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Kenya Moore’s Assistant Brutally Attacked by ‘RHOA’ Star Apollo Nida?

Apparently Kenya Moore and Phaedra are still beefing over that stupid workout video. Now Kenya’s assistant may have gotten caught in the crosshairs as Phaedra’s husband Apollo Nida allegedly attacked him on set.

Maybe this is just a publicity stunt or maybe all these people are just as crazy as they appear to be on TV. Either way, Kenya’s assistant, Brandon DeShezar, is getting a legal team ready to battle it out with Apollo.

According to DeShazer, the attack happened because Apollo feels like he and Kenya ripped off Phaedra’s “Donkey Booty” idea to create “Stallion Booty” and he still hasn’t managed to get over it.

Other witnesses claim Apollo randomly flew into a rage and “violently attacked” DeShezar while the show was filming for the upcoming season. Needless to say, the cameras kept rolling and there is a chance that the entire brawl may be aired – which would certainly feed into the publicity stunt theory.

Anyway, Apollo was so determined to beat DeShezar to a pulp that it took seven male crew members to finally rip the men apart.

Of course, there are two sides to every story and Apollo insists that he didn’t attack Kenya’s assistant. Instead, he claims that he was the one on the defense.

According to Phaedra’s husband, there was a fight on set and when he tried to break up the brawl he got caught in the midst of it and things simply got out of hand.

Bravo has failed to make a public statement about the situation. Moore was reached by TheYBF and merely stated, “I can’t comment on it.”

Maybe the stars of the show are making sure they don’t spoil the new episode?

We’re definitely sensing a desperation to boost ratings here.


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