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Tyler Perry Speaks in Tongues, Lays Hands on Bishop T.D Jakes, Talks the Blood of Jesus

Tyler Perry landed on our Celebs Who Sold out for Jesus list for good reason. Perry, who has longed dedicated his life to spreading the word of Jesus through his charity work and film work, added one more good deed to his basket.

On Sunday, Perry attended service at Bishop T.D Jakes’ church in Dallas. During the service, Perry who previously learned that Jakes was building a new youth center was moved to do more. The “Madea Family Reunion” director approached the stage, caught the Holy Ghost and began preaching. Perry would later speak in tongues and lay hands on Jakes, all while sending the crowd into an absolute frenzy.

In the end, Perry increased his initial donation of $113,000 to $1 million.

He preached:

“I’m gonna tell you right now, when you hear the voice of God you move.  Don’t worry about your enemy. Don’t worry about your hater. He will bless you. He will lift you. Sometimes you spend too much time worrying about your haters, you spend so much time worrying about people talking about you, but what you need to understand is that the Bible says, in order for you to be blessed, your haters have to be present.”

Watch the video below:

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