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Better or Worse? 10 Black Celebs Caught Under The Knife

Black celebrities in Hollywood are among the most image-conscious on the planet. Many of them have used plastic surgery in an effort to enhance their appearance — some make minor adjustments, others undergo extreme changes and the results are not always pretty. 

There are a number of explanations that these celebrities give for going under the knife, but the one common denominator appears to be low self-esteem. Here’s a list of black celebrities who have used surgery to alter  their looks.


There’s lil’ doubt that rapper Lil Kim has had a nose job, lip injections, breast implants and every other type of surgical “enhancement” that can be legally performed in America.

There is speculation that singer Rihanna had done work on her nose, but the breast implants have been  confirmed.

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4 thoughts on “Better or Worse? 10 Black Celebs Caught Under The Knife

  1. I'm disappointed in the conclusion that they all appear to be suffering from "low self-esteem" and then they go on so speculate in some cased as to whether procedures were even done. There is little to suggest and knowledge of motivation which might simply be pragmatic in terms of marketability.

  2. Wow, so we've been financing all the plastic surgeons in Hollywood all this time and I didn't even know it. We got more money than I thought!

  3. Alana Latham says:

    i would rather be the way God made i know who i look like, the rest of my fam

  4. Nothing wrong with a breast reduction. I have F cups and they're a pain. But I would never change my face or my body for anyone else's say or do. I'm me and you're gonna have to like it regardless!

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