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‘The Game’ Season 6 Finale: ‘The Hospital Episode’

On the season finale of “The Game” Episode 20 “The Hospital Episode, Malik is severely beaten by Franko and his crew, and  everyone awaits word of his fate. As they hold a vigil at the hospital, Blue and Keira contemplate the next steps in their relationship. After realizing he is a difficult husband, Jason attempts to make amends with Chardonnay by writing an apology letter to Kelly. Finally, Tasha and Walter arrive at the hospital in time to hear the news of Malik’s prognosis.



A spin-off of “Girlfriends,” featuring a group of women in relationships with professional football players, the sitcom stars Tia Mowry as Melanie Barnett, a young woman who is thrust into the world of professional football when her boyfriend becomes a wide receiver for the San Diego Sabers.

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