). What I said was that The Earliest inhabitants of India were Black skinned people who migrated out of Africa. Also that the earliest depictions of Krishna show him to resemble these black skinned Africans. As well as Buddha. I see you just danced around my logic and never confronted it head on. But know I see why. You must honestly not know about the descendants of these Africans who migrated out of Africa. Also No! Every culture is not from a single place. I never said that. There is so much in your comment that either you misunderstood me on or just made up. But any way this is my last comment Peace.

  92. Jl Djr I just read every one of your posts lol. My mind has just been blown. I can tell you are very passionate about history, and I loved every second reading it. I couldn't help but grin while reading all of it. You utterly DESTROYED Lucas with your vast knowledge of history. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS! I took so much notes, no joke. My goal is to read every book you listed hahaha. I have much better knowledge of more recent history. Some of it I have gotten from 'The New Jim Crow' by Michelle Alexander, or 'Black Like Me' by John Howard Griffin. I need to venture out more. Unfortunately I have little time considering I am about to start medical school. I am a student of Tuskegee University. My grandparents were in the civil rights movements. My mother and grandparents are from Kansas City, Kansas. My father is from Nigeria. I am from San Jose, California though. My family's background made me quite interested in things like this, well my biggest influence was my mother haha. She kind of pushed me to get interested. Ever since I came out the womb my mother pushed me to learn the history of my people and never to forget the color of my skin, and I never have. I must thank you for the awesome read. I hope to know as much as you know about all of this and I hope to be as passionate as you when I am regurgitating all this information! I salute you my good sir!

  93. Jl Djr says:

    Casey Swaggamcdagga Anamah Thanks! Young folks like yourself and Ricky are what it is all about! you are about to embark on a serious journey with med school. you should have a solid foundation. a friend of mine, his dad used to be the dean of students at Tuskegee, but that was 30 years ago. (lol) Well, continue your reading and if you haven't watched the 'Hidden Colors' documentaries yet, please do. Also, remember to GIVE BACK!!!! one thing that has disturbed me is the unwillingness on the part of our 'intelligentsia to 'give back' in constructive ways. we don't all have to be members of social clubs or groups to get involved. We have 'specialized' skill sets that we can return to our communities. also, never stop studying. we have an opportunity to become life long learners and we should take advantage of that. Again, the same information I mentioned to Ricky re: journey, encounters and 'knowing' still apply. Never be satisfied, seek to continuously grow. Once i return to my office and locate a reading list i keep on hand, i will post a number of good books that should be helpful. I received the list many years ago from a young lady that was a graduate of howard university. she was fed up with what she felt wasn't being taught in the community so she took it upon herself to get the information and present it in seminar form to the DC/MD/VA community. i always thought the list provided a pretty good 'foundation' for deeper studies into our history, culture and more importantly, ourselves! Re: Lucas. I in no way want to disrespect his opinion or his experiences. those are uniquely his and have brought him to where he is today. No, i am merely speaking to what i've learned via my experiences. He's free to disagree, but i have no problem putting forth the information i've gathered and allow for a dissection. I'm confident in the information and as many have said, the deeper i seem to go, the darker it seems to get! (lol) Humanity is a great thing. Seek out positive like-minded folks of all backgrounds, races, colors etc… Form positive, growth orientated coalitions and always, ALWAYS seek to better yourself, not by stepping on or criticizing others and not by misguided 'competition.' Yes, it is good to be 'competitive' when one is seeking to 'get better.' Unfortunately, many of us have a 'win' at any cost mindset. That was not the way 'success' was defined in ancient Kemet. It was all about reaching a state of "PEACE" having your desires, but also achieving 'balance or MA'AT.' The universe responds to a mind set of CREATIVITY, so channel you competitive spirit into UNIVERSAL CREATIVITY! What is it that you can do that will allow you to live the life of your dreams, maintaining balance and return that energy to creation via assisting the growth of humanity. Doesn't have to be a monumental feat or gift, just the desire and intention to FEED creation by being creative in serving her children. By being upright, respectful and compassionate, you help others, by helping others (in any thoughtful manner) you help creation, and by helping creation you help yourself because the universe always, ALWAYS returns your good energy in direct proportion to your efforts. If you've never read Wallace Wattles, 'the science of getting rich' you should. It contains so excellent information on mindset. Be well.

  94. I really wouldn't waste my time debating with suspected white supremacists. You will never get them to be honest about history, because doing that would dispel the myth of white supremacy, and that wouldn't be in their best interests. Just take this information and share it with those who want to seek truth.

  95. Jl Djr You're right, truly words of wisdom. I thank you for the information, I will definitely look that book up as well.

  96. Jl Djr says:

    Ricky Negus I am posting a couple of helpful lists. these are not the list i have mentioned previously. that will come later, but after viewing these, there are several excellent books listed. you'll see some overlap in the lists, but you should have a fairly good time reading these and what is to come. enjoy! African Religion by Practitioners 25

    Ifa Will Mend Our Broken World. Wande Adimbola
    Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient Teachings in the Ways of Relationships. Sobonfu Some
    Yoruba World of Good and Evil. Conrad Mauge
    Olorisa: A Handbook of Yoruba Religion. Oba Oseijiman Adefunmi
    Introduction to African Religion. John Mbiti
    Metu Neter Vol. 1/2. Ra Un Nefer Amen
    Iwa-Pele: Ifa Quest the Search for the Source of Santeria and Lucumi, Falokun Fatunmbi
    Awo: Ifa & the Theology of Orisha Divination, Awo Fa'Lokun Fatunmb
    The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts, Baba Ifa Karade, Ifa Karade
    Ancestors: Hidden Hands, Healing Spirits for Your Use and Empowerment, Ra Ifagbemi Babalawo
    Imoye: A Definition of the Ifa Tradition, Baba Ifa Karade
    Black Gods – Orisa Studies in the New World by John Mason
    Tradition and Transformation, Koleoso Karade
    Ojise: Messenger of the Yoruba Tradition, Baba Ifa Karade
    The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts, Baba Ifa Karade
    Awo Obi: Obi Divination in Theory and Practice, Baba Osundiya
    Fundamentals of the YORUBA RELIGION (Orisa Worship), Chief Fama
    Sixteen Mythological Stories of Ifa (Ita Merindinlogun), Chief/Ms FAMA
    The Sacred Ifa Oracle, Afolabi A. Epega (Translator), Philip John Neimark (Introduction)
    Ifa: An Exposition of Ifa Literary Corpos, Wande Abimbola
    Ijo Orunmila, Fasina Falade
    The Adventure of Obatala Part 1/2, Ifayemi Elebuibon
    Oya: In Praise of an African Goddess, Judith Gleason
    Akan Protocol: Remembering the Traditions of the Ancestors, Nana Akua Kyerewaa Opokuwaa
    Tell My Horse : Voodoo and Life in Haiti and Jamaica, Zora Neale Hurston

    African Religion by Observers 8

    Introduction to African Religion. John Mbiti
    Flash of the Spirit: African and Afro-American Art and Philosophy, Robert Farris Thompson
    Osun Seegesi: The Elegant Deity of Wealth, Power, and Femininity, Diedre L. Badejo
    Secrets of Voodoo, Milo Rigaud
    Vodou: Visions and Voices of Haiti, Phyllis Galembo, Gerdes Fleurant
    Yoruba: Nine Centuries of African Art and Thought, Henry John Drewal
    Beads, Body, and Soul: Art and Light in the Yoruba Universe, Henry John Drewal
    Gelede: Art and Female Power Among the Yoruba (Traditional Arts of Africa), Henry John Drewal

    African History/Politics/Sociology 17

    Echoes of the Darkland: Themes of an African Eden. Dr. Charles Finch
    Introduction to African Civilizations, John G. Jackson
    African People in World History (Black Classic Press Contemporary Lecture), John Henrik Clarke
    Malcolm X: The Man and His Times, John Henrik Clarke
    Yurugu: An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior, Marimba Ani
    From Plan to Planet. Life studies: The Need for African Minds and Institutions. Haki Madhubuti
    Destruction of Black Civilization. Chancellor Williams
    Black Student's Guide to Positive Education. Zak Kondo
    Afrocentricity. Dr. Molefi Asante
    Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery, Na'Im Akbar
    Community of Self, Naim Akbar
    Let The Circle Be Unbroken. Marimba Ani
    How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America, Manning Marable
    How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, Walter Rodney
    Fulcrums of Change:African Presence in Early America. Jan Carew
    Community of Self. Naim Akbar
    Earthquakes and Sun Rise Missions: Poetry and Essays of Black Renewal 1973-1983, Haki R. Madhubuti

    African Fiction w/ Allusions to African Spirituality 2

    The River Between. Ngugi Wa Thiong'o
    Two Thousand Seasons. Ayi Kweh Armah

    East Indian 2

    Be as You Are. Sri Ramana Maharshi
    Meditation and Life. Swami Chininayanda

    Native American 3

    Black Dawn, Bright Day. Sun Bear
    The Sacred Tree: Reflections on Native American Spirituality. The Four Worlds Development Project
    Native Healer. Medicine Grizzlybear Lake

    Health 3

    Healthy Foods and Spiritual Nutrition Handbook. Keith Wright
    Vegetarianism Made Simple and Easy: A Primer for Black People. Zak Kondo
    Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine. Daniel Mowry

  97. Jl Djr says:

    Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart
    S.E.Anderson, The Black Holocaust for Beginners
    Na'im Akbar, Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery and [color=red]VISIONS[/red] for BLACK MEN
    Akil, From Niggas to Gods, Part One
    Chike Akua, A Treasure Within
    Molefi Kete Asante, Classical Africa
    Ayi Kwei Armah, Two Thousand Seasons
    Mwalimu Baruti, The Sex Imperative
    Anthony Browder, From the Browder Files
    Octavia Butler, Parable of the Sower
    James Cameron, A Time of Terror
    John Henrik Clarke, Africans at the Crossroads
    Gaidi Faraj, Ourstory: Afrikans from Antiquity to the 21st Century
    Sam Greenlee,The Spook Who Sat by the Door
    Asa G. Hilliard, Larry Williams and Nia Damali (eds), The Teachings of Ptahhote
    Jacqueline Johnson, Stokely Carmichael
    Indus Khamit-Kush, What They Never Told You in History Class
    Zak A. Kondo, The Black Student's Guide to Positive Education and His-storical Lies and Myths that Miseducate Black People
    Joseph Marshall, Street Soldier
    Patricia & Frederick McKissach, Rebels Against Slavery
    Erriel D. Roberson, The Maafa & Beyond
    J.A.Rogers, Great Men of Color, Vols. I & II
    Sister Souljah, The Coldest Winter Ever
    Carter G. Woodson, The Miseducation of the Negro
    Amos N. Wilson, The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness
    Bobby E. Wright, The Psychopathic Racial Personality
    Malcolm X, The Autobiography of Malcolm X

  98. Darja Worldhope says:

    Lucas Fahey

    Joseph and Mary (Matthew 2:14) went to (latter day Northern Africa) to Egypt to avoid King Herod. They had to have racially and culturally adjust to the new city to avoid detection and sent back to King Herod. Also there is a description in the Bible that Jesus had hair of wool. I choose not to be of concern regarding his race because he came for man's salvation from sin. For 12 year, Jesus lived on this Earth and no one knows where he went or what he did. There are many thing we still do not know about Jesus. Who knows during that undocumented time when he lived on Earth he may have transformed to all races and ethnicities to communicate with humans. Africa is the cradle of humans and science also validates. No human is better than the next. We should embrace knowledge to bettert understand one another and improve the world.

  99. Darja Worldhope says:

    Ricky Negus

    Could the jump of race initially start from an albino people whose family feared the melanin change or some other occurrence instituted humans to form a separation of humans . Maybe over time the albino children who were ostracized; escaped ; left freely on their own accord, ordered to leave, or due to some other reason such as separation due to a natural disaster may have formed their own clan and civilizations such as when Noah and his family where the only humans on Earth if you believe the biblical version. All of the above could have occurred different points and locations over time.

  100. Deb Robinson says:

    Mark Hudson Like you admit stolen. The industrialized world now have the military might and technology as advantage over some nations. All Africa needs to do is wake up and began the United States of Africa and enforce public schools, improve the infrastructure-power grid, roads. The continent is evolving and will be the next contender in the global market. The corporate world needs to do their part and pay for the minerals and manufacture in these countries-stop sending diamonds to Belgium for jewelry and and teach the trades to the Africans. Knowledge is power. Hopefully, Europe and the USA will lead the way to give better treaties and work with the United Nations and world banks for better loans. Treat all mankind fairly and with transparency. Peace.

  101. Lvida Fahey says:

    Jl Djr I appreciate you giving me the gateway to learn with your fountain of leads for me to pursue regarding the African roots of every human on earth and the panoply, the myriad of ways that seeded further advancements. Now, I understand who I am and my stance make me an *easy* target for what I say as being underread at best, but a vile racist or someone who was simply too caught up in my own perspective, to give AFrican or "Black" people props. (MAybe it's just a white thing but I'm very suspicious, in lieu of the one drop myth about putting binary labels on things like the millins of shades of "Black" and "white".

    But I'm gettting ahead of myself. I know about the vast dithering and flow of knowledge between Egypt and Greece. I'm open to new information, however, the thing about the Library of Alexander is that it lasted there for a very long time. Books from all over the world were accumulated there. I believe a lot of knowledge got appropriated. Virgin mary story you say too? Probably! Haha, look at trends in all of the mythology in religion canon. It seems familiar. I mean, how many space novels did Star trek spawn.

    But get this right, I didn't come foul at Ricky Negus about not being qualified until he alraedy disrespected me.

    I'm reading more.. You go on to basically preach. All I can say is I've heard of all this. Again, I don't know if you really know what your gripe is with me at this moment. you're just heaping volumes of data on me, and have no idea what exactly I said that warrants this, lol.

    All I originally disagreed with is this article is not written well. I'm disagreeing on a language point mostly. Do you know what they cited in this article about Budda's "Blackness"? A nearly 100 year old analysis of it. To say Budda was a man from Africa, is just not realistic with migration patterns.

    Also, to say the Black madonna was an AFrican inspired creation, or at least by Africans, would be TOTALLY agreeable! But, the way it's written in the article is to suggest that because there's a black icon from 1300 ad or somewhere around there, the imagry of Mary was derived from that. That's missing the CAtholic crystalization fo the church by at least 600 or so years da fuq!

    My original gripes here were about the article. NOT denying African identity and cultural influences. Take your white boy hunt somewhere

    I am not that guy, sir. Haha, I mean, I'm not the dude I most probably look like to you. I am a full believer that depending how you define "Black" the first colonizers who left in the waves of AFrican were truly "Black". Even when humans went north onto the plains, Siberia, Asia, the steppes and into Turkey and Europe and only the less meleanated ones of us thrived, we STILL had African DNA markers. SO by whose metric are we measuring 1.) "Blackness" and 2.) Africanness? Because my DNA primarily makes me AFrican, but my skin makes me "White".

    Migration timelines say that when Buddah lived, the people there had developed phenotypes of roughly modern day inhabbitants.

    ALL I can say is I'm pleased to have generated all this activity on my feed. Hopefully though, the very real wealth of understanding that Africa gave all humans the equipment to make it out on our own and face the harsh problems of the world, Africa gave us the brain, of many things nearly most special to me.

    JI Dir You used your gift profusely, can't blame you. But again, I ain't that guy, and you coulda saved yourself the time from the tirad and citing books. I've already had the college level classes in evolutionary migration, African history (last year) and world religions as well as a history major. As long as you're not talking aliens unloading Enki at the pyramid, I'm forced to rely on evidence, in the form of the scientific, and that so far has given me the basis to everything I've said best to my knowledge. I know eurocentrisim forgets conveniently accopmplishments and histories of cultures not "part" of the patriarchy racket. Interinstitutional, generational insidiousness, I am aware of and again, empathetic.

    I realize I have blind spots. Good luck touring the gift and introducing and proving people who think the Greeks just got all of their starts into medicine, astronomy, geometry, agriculture, etc on their own wrong.

  102. Jl Djr says:

    it's alright lucas, i could go into a number of things here and pick apart even you're last post, but i will not. you appear to be sincere in your questioning and so be it. 'i would only caution, as a professor in undergrad used to tell me, 'choose your words with more precision.' maybe later we can dissect that black madonna question you have, as well as, the one drop theory, one proposed by Thomas Jefferson because of the advent of all those mulatto babies in Virginia, it leads to the implementation of primogeniture. It's all good, keep seeking truth and being skeptical, just 'couch' your arguments with greater precision. folks are ALWAYS up for a good discussion. I still have a lot of books, as promised to post on this site, so ill be back from time to time. i've invited several "SCHOLARS' to also review this thread, as well. Also, remember that within the 'academy' there is often 'extreme' professional bias based on that 'same' skepticism you mentioned, although oftentimes, it is ego-centered because one becomes frustrated that the deeper one digs, the blacker things get. just one other thing. Please remember that it was stated that eygpt had two headquarters, one in africa the other in asia. history and evolution easily point to africian presence in early asia. remember, there were quotes that in order to be a real samurai, one must have 'african' blood. therefore, there is a very strong probability that Shakyumuni (Buddha) had african ancestary. oftentimes, like in the case of ancient greece, there were MANY BLACK WEALTHY GREEKS, but somehow, they got whitewashed out of history. Nowadays, with the ability to uncover all this information, folks have gained more PRIDE, just like in the song by Living Colour of the same name. Look, at least from me, no hard feelings and i wish you all the best on you quest/journey for truth and enlightenment. be well.

  103. Jl Djr says:

    Lucas Fahey also, if you'd like to discuss the annunaki, the sumerian tablets, and the works of zecahria stitchin, or the stories of the Nephilim, i'd be glad to participate. this is a search for truth, not ego. cultures adopt and adapt. also, no one is trying to say that the greeks or others had NO contribution to early civilization, folks are simply trying to set the record straight and give credit where credit is due. if you've embraced your african roots, then you realize we are all one race, human, with offshoots. what is SADDENING about the entire affair is that the african side of things for the most part, has been dismissed and that is a result of racism in its true definition via amos wilson, frances cress welsing and neely fuller. this is why you will oftentimes be met with immediate and vigorous reprisals when you choose to critique a lot of information. again, it's all good, as it makes for spirited debate, as long as folks are 'civil.' i'm sure there will be much lively debate in the future, as a new theory has emerged challenging the 'out of africa' foundational theory. this is supposedly based on dna evidence uncovered by some russian scientists. it is controversial and sparking discussion on both sides of the coin. consensus is still with out of africa, but you know how these things go. for the record, i don't know you, but i do know 'racism.' again, it is a 'system' an many of us are its victims. i shy away from painting with a broad brush calling every 'white' person a racist. we are all born into a 'racist' system and we become educated within it and begin to espouse its tenets. at least you are 'seeking' answers and you appear to be unsatisfied with conventional wisdom, at least to the point where you've begun to study these things. i ENCOURAGE you to speak your mind and to the 'truth' you believe you've discovered, how else will we as a race (human) move forward without debate, discussion and challenges. we know that alexander burn the library, but most don't know his reasons and that was to destroy any information that might prevent him from empire. it is said that alexander was just the beginning. we see this with napoleon and some speculate that french, british and american freemasons have been working to control this knowledge in concert with jesuits, the vactican and others for some time. who knows. as for your skin and whiteness. this is where i have a problem, but that stems for the use of this information by blumebach at gottigen univeristy, the caucasoid, negroid thing. we are either fully complemented with melanin or we have varying degrees of it or none from birth. 'african origins of biological psychiatry and the black dot theory.'' dr. richard king. so understand, i don't have a 'gripe' about your 'whiteness' or anything like that (lol) i understand 'semantics' and this is why my initial post to you suggested a discussion with SCHOLARS. I remember Dr. Van Sertima once responding to naysayers about african centered studies exaggerating things. he simply said, (paraphrasing) 'Look there is REAL SCHOLARSHIP HERE and this is where you must come to find it, not some nonsense that has been exptrapolated from findings, like the eygptians created airplanes opposed to the fact they had knowledge of aeronautics as evidenced from archeological findings. I am fully aware of some of the stuff out there that is actually a deterrent from studying african centered information, as it is mere speculation. trust me, just like you said you've heard it all, so have i, but i made a point to do primary source research and deeper investigation. i merely suggest, if you are a true seeker, to do the same. again Lucas, IT'S ALL GOOD DUDE, no gripes, no problems with you as a person, but i will always challenge information presented in an effort to 'set the record straight and/or get to the crux and truth of the matter. be well.

  104. Lvida Fahey says:

    Jl Djr Oh, so is that how the Japanese theory of Black Samurai links up with the Black Buddah theory? If so.. whoa. I mean, as far as the rational notion that a revolutionizing individual like Buddah would look phenotypically different in certain ways, among lily white Chinese and PAkistani folks. Do you think the SAmurai or Buddha would have benefited simply by having different characteristics than the people around them? Like the (I hate this word) exotic rockstar affect? Ya know, what Elvis tried to copy? Hah

    The problem with people basically in my demographic is that they aren't so much in denial about that their ancestors came over deNile, but that intangebiles like knowledge and culture, science and social phenomena did. Maybe where you live, there's people who really are like those…: "oftentimes, it is ego-centered because one becomes frustrated that the deeper one digs, the blacker things get. "

    But that's not me. Maybe old school chalky's, but my reaction is more along the lines of seeing an argument advanced that's very nuanced and also controversial not just because it's Afrocentric. It's often times not so much scrutinized, but that there's new data that pops up that confuses theories and needs to have them remade. I took my African history intro class and While Things Fall Apart is beautiful for relaying the viccisitudes of African culture of the MAasai. I know there's still a lot of data being gathered by now using new types of satelites in historical anthropology/ archaeology. I'd rather rely on the most advanced methods in historical analysis to give me my data, not just from writers, but from actual scientists who had peer-reviewed credibility. They're finding amazing things in the Amazon, pyramids under lush jungles. I just saw a presentation of proof of carvings found in the sahara that provide a fantastic corrolary to popular idea that the Sahara was a garden, a savanna at one time.

    Maybe I'm tripping here, the Afrocentric curriculum though has evolved and many different people can get different things out of it. Some use it biblically, evokeing Harlem rennaisance poets and sources. Others are more modern. Isn't having a canon of afrocentricisty prescribing to an ideology of sorts especially in lieu of new data that comes out of the ground yearly? Ideology is by definition a flawed because it's limited to itself. To look to Afrocentricity in lieu of the now very insightful fields of DNA analysis and modern human migration studies, I'd like to think I'd trust that data instead of data from a book 30 years old (while that book will still have a multitude of value.) What trips me out is that someone would compell me to take writers (not scientists who're presenting a study that's peer-reviewed) as credible in an age where science has bore us the very magical machine I'm using now to communicate with you via only the scientific method. The scientific method sets out to prove a hypothesis.

    So I personally react w/ skepticism becaue I am often confronted by Afrocentrists who essentially trigger hypothesis to me that are too broad. Too presumptive, like "Blacks invented science" or "Europeans got all their ideas from Africa". By now, I hope you'd agree with me that we're both conscientious, nuance sensitive and righteous people, aaaand "language conscious** like you say. But for real, HOW CAN I EVEN BEGIN TO DEAL WITH A STATMENT LIKE THAT SERIOUSLY? As if science was something that is so simple, it's invented once and all the fields within it are provided for. That Ancient Egypt invented calculus. That's too complex an issue to generalize on. And often people on all sides do that. THese are emotional claims and not really good at analyzing , looking at evidence and then making a statement that's not so absolutistly crafted. I mean there is literally no evidence of the wheelbarrow in history anywhere except first in Greece.

    While I am critical of ideology in general, and afrocentricity or eurocentricity being my favorites because I love history, I think Afrocentricity is vital because of the history of systematic oppression of Blacks. It's no coincidence that a marginalized people would be denied their own glorious and integral role in human prehistory. Stuff we're still learning a lot about. Sure you've heard of catal Huyuk and Gobekli Tepe.

    No doubt your journey is at least stimulating by wanting to talk about this. I engage about history online all the time because I beleive, in the complex, multifactored, multicausal intersection of all history is great communication. I will keep in mind the primacy on my language. Just remember that to fight the devil that is Massa (white interinstitutional oppressive forces) we must avoid propaganda, even if it is benevolent in the light of our cause, because it is what those who control everything have done to justify our oppression. Good luck on your journey revealing the much needed glory of Africa to the miillions!

  105. Jl Djr says:

    Lucas Fahey hey. i'll get to your post shortly. i've been searching for my reading list and can't seem to locate it, so i am trying to go from memory and my own library to recreate it as much as possible. I'll be back. (lol)

  106. Jl Djr says:

    these three sites with their listings picks up most of the things on my original reading list. some movies like the dark crystal and star wars for their 'metaphysical' perspective are missing, as is the information about the african centered tours of egypt offered by tony browder and numerous other. I hope this stuff helps!

  107. Jl Djr says:

    Lucas Fahey no i just mentioned the 'black samurai' stuff because it speaks to the knowledge of the african presence in early asia. however, Dr. Runoko Rashidi is probably one of the most knowledgeable scholars on this subject and you can easily google him and his information. See, i understand the difficulties in 'your demographic', but arts, science and culture does ORIGINATE in africa. I guess what i'm saying is: in general history it is presented that the greeks just developed culture, science etc….that simply is NOT TRUE, they were TAUGHT by african scholars. that doesn't mean that those same scholars wrote the odyssey or the Iliad. (lol) I'm glad that's not you! Suffice it for me to say this Lucas: I've really studied these things deeply. anyone who presents with a broad brush has missed the point and again, that is why encourage discussion with scholars, scholars who are also on the forefront of DNA analysis, as well. I am not one to speak about the 'superiority' of any one group over another, i am only about putting things in proper perspective. places like songhai and the university of timbuktu are NEVER discussed. HISTORY begins essentially with the ancient greeks in the west, thus whitewashing history. this creates a feeling of cultural and racial superiority in ignorant minds. you should NOT take a statement like 'blacks invented science as rational' because 'science' is broad, but what you should do is acknowledge those earliest african influence on arts and science, also again, remember lucas, there was a time and we are still within it where all things BLACK/AFRICAN were denied. if not, why the HUGE push against 'out of africa', some folks just can't deal with certain things. BY training i'm a psychotherapist, so i live in the worlds of wade nobles, frances welsing, amos wilson et al. I understand how the brain functions in relationship to these issues. that's why i have used words like 'cognitive dissonance.' I submit to you that within the academy we have many so-called 'scholars' that have a 'block' to accepting anything having african origins. this is very deep. the interesting thing is anywhere you go on the planet, we find evidence of something african or related. African scholars are fond of saying, 'we know where we've been because our ancestors told us, they left something to show they'd been there.' michael bradley's the iceman inheritance was immediately met with hostility, similar to that of the book 'the 13th tribe by Arthur Koestler.' Bradley just did not end up mysteriously killed with his wife. I digress though. I would love to rely on true scientific scholarship and there are many who are dealing with that, and the 'general' consensus has africa written all over it. That said: i'm not trying to disseminate this information to millions, maybe when i was much younger, but now i really only discuss the matters with those who have a 'sincere' interest. then i point them in a similar direction that i have taken, letting them know about the hills and valleys involved. As far as, things like calculus et al, it is obvious that this type of knowledge existed far before any 'europeon' given credit steps onto the scene. that is why you get those types of statements. the fact that all these types of things are attributed to 'europeons' is a result of conquering and a deliberate effort by a few (elites) to control the information flow and remove any resemblances to those they've conquered, enslaved and denigrated. When you think about it, it was absolutely necessary for the purpose of psychological control. it's like when you go into a lot of black folks homes and see the white jesus, more appropriately the depiction of appollonius of tyana the 2 century mystic. they keep this photo, yet if you ask them what color was jesus, they will first tell you IT DOESN'T MATTER, but the bible said he had feet like brass and hair like wool, YET they've got the white depiction in their homes. Lucas, i don't want to sound 'trite', but i have many white riends, i spent years in madison wisconsin, i grew up in the suburbs around all white people, NEVER ONCE HAVE I SEEN A BLACK JESUS IN THEIR HOMES! (lol) just one last thing: this morning during my morning commute i saw a young lady reading a book entitled ' the history of the woman of the wild west.' realistically, these types of books are not discovering, but rediscovering and presenting history that has always been around, but omitted. Today, we have the technology to find out much more, and as i said, the deeper we dig, the blacker things get. this upsets some folks, but hell, it ain't their fault, it's just that all the stuff was swept under the proverbial rug. Now we're finding it out and HIS STORY is starting to unravel. It will be sorted out one day, and i agree, we should proceed with caution, especially if we want folks to listen, understand and grow. again, be well.

  108. Jesus = Horus? Pffft. LOL Oh Internet scholarship how you make me laugh.

    Buddha isn't a God. And literally all historian agree Jesus is a historical person.

  109. Very fair points Kirb.

  110. Amani Robinson Exactly, our ancestors (all of them!!!) were African. All Europeans and Middle Eastern people are descended from AFRICANS!!! Yeshua is a brown-skinned Jewm not a European! The reason so many religions have similar stories is because humans passed the stories down orally. That does not change the fact that there is ONE God, ONE Messiah and ONE HUMAN RACE! PEACE to my brothers and sisters of color- we are all part of GOD'S family!

  111. True, white racists want to deny it, but we are all descended from AFRICANS- "Mitochondrial Eve" is our mother- she had dark skin. Unfortunately, I seem to be melanin-challenged- nothing I can do about it (I can't tan)! LOL

  112. Lee Howard says:

    There is no Black, Caucasian or anything else. The Universe created each to fit the rays of the sun. Simple. All religions are fiction about what that group of people understood about the beginnings. The Mind is a awful thing if used wisely but it can be dangerous if use unwisely. Yes man started out of Africa to fill the land mass. He changed as he moved. All stories of the reality of man's beginning is only a fiction created by his mind.

  113. Lee Howard says:

    Tabitha Elkins yes you are as much one with the Universe as anyone and all life came from the slime created by Atoms. No Adam. "Adam" was man's attempt to say he understood so he wrote a book of fairytales or thoughts of his past. Where your ancestor lived determine your complexion but you are right, it started out of Africa and man became lighter as sun's rays didn't impact his complexion. There never was a mother or father, there is only oneness and it has no sex. We humans seem not to want to acknowledge that we don't know so we create us a story that seems right. Male and female exist in every animal so was there an Eve who was a rat, fish, bird?

  114. why does everyone want to rule the world God is love and love is the opposite of the power this world feeds on why does it always have to be about race and revenge why can't we just hit respect for all this is what God would want. its not about race its about awareness. its about you can be racist or you can be cool but you can't be both.

  115. if anyone is otherworldly let them go home and people can get past all this nonsense.
    in the end its all about money y'all all fighting over money.

  116. Thank you so much for this article. Much needed and most appreciated. Sharing. So much knowledge to get and so little time. Bless.

  117. Are people really arguing over the skin ton of gods that are myths? Sad Sad day.

  118. Nixon Manuel says:

    Excellent article! Thank you Tracy.

  119. Joe Magee says:

    No. White supremacy is a term brought about by the European race.

  120. Reggie King says:

    White supremacy is not for all whites. To be considered u have to have billions of dollars. See this 1% with all the power and money will kill these average everyday white pple ass trying to get to me. If u don't have the money and power u can't have the I'm white supremacist attitude.

  121. Antonio Toro says:

    It's funny how they mention Christianity and Mary in a negative light while positioning their words to make both Mary and Christianity seem "WHITE". At the same time failing to mention that in Ethiopia Christians have existed for well 1,000 years! And the majority of people in the bible are black, seeing how a good deal of the bible takes place in Africa and the middle east. White people dont play an important role until Rome comes about trying to concur all in sight. You don't think they would white wash the most important Book and names in the world??? Come on people think and read.

  122. The fact that they say that Christianity came from an Egyptian idea is the lack of education when Egypt and Ethiopia were early Christian countries, though many stories in the bible were created into movies to steal the true identity of the true Israelites and Egyptians, of which were black men and women, the truth is until they start moving into gentile countries(Greek) most of the bible of of African men and women. Christ was black as was Mary and Joseph, David, Solomon, etc even king James. Know for yourself.

  123. I came for the article but it seemed appropriate to share the message on one of our shirts:
    "Genesis 1:26 – 27 and Genesis 5:1 assert that the first man and woman were made in God's image. Now Science has traced our DNA back to Africa. That makes God a black African." Share the message and by the shirt at

  124. I would disagree, and I have evidence. White supremacy exists everywhere. In the UK there are tests done by the BBC using the same or equivalent CVs and resumes sent to a job posting, the only difference being the name changed from one that sounds white, to one that sounds African and one that sounds Asian. Despite the details otherwise being the same (just re-arranged heavily), 73% of the white guys get invited to be interviewed, and only 13% of the African names do.

    That, my good sir, is white privilege. If you would like another example, go ahead. I have many.

  125. There are no historians that actually wrote about Jesus in his time, and no records of his life or death anywhere earlier than 200AD. Fact.

    Strange then how you came to your conclusion that so many historians believe that Jesus existed… were they all perhaps… Christians?

  126. Justin Corriveau Richard Carrier? You think Richard Carrier is a real historian? OH man if you are going to be a skeptic be a smart one.

    Richard Carrier is clearly not familiar with the material as his field of expertise is Greco Roman literature. Jesus was a first century Palestinian Jew. No one takes Richard serious. No one cites him in scholarly articles (except to mock perhaps).

    I check you Wikipedia link. Let's see what modern scholar they have listed:

    Tom Harpur – a Classicist, theologian, priest, and journalist. Not a Historian much less a NT historian. really?

    Robert M. Price – Theologian and NT scholar. That's you best condidate right there…


    well hmmm… it doesn't list anyone else.

    Hey did you bother to read the Wikipedia entry? Here is an excerpt —->.

    In general, modern scholars who work in the field largely agree that Jesus himself did exist historically, but scholars differ on the historicity of specific episodes described in the Biblical accounts of Jesus,[15] and the only two events subject to "almost universal assent" are that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist and was crucified by the order of the Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate.[16][17][18].

    Christ Myth theories find virtually no support from scholars. According to New Testament scholar Bart D. Ehrman, most people who study the historical period of Jesus believe that he did exist, and do not write in support of the Christ myth theory.[134].

    That's from the very page you sent me to.

    Check video below to hear what a real skeptical historian Bart Erman has to say about Jesus' existence:

  127. Every single one of your responses refer to 'Christ', not Jesus Christ. 'Christ' and 'Christus' are titles and translate to 'the anointed one' or 'the special one' in hebrew. It could just have easily been a future prediction about Cristiano Ronaldo.

  128. The fact is billions of people disagree with you, and even those that don't disagree with you see the value of changing the color of the individuals which others worship for their own gain.

  129. Lee Howard says:

    Andrew it isn't White Supremacy. No such thing. What you are talking about is Black Stupidity. Having been on this earth sixty eight years I have watch Black people act like puppies toward the White man. He determines their God. He determined who they can have sex with. No man can take from you what you give him. All this talk about the White man is bull. Niggers needs to understand that whatever God is God is just as Black as his ugly behind. White man is not making Nigger women run and jump up and down and act like a fool about a story book. Don't Blame the White man for your stupidity. Today, on this day I myself moved myself from the cotton fields of Georgia to go to California getting rid of the Nigger attitude and went to college and open my own business. I am a Black man who has retired from his own business. I own my home. Paid cash for it. There is nothing around me that I don't own. White man did nothing but helped me because I, not some Nigger woman took it upon myself to listen to them. They taught me how to get rich. Right now, in this time frame the are no Black people anyway. They are people moving from under that bull Jesus trip that has kept the Colored people afraid of this fire they were told in a fairytale. Now if you want to move on get rid of this White and Black and Red because its you that create this Jesus crap now, not the White man.

  130. Lee Howard says:

    Kirb, Jesus is not a real person. Fool. There is a meaning to the name Jesus. The meaning is "I AM". The same as Yahweh which is I AM. God freckling God at all. Fool sit down and think for a minute. Jesus is "I AM". Yahweh is "I AM". Who the hell are you? Ask yourself this simple question. Who are you? Can you say I am and mean somebody else? Fool you are "I AM". Yahweh or God is one letter, one word, one individual. Who is this oneness? "I". It is the only word in the whole English language that can make a sentence without any other word or letter. "I" stand alone. Listen. The word. Not words in the bible. Word. Single. "I" is the word. Fool its you. You determine your fate. Jesus was never meant to be historical. It is a story just like three pigs. Three pigs. Me Myself and I. Where is the safety? "I". Mary had a lamb. This was her ego. She took her ego to school. Any time you take your ego anywhere you act like a fool. Story book.

  131. Again. No historian agrees with you. Also Jesus doesn't mean I AM. It means God with us. but even if you are right what on earth does have to do with the question of Jesus' being a historical person?

    My name means "who is like God?" becuase my name has a meaning does that somehow mean I don't exist?

    Any the rest of what you typed is gibberish.

  132. Egyptians and Ethiopians weren't pioneers of Christianity, even though the movement of it came out of Egypt first and then Ethiopia being a second base. The Hebrews who wrote the OT were the European invaders before the Greeks, who stole Nile Valley Spiritual Science from Egypt, Ethiopia, and Canaan. To get away with the claim to be possessor of Supreme Knowledge, Authority, and Dominant humans they wrote a false OT to uproot actual history of Africans. Canaanites and Ethiopians are the true Ysraelites. And they had more than one god. The original semantic language was a later Phoenician, that emphasized the Els (gods). Historical records show a relationship with Egypt and Canaan. King Una's temple has the oldest scripture known to man. It revealed Egypt was assisted in spell casting with Canaanites. It displayed signature snake spells. Coincidence Moses supposedly used a snake spell, and the land of Canaan was taken over in their book. The Egyptian records tell a completely different story. It explained the Hykos(shepherd kings) took over Egypt for some time, but were overthrown eventually. It said they came from the north. During the time they occupied Egypt they had mixed offspring, which got named ibiru (Hebrew). Egpyt and Ethiopia had a Christian beginning due to the Greeks invading doing the same as Hebrews.

  133. Lee Howard says:

    Keanston Taylor my young man you are so wrong. The Old Testament wasn't written by the Hebrew people. The Torah was written by the Hebrew people. Europeans used the stories in the Torah to write the Old Testament. Egypt? The Hebrews never occupied Egypt. One of the tribes were slaves in Egypt of their own accord. The Egyptians did not make them slaves. They were nomads. They travelled throughout Africa. The story of Mary and Jesus was that she was a virgin. Not a virgin is sex. She had been laid, had sex but she was pure in her Hebrew teaching. She was purely Hebrew. She had not allowed any other teaching in her consciousness therefore she was a virgin. There seven tribes in the Hebrew nation. Read the Torah. It is the history of the Hebrew people as told by themselves. Not all correct but its their version.

  134. Lee Howard says:

    Julian Harmon, There were no Christ from Mary and Joseph. There were Christ before a Jesus was created. Yes the Egyptians were dark, not Black. Please listen. There are no Black people in the world except in the USA. Everybody else is whatever Country they are born in. Look in the Hebrew alphabet. No letter J. None. They couldn't spell the name Jesus, Joseph, Judas or John. End.

  135. Lee Howard says:

    Antonia Toro, Ethiopia did not have a Jesus. They were never Christian. They were nomads who practice Muslim. The Bible was written in Europe. King James Version. Listen to it. Version? This means that there were other versions or writing of the same story. Its like you tell a story and someone who heard you tell the story ties to tell the story himself. It is never the same. It was a contest to see who could write the story best to satisfy King James. Simple

  136. Lee Howard says:

    Kirb Brimstone, Buddhism is a teaching. There is no religion. The Buddha never claimed to be god of any kind. There are no historian who has said that this "Jesus" character was a real person. Kirb, I will aid you. There is no letter J in the Hebrew alphabet. They couldn't name a child Jesus, John, Judas or Joseph. Fact. Look it up yourself. No Jesus.

  137. Lee Howard says:

    Marquis, no. This is about the reality of J in Hebrew. There is no letter J.

  138. Lee Howard says:

    Tabitaha Elkins, I have a fact for you. The Bible was written in Europe. Fact. Spirit? Can you see spirit? If you can not see this spirit that you speak of then it must be a mental action because the fact could be seen by the eyes. If you say it is mental then understand that mentality is never reality. Mentality is a thought. Nothing more. Yah is White people talking. What is reality can't be said. There are no words for what exist beyond the speech or the brain. Yes be are all Brothers and Sisters and if you push the idea that some White man who is my God wrote a book about himself to tell Colored People they could be owned as slaves, my lady you have a personal problem. God, Deity is whatever I Am. Read these books my dear. I AM that I AM. Krishna in the Gita which is Hindu speaks of the Oneness with whatever is created. Black people are the only people in the world who don't have a God or Deity that looks like them. When the white man thought of Jesus he is White like them. In China and Japan Buddha is Oriental Buddha never left India. Marc Polo took Buddhism to those countries. Black people, I say again, Black people are the only people who do not have a God that looks like them. The White man has Jesus being White.

  139. Lee Howard you are wrong. The oldest biblical text that exist is written in Latin and Greek. You will find no ancient proto-sinianitic (proto-canannite) written text of any scripture. Because there is none. The best you can do us the dead sea scrolls which doesn't predate no ancient African records. And it still is in Hykos (Hebrew and not Proto- Canaanite). The Hebrews were European invaders. I just said OT to generalize the Torah, Tannaka, etc. all in one. None go back beyond 2000+ years. And the Hebrews combined Sumerian text, Egyptian text, and other African text when the held power to make up the entire OT. I submitted facts. Compare dates of the African records to the bible.

  140. Lee Howard says:

    No you are wrong again. What you are speak of is the Torah. Not the bible. You seem to forget that the Hebrew people never had a written language of their own. The had to use Greek once they were imprison in that country. Now you spoke of the Bible. Not the Torah. The Bible, Listen please, "King James Version". Any fool would know right off that the word "Version" means there are other versions. Colored people could read so they didn't know any better. Niggers never understood what "Version" meant so they took it as their God's words when it was only a version. Look up the word. If you want to be stupid look up the word and be an educated stupid person. Okay

  141. I research. That's why I gave you a factual Egyptian account of who the Hebrews really were. It's in both Egyptian and Canaanite tombs. Long before any Torah, biblical scripture, etc. That's why you're stuck on using any biblical record or an impossible to prove claim of oral tradition. Ancient civilizations artifacts and tombs, which go back 3000 years before any mention of Hebrews kills your oral claim. Lee Howard you're a zombie who is the dumb one because you can't break away from the slave owners information. You still hold on to anything that can validate that book and Jesus for you. Just like most old folks. We are in a new age. Access to information is different than when you were coming up. I know a bible wasn't in form yet at one point int time. If you could read my comments, I went back before the Hebrews stole writing, language, and teachings of other people to even began a history of the bible dumb old ass. How can 2 different 3000 year old tombs tell actual history vs your oral claim?

  142. Mr.Taylor were not invaders, and not even Europeans. The Hebrew language predates Abraham. It comes from Aramaic, the parent language of Hebrew. Hebrew comes from the term "ivreet" meaning he who has crosses over. And the Israelites are his grandchildren, Jacob's 12 sons spawned the nation of Israel. Shem is the father of all the nations coming out from Abraham's loins. Read and do the knowledge from yourselves. Peace.

  143. Correction the Hebrew were not even European.

  144. Boo Seafus says:

    Krishna. Hare Krishna. The God to which you refer to as whitewashed. Totally bogus information. The Hare Krishna Temple in Atlanta has Krishna on the altar in his beautiful form. This form is black. Check it out.

  145. Lee Howard Torah means OLD TESTAMENT. The torah isn't only a hebrew book. The christians call it the old testament and the muslims call it " the hebrew bible) and respect all the prophets mentioned in it. King James version is the NEW testament. The term bible is used for both.

  146. Egiptians where not black people. Yo can see the diference in their own paintings. This is how egiptians painted themselves

    You can even watch blonde ones

    And, this is how agiptians painted black people

    A representation of Ramses fighting against Nubia (a real black civilization)

    Representation of Ramses defeating the enemies of egypt

    The black one represents nubians, the bronced skin represent itita (semitic, same skin color tha egiptian) and the last one posibly aesirians (arab). You can see the ethnic diferences in this picture. This prove that egyptians where no black people. They where bronze colored skin because they lived in a very sunny place.

    I´m sorry por posible orthografic mistaques. I´m not a native english speaker.

  147. Anita Wills says:

    The Beta Israel Jews are the original Jews who were called Falasha, meaning, "Nomads." They were Christ line and came out of Ethopia into Egypt and then went into Israel. Yes they were Jewish, but the Beta Israel were the first Jews to convert to Christianity. That does not mean everyone of them converted as the original Beta Israel have recently been allowed into Israel. They were the last to be taken to Israel, where they live in poverty and aparthied like conditions.

  148. Anita Wills says:

    Lee Howard The Beta Israel Jews came out of Ethopia into Egypt and then into Israel. Christ line is of the Beta Israel Jews. In Biblical Times there was no Middle East and Ethopia controlled most of the region, including Sudan, Cush, and Chad. The only part they did not control was Egypt which had it's own dynasty. There are Pyramids buried under the Oswan Dam that Rival anything built in Egypt.

  149. Anita Wills says:

    Jw Kirkpatrick I was raised in one Jw and you are so right. I still have nightmares.

  150. Anita Wills says:

    God is spirit! Not a color and we are talking about a world created by Europeans who want to portray themselves as Gods. I don't worship a man or his likeness because, Every Man That is Born Shall Die! The spirit of Creator resides within us, and that is the only Master I answer to.

  151. Anita Wills says:

    Tabitha Elkins I had a DNA test through Family Tree DNA and it came back 87% European, 8% Native, and 5% African. That is my maternal straight line DNA and it opened my eyes. My mothers people are mixed raced, African, Native, European. My Ancestor (Tara), left Africa, traveled over the Iberian Peninsula (or just walked across), and settled in the Basque Region of Spain, they then traversed Europe, and settled in Britain (Wales), and were there when the Anglos and Normans invaded. Her descendant traveled to Virginia around the 1600's which is where my maternal lines were for many generations. However, Evangelical Right Wing White Folks don't want us to talk about this truth, as they are stuck on Jesus and God being White!

  152. What is "bogus information"? It is absolutely true that Krishna has been "whitewashed". Just google Krishna and tell me how many of those images are black. I'm glad *you* personally know more about Krishna, and that this statue in Atlanta is accurate, but this was completely news to me. (I've even read The Upanishads, and had a class on Eastern Religions… and now, ten years later, I learn that Krishna was black.)

  153. Antonio Toro says:

    Lee Howard please continue your research.

  154. i always thouight created god dreffrent kind of people no one hase same DNA or same body i tought everybody see GOD diffrent there own mind and that were suppost worship only one GOD not by image of picture .

  155. Ashia Erica says:

    what exactly is 'Black people'??? I believe the 'Black' people you reference to is the 'Westernized' understanding: that 'people from geografical or ancestral africa' are considered 'black' There are MANY SHADES OF BEING 'BLACK' IN THE WESTERNIED WORLD… All People of Color (I.E. 'Black People's) ancestral roots come from Africa. As a matter of fact. All human/hominid life (as we so far know) originated in Africa. What we don't know (or at least what they won't tell us) is how or where 'White'/'People of non color/melanin' mysteriously come from.

  156. Lee Howard says:

    Kenston Taylor you are wrong. I am not a Christian of any kind. I think the whole thing is stupid. None of this has anything to do with Africa other than the Hebrews were in the continent of Africa. Nothing more. You are angry at someone but mister I am not the one. Hebrew people stole nothing from anyone but a language to write their history of the Torah. They never left the continent of Africa. There is no middle east. That is a continent. Africa is not a conuntry. Concerning the slave owner's information, I have no connection with the plantation, it sounds like you have a problem with your own reality. Your reality is that some of your perple were slaves and some of your people were slave owners. You yell about the slave owner. Mister this is history and reality, there are no people today nof African desent that doesn't have European genes in their history. You are as much a White Man as Any White Man with different skin tone. History, the slave owner went to the slave quarters and had sex with the women in the slave quarters and she gave brith to his own and he sold them as property. So get off the idea of you being only African. My grandfather was Caucasian. My granddaughter has a Japanese grandmother, Caucasian grandfather, I am mixed with many things including Native American, my wife's grandmother was mixed and her father was a malato, half and half if they don't know what that means, so we don't degrade anyone for history. I see all books as a story that came from someone's head. Bible as fiction. So I suggest you get off that of being separate from other people to realize that you are just like them with different skin tone.

  157. Lee Howard says:

    Alexander Aguet, Torah doesn't mean Old Testament. Smile. That is funny. I am not a Christian so I will not call something that the Hebrew people named Torah anything but that. I went to a Passover celebration and they passed on their history to their young. Many Races of people except the people of my Race which is made up of many Races don't pass on their history on to their children. If they did we wouldn't have such stupidity exist in among the people. This is why you have such stupidity of how they came to exist in the Universe. Listen very closely. Listen to the word. Version. Look this up. Just this word, "Version". If I gave you software and it worked like windows what would you can it? It would be a version of windows right? So research and you will find that there were many versions of the Bible. Each King or every providence had his own version.

  158. Ashia Erica But there are not blonde or redhead black people. Both are caucasic hair colors. And both where hair colors wo existed in ancient Egipt. The pharaon Ramses II was a redhead man. Have you ever seen a natural redhead black man? Egiptian were semitic people, like the most of the north african folck of that time.

  159. Taya Tru says:

    Javier Martínez Amorós there are plenty ppl of color with red and blond hair… whutr ppl descend from blacks so NOTHING is solely white trait… their are black ppl with blue eyes…

  160. LLoyd Gordon says:

    David Ferrone Try to contact (formerly ISKON), THEY ARE ABLE TO TEACH YOU ALL THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT Sri KRISHNA. I am sorry to hear of your apparent dismay, or sense of confusion. Ishwara!

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