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Idris Elba Stars in Racing Documentary ‘King Of Speed’

It was just announced that Idris Elba will be starring in Cary Fukunaga’s “Beasts Of No Nation,” now there are reports that the British actor will be starring a car-racing documentary entitled “King of Speed.”

Deadline reports that Elba is teaming up with Shine North/Shine TV production for an in-depth look at the origins of the car-racing scene. The two-hour documentary will air on BBC Two.  Elba will visit racetracks in the U.S., Scotland and Finland, among other locales, to trace the political, social and historical evolution of racing, from prohibition to today.

The shows will include elements of NASCAR, vintage police chases and Japanese drifting. Elba will be joined by Cannonball Run creator Brock Yates; Rick Murray is executive producing along with Tim Whitwell; and Southan Morris is producing and directing.

Production is currently underway, but no official air date had been set.

The video below has nothing to do with “King of Speed,” but it shows Elba doing his thing in a Toyota Avalon commercial. Check it out!

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