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Kanye West, Miley Cyrus to Remix ‘Black Skinhead’

Miley Cyrus is definitely doing her ‘rock star’ thing where she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. And if there’s another person in the music business personifies those sentiments, it would be Kanye West. The two of them have reportedly gotten together to express that. Rumor has it that Kanye and Miley left the VMAs on Sunday and went to work on a remix of Kanye’s single “Black Skinhead” that will appear on an upcoming West EP. According to

“How’s this for an odd couple? Miley Cyrus and Kanye West are teaming up to make new music together and have already hit the studio to work on a few upcoming tracks, a source confirms to Us Weekly. In fact, the insider tells Us, the two skipped all the post-MTV Video Music Awards festivities in New York City to lay down a remix of West’s ‘Black Skinhead.’ (Page Six was first to report the collaboration.)”

Reports indicate that Kanye and Miley worked on other tracks in addition to the “Black Skinhead” remix, which may appear on Miley’s upcoming album. Miley announced her new album “Bangerz,” which is due in October.

They may seem like an odd couple, but they both share the controversial reputations in entertainment that you either love or hate. However, even though they share that mentality, Miley Cyrus featured on a song titled “Black Skinhead” is probably a step too far. But we’ll just have to wait and see how it’s actually executed.

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