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Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian Have Tearful Reunion as He Moves Back Home

Lamar Odom has finally reunited with his wife, Khloe Kardashian, amid rumors about his serious drug abuse and crumbling marriage.

Khloe kicked Odom out the house last Wednesday, but only a week later he has been welcomed back into the home as Khloe refuses to give up the fight to help save him and their marriage.

The stress and possible drug abuse have taken a toll on the NBA baller because as he resurfaced from the nearby hotel where he was staying, he looked unusually thin and somber.

When he finally laid eyes on his wife, who has decided to stick by his side despite rumors of addictions and infidelity, Odom couldn’t help but burst into tears.

“He broke down, literally broke down in tears when he was with her yesterday,” one source close to the family said. “He has more shame than anything. Khloe held him and she cried too. It’s a sob fest.”

Of course, tears can only be expected after the mess the couple have been trying to push through together.

“He’s ashamed of himself and feels like he’s let a lot of people down,” the source added.

Both Khloe and Lamar kept their wedding rings on throughout the entire ordeal and reps from Odom’s team claim that the couple never legally separated nor did they have any plans to do so.

Jeff Schwatz, the NBA star’s agent, claims that Khloe is more focused on helping Lamar than ending their marriage and it appears that she’s ready to do whatever it takes to help him with his addiction.

Some sources, however, are claiming that the Kardashian wasn’t ready to welcome her husband back into the home, but the idea of divorce forced her to reunite with him.

Supposedly, the reunion is actually only coming after Odom threatened to file for divorce if he wasn’t allowed back into the home. None of that information has been confirmed and the only thing that seems clear is that Odom is back home with Khloe.

He was spotted pulling into the gated community that he and Khloe live in together and several witnesses claim they saw the entire emotional reunion.

Schwartz also claims that Odom was never missing despite what the tabloids reported. He said that Khloe knew exactly where her husband was throughout this entire ordeal.

All the drama in the couple’s marriage sparked after Khloe tried to stage an intervention for Lamar and he refused to even give it a shot.

Nobody is sure of exactly how long Odom’s serious drug addiction has been going on, but fingers crossed that he’ll get the help he needs very soon.

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