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Tami Roman Blames Editing For Negative Image, Hints at Quitting ‘Basketball Wives’

tami roman meeka claxtonBasketball Wives” season five is heading a positive direction, at least that’s what producer Shaunie O’Neal would like viewers to believe. At the end of season four, viewers were shocked and confused when producers chose to keep the main troublemakers Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada and instead fire four other cast members who could be considered saints in comparison.

Lozada appears to be winning over public support after her domestic violence dispute with her now ex-husband Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. Roman, on the other hand, is having trouble convincing viewers that she’s a changed woman and the fault begins in the editing room.

During a recent call into Chicago’s Morning Riot Morning Show, the reality star hinted that she’s over producers creating a negative image of her.

“They are trying to portray me week after week as a certain type of person and I’m not going for that. I’m not having that. I’m sick of the Basketball Wives train that has left the station.”

Does this mean Roman will quit the show mid-season or opt out of a sixth season, if there is one? That remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Roman isn’t letting a few editing tricks keep her from actually living a more positive life. On Saturday night at Sammy Black’s Runway Show during New York Fashion Week, Roman ran into her arch nemesis Meeka Claxton. In season three of “Basketball Wives” Roman famously smacked, punched and bullied Claxton off the show. With a few years in between them and lots of maturing, Roman and Claxton started a new chapter.

Claxton posted on her Instagram:

“The feud is O-V-E-R…i don’t know how at a fashion show in a room full of 100′s of people @officialtamiroman and I could have such a deep convo, get so much off our chest, make peace and hug it out. I swear it was like no one else was there. #Growth #Forgiveness #RealSh*t”

Tami added:

“Me and @meekaclaxton. she said, YES HELL has frozen over LOL. I apologized to this sistah and we r moving on in peace. #realwomens**t #maturity #liveinlove”

Wonder if the cameras were there to capture the moment?

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