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Drake and The Game Give Back: Donate $20,000 to Ohio Woman Who Lost 5 Kids in House Fire

Ohio woman loses family in house fire

Rappers The Game and Drake have gifted over $20,000 to Ana Angel, an Ohio woman who lost her five children and boyfriend in a tragic house fire earlier this month.

The Game has been busy giving back to the community as a part of The Robin Hood Project and he has promised to give away $1 million of his own money to people who need it the most.

He’s sharing his journey through social media and while Angel isn’t the first person he’s helped, her story certainly gained a lot of attention.

Angel was working her shift at Burger King on Sept. 15 when suddenly her boss was forced to give her some terrible news.

Her manager, Pat Boes, told Angel that her home had burned down and none of her family members survived.

The Game took to Instagram to tell his followers about the tragic story and to let them know that he was here to lend a helping hand.

“Meet Ana Angel, a mother of 5 who lost her 5 children & her boyfriend (father of her youngest) in a house fire early Sunday morning in Tiffin, Ohio,” he wrote on his Instagram. “I can deal with a lot of things but people losing their children is something that kills me every time.”

The Game was ready to pitch in and one of his hip-hop buddies was quick to assist in his efforts.

“I just happened to be on the phone with DRAKE @champagnepapi & told him about it so he offered to help alongside me,” he continued.

He went on to reveal that between the two of them, Angel would be receiving $20,000 to go toward the funeral costs of her children and boyfriend, in addition to getting a car.

Woman in Ohio loses five children, boyfriend to house fire The producers of The Game’s reality show, “Marrying The Game” also wanted to pitch in and donated $2,500 for the cause.

The Game wasn’t the only one telling the story on his social media either. Drake soon after posted the story and told his followers that what The Game is doing right now will never be forgotten.

While most hip-hop stars aren’t really concerned about giving back to the community outside of their own ‘hood, The Game was inspired to give back because he felt bad about not being able to give an African child he met in Australia more than $20.

After hearing the kid’s story he offered him all the money he had on him, which at the time wasn’t more than $20. The child’s story of hardships and struggles never left him and it wasn’t long before The Robin Hood Project was underway.

“I have decided to give $1,000,000 to people I come in contact with around the world everyday until Christmas,” he said. “Don’t even know if that’s possible but I’ve set my heart on trying!!! I’ve created a new account specifically for those who would like to Follow @therobinhoodproject & support me on this journey.”

So far The Game has donated money to 14 people, but the amounts of the donations were nowhere near high enough to get him remotely close to his goal.

The rapper has only given out a little more $20,000 of his own money since Drake and “Marrying the Game” producers helped him foot the bill for Angel.

He still has quite a bit of money to give away before Christmas time – $978,080 to be exact.

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