Co-signed: Shaolin’s Finest Records Remix of Drake’s ‘Wu-Tang Forever’


wu-tangSince Drake dropped the latest single from his highly anticipated album, “Nothing Was The Same,” there has been lots of chatter about the track, “Wu-Tang Forever.” Drake released the song on Thursday, and although it’s good, the cut was definitely not what hardcore Wu-Tang fans were expecting. Although there has been some backlash on social media from fans, members of the Wu-Tang Clan actually support the record and reportedly are remixing the Drake track. According to

“For those underwhelmed by the Shaolin flavor of Drake’s latest, the remix should provide some yearned-for shadowboxing. The Clan has recorded verses to 40’s instrumental in Europe earlier this summer, original Wu member U-God tells VIBE exclusively.

“’They wanted us to remix it and get on there [so] you gon’ probably hear another one with us on it,” says U-God, shortly after landing in San Francisco to perform at Rock The Bells on Sunday. ‘Meth did his verse—we all did our verses. I wrote my rhyme in probably 15, 20 minutes. We were moving so fast we only had about four hours of studio time. If I had some time to really sit down and get juicy with it, I probably could’ve got juicier with it. But I still do a nice one, I still do a real banger.’”

U-God also went on to say that he understands his Wu-Tang fans, but thinks that they’re a little too “meticulous” and need to let the group try new things.

There is no time set for the remix release, or any confirmation that it will be on “Nothing Was The Same” that drops on September 24th. But I’m sure fans will be eagerly awaiting Wu-Tang’s verses.

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