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That New: Drake’s ‘Wu-Tang Forever’

With just days to go before the release of one of the most anticipated hip-hop albums of the year, Drake gives the public another taste of what is to come from “Nothing Was The Same.”

Drizzy released “Wu-Tang Forever,” which fans have been curious about since the Nothing Was The Same track list came out.

As reported by

“New single ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ pays titular tribute to the long-lived New York rap crew, which celebrated the 20th anniversary of its debut album this year. Lyrically, he’s got other things on his mind: “I just love when I’m with you,” he raps over the spare beat, which samples the Clan’s 1997 track ‘It’s Yourz.'”

The song may sample Wu-Tang, but it doesn’t take on a Wu-Tang style. Wu-Tang Forever is a typical Drake song, featuring him singing and rapping over a stripped-down 40 produced beat.

Nothing Was The Same is scheduled to be out on Sept. 24. In a recent MTV interview, Drake said he’s able “to get his thoughts across a lot better on this album,” and hopes it is the “soundtrack to people’s lives.”

Check out Wu-Tang Forever above and below check out Drizzy describe Nothing Was The Same. 

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