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Kenya Moore, Phaedra Parks Donkey Booty Chaos – Crazy or Awesome?

Is Kenya Moore a crazy, deranged lunatic or savvy reality TV star? While some want to speculate that the former Miss USA is just shrewd in her portrayal of a crazy person, others are beginning to believe the brown beauty needs some off-camera help for her mental state. Ms. Moore proved just how crazy she was willing to appear in last night’s episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’

There’s a feud between Moore and cast mate Phaedra Parks. The women came together to collaborate on Parks’s “donkey booty” work out video. Instead of both women riding the concept to financial freedom, the deal was ultimately called off because Phaedra refused to grant Moore a back-end deal on the video’s royalties. Parks felt that the $100K quote that Moore gave, along with a fee for service would be more than enough to compensate for her time and production. Of course, Moore did not see it that way and all hell broke loose between the women.

After squabbling to everyone about how shady of a person Phaedra is, Kenya decided to show up at a CHARITY event clad in a replica of the see through mesh overlay Phaedra wore during the Anguilla trip. While both women were a bit overexposed (which is an understatement) at least Phaedra was; a) on vacation, and b) on a tropical island. Moore was just tacky, classless and for all intents and purposes building the case for those who say she’s nuts.

Kenya then really let loose, saying how people are just jealous of her (always her go-to response to perceived attacks and drama). She even took it one step further and stated something about stabbing Phaedra in the neck with a knife. Classy…something a real ‘role model’ would do. She topped off her rant by telling Phaedra she shouldn’t do a workout video because her body just “isn’t there.”

If you’re of the persuasion that Ms. Moore’s demeanor is all an act to secure her financial future on the ‘Housewives’ franchise, consider this. The former Miss USA has continually said that she is a “role model” to young girls due to her winning the the crown back in 1992. However, while on the show she has openly flirted with married men; she’s disrespected models at an open casting for The Bailey Agency as was a judge in a casting call; and she’s been most belligerent to other female cast mates. So as a role model, she’s willing to damage her image to the degree that the general public believes that she is crazy…all to bring in ratings?

It’s unsettling to think that Kenya Moore, once seen as a pioneer for race and beauty as the first dark-skinned woman to win Miss USA, has fallen this far from grace and dissolved into such pettiness…and ugliness, really. And all for a few ratings and a check? If she’s doing as well as she claims she is with her film production company, then the need for such foolery makes even less sense.

While some may enjoy Moore’s antics on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ others see some disturbing issues in her behavior. Couple that with the fact that the beauty doesn’t seem aware that her behavior is bizarre at best and in need of psychiatric care at worst, it makes her ‘act’ even more disturbing. If Kenya is truly a role model, as she says, then she needs to realize that her refusal to address her erratic and ridiculous behavior is teaching a newer generation of children that beauty, indeed, is only skin deep.

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