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Beverly Hills Cop Made Inappropriate Comments After Exposing Whitney Houston’s Body?

Police officer makes sexual comments about Whitney's dead body A Beverly Hills police officer allegedly made inappropriate comments about singer Whitney Houston and uncovered her body after she was found dead in February 2012. To make matters worse, the police department seems to be taking the officer’s side.

Patrol Sgt. Brian Weir claims that Detective Sgt. Terry Nutall arrived at the scene and “mistreated” the body in a way that was shameless and disgusting.

In fact, the events that look place in the hotel room were enough to push him to tell higher authorities about what happened, although it didn’t seem as if they were interested in hearing anything negative about Nutall.

According to Weir, Nutall pulled the sheet covering Houston’s body down far enough to expose her pubic area before making sexually driven comments.

“Damn, she’s still looking good, huh?” Nutall said according to Weir.

Weir also claimed that Nutall made several other comments about Whitney’s body and said that she certainly looked good for a woman her age.

When Weir reported the incident, he explained that Nutall “treated the dead body… in a way that would outrage ordinary family sensibilities.”

In addition to disrespecting her body, Nutall also allegedly made careless decisions that could have compromised evidence at the scene of Whitney’s death.

Weir added that Nutall “moved the body of the decedent from the position of death without the permission of the coroner,” which could have potentially contaminated DNA and harmed “the integrity of the scene.”

While his fellow officers don’t seem to want to speak up about the matter, there is another person who heard the inappropriate remarks.

Beverly Hills police officer makes inappropriate comments about Houston's dead body When investigators were in the hotel room, Ray J was outside in the hallway when he heard something that infuriated him so much he couldn’t help but try to retaliate.

The R&B singer, who was romantically involved with Houston around the time of her death, had to be restrained after he heard officers say something about the body and then begin to laugh together about it. When it once more, Ray J attempted to charge into the room at the officers but was restrained yet again.

At that point, he was removed from the floor to prevent any further problems.

Other law enforcement officials are saying that the stories just aren’t true. They insist that the allegations have just been made up.

In the mist of all the drama, Weir has since been denied promotion opportunities, pay for overtime, and has been endlessly ostracized by fellow officers.

Nutall, on the other hand, has received a promotion.

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