‘Marrying The Game’ Season 2 Finale: ‘Can I Marry The Game?’

Big trouble is brewing between The Game and Tiffney because she believes that he is not taking the relationship seriously. Last week Tiffney called off the wedding because Jayceon wouldn’t fully commit to her. Tiffney shouted at Jayceon, “I called off my whole wedding behind this bullshit and ain’t nothing changing. Do you realize?” She has been suffering for a long time as Jayceon tries to juggle family life and his rap career, now we’re left wondering if she will ever marry The Game.

On the next episode of “Marrying The Game,” while away in Cabo, The Game tries to make everything right, arranging a romantic candlelight bubble bath for him and Tiffney.

Tune in to watch the season finale of “Marrying The Game” at 9:30/8:30c on VH1.

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