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‘Big Brother,’ Season 15, Episode 25: Live Eviction No. 9

Big Brother,”  season 15, episode 25: “Live Eviction No. 9” airs tonight on CBS and will feature the revelations viewers have been craving.

In tonight’s “Big Brother” episode another HouseGuest will be evicted while 4 jury members play for a chance to return to the house.

Aaryn won head of household again, nominates two HouseGuests for eviction, and finally makes it clear whose side she is really on.

At the end of the special challenge, either Candice, Jessie, Judd, Helen or Spencer will be walking back in the Big Brother house.

Tune in to CBS tonight at 8 p.m. EST/ 7 p.m CST  to watch “Big Brother,” and see who joins the jury and who returns to the house.

Check out a sneak peek of Thursday’s episode below.

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