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‘Big Brother’ Season 15, Episode 27: ‘Veto Competition No.10’

Big Brother,” season 15, episode 27: ” Veto Competition No. 10″ airs tonight on CBS where Zingbot makes an exciting return.

Tonight, Amanda takes her feud with Elissa to a new low. As the next live eviction show on Big Brother 2013 approaches, everyone in the house seems to accept that Aaryn is going home this week. Elissa’s reign as Head of Household comes to an end tomorrow night and she could very well be the target next week, so tonight’s  veto competition is a must-win for her.

Amanda attempts to conspire against Andy but McCrae advises her against it. No big changes occurred on the live feeds, but Zingbot does make his appearance in tonight’s episode.

Tune into CBS tonight at to catch Big Brother, Veto Competition No. 10. Who do you think should win?

Check out a preview of tonight’s episode below.


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