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Republican Gets History Lesson Over Things That Are Worse Than Removing Confederate Monuments

Corey Stewart described the removal of the Liberty Place monument as “madness” on Twitter.(@CoreyStewartVA/Facebook)

Conservative Republican Corey Stewart had a few choice tweets about the removal of Confederate monuments in New Orleans, prompting the public to give the Virginia gubernatorial hopeful a swift history lesson.

Stewart voiced opposition to the Monday, April 24, removal of the Liberty Place monument, which commemorates white people who attempted to overthrow an integrated Reconstruction government and displayed a white supremacist inscription. Stewart also was upset about the scheduled removal of the statues of Confederate Generals Robert E.Lee and P.G.T. Beauregard and Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis.

Several commenters promptly schooled Stewart.

Many more took issue with Stewarts’ later tweet, including John Legend.

Others called out the politician, who is a Minnesota native, for not being a true Southerner.

Stewart didn’t ignore the criticism. He addressed it head-on in a series of tweets.

But Twitter users didn’t back down.

Some called out his use of the term “snowflake.”

Others educated Stewart once again.

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