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Woman Publicly Denounces Delta Sorority Over Contradictions with Christian Faith, Backlash Ensues

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Centennial Celebration in Baltimore, Maryland. (Jay Baker/MDMaryland GovPics/Flickr)

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Centennial Celebration in Baltimore, Maryland. (Jay Baker/MDMaryland GovPics/Flickr)

A woman announced she will no longer be a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated because it clashes with her Christianity. Angela Crenshaw wrote about it in an open letter and was immediately met with divided commentary on her decision.

In a blog titled “Denouncing Delta: A Story of Reflection from Former Sorority Member,” Crenshaw questioned the rituals and principles of the organization, a not-for-profit comprised of mostly Black women members that focuses on aiding the Black community.

“How can you be a Christian organization and not mention Jesus Christ?” she wrote on Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman. “He is the foundation of CHRISTianity. (Pastors and ministers are human, too). The rituals mention God but in order to get to God, you must first go through the son, Jesus Christ. (John 14:6). Also if the organization is founded on Christian principles, why did the founders think it was okay to place Minerva (Roman Goddess) on the shield that I wore across my heart?”

Crenshaw, who did not reveal what university she joined the Deltas through, also questioned the push to idolize Minerva.

“As I read the Pyramid book, the founders want the sorors to admire Minerva’s mind, body and spirit — Yes, SPIRIT — which means we are giving her life.” she said. “However, if I am a Christian, how can one do that when my body is filled with the Holy Spirit? I admire Jesus Christ.”

After listing her other issues with Delta, which included the nine cardinal virtues and taking an oath, Crenshaw surmised the sorority “is a cult.”

“Delta is its own religion. So, why would anyone even think it’s Christian?” she said. “Yes, it promotes community service and helping others, fighting for justice and academic excellence. But what is a man that gains the world but loses his soul? (Mark 8:33-37). Delta is becoming more of the world and not of God.”

“When we serve the community, [Jesus] wants us to do it in His name, not in the name of DELTA,” she concluded. “He wants our sisterhood and bond to be holy and with Jesus Christ at the center of it all!”

In the comments section, some backed Crenshaw, while others disagreed.

Chloe, who described herself as a “proud member” of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, disagreed with Crenshaw’s remarks and the way she denounced her

A commenter who went only by D decided there were improvements Black Greek Letter Organizations could make. However, the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity member urged Crenshaw to notice the positives of BGLOs.


Diamond, who noted she was both a Delta and a Christian said Crenshaw made the wrong choice by leaving, deeming her assessment “logically flawed.”

dst-proudOn the other hand, Chrystal Bernard, who denounced her Alpha Kappa Alpha membership, thanked the former Delta for her post.denounce-aka

A former Alpha Phi Alpha member named Stan also stood by Crenshaw.


Meanwhile, Ms. J echoed Crenshaw’s claim about Delta Sigma Theta being a cult.


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