Dwyane Wade Nearly Missed BFF’s Wedding Because of Flat Tire (Video)

LeBron James tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Savanna Brinson, over the weekend and his teammate and guest Dwyane Wade almost missed the festivities.

Wade posted this video on his Instagram account with the hashtag  #wemaynotmakethewedding, which appears to be a road-side assistance repair man repairing a flat tire on the side of the highway.

The flat tire turned out to be a minor delay, so Wade and his girlfriend, Gabrielle Union, made it to the ceremony on time. Don’t expect to see any video or photos of the wedding though, James and Brinson did a really good job of keeping their private weekend out of the media. The Miami Herald reported that their guests even used umbrellas to shield their identities from helicopters that were flying above to take photos.

Jay Z, Beyonce, Ne-Yo, Drake, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul were all expected to be in attendance, but it’s not clear exactly who was there.

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